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  1. NHRoccodog

    Sonic's Future

    Hey man it isn't SEGA's fault, it's all the Sonic fans that are causing the downhill in the games. The games aren't that bad. At least, they don't deserve the hate that most people throw out at them. SEGA has been very dramatic when it comes to the term 'new and fresh'. They are risking their popularity and adding new things. That's what they did with the Werehog, and in my opinion was pretty fun. My point is, SEGA will continue to go downhill until people stop bitching about the new Sonic games when they don't deserve it.
  2. NHRoccodog

    Sonic Unleashed

    No one has any opinion about this game? Nothing at all? No one begs to differ about my said statements?
  3. NHRoccodog

    Which Sonic Game has the best soundtrack?

    Sonic Colors has an amazing OST. The Tropical Resort theme always gave me eargasms
  4. NHRoccodog

    Sonic Unleashed

    What do you guys think about Sonic Unleashed? It's your average 3D Sonic The Hedgehog game with the addition of the Werehog. It is the first Sonic The Hedgehog game in the series to utilize the Hedgehog Engine. In my opinion, Sonic Unleashed is without a doubt my most favorite Sonic The Hedgehog game. My reason for this? Awesome gameplay, graphics, the story, and the most important aspect ‘innovation.’ This game doesn’t get the amount of credit that it deserves. It is complete bull crap that this game gets criticized just because of the Werehog. The Werehog was a complete package, coming with innovation, action, and a whole new way to play the game. So why do people criticize SEGA for making risks and collaborating innovation? I have no idea. Plus, there’s tons of aspects of the game that are awesome. For example, it’s actually challenging, unlike the recent entries of the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Another thing is Sonic’s speed. He is outrageously fast in this game. He is probably the fastest in Sonic Unleashed. Have I not made enough reasons that this game is good? Regardless of my own opinion, many of you have your own beliefs, which I would gladly like to know. Please tell me your own opinions of Sonic Unleashed.

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