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  1. Normally, I'd be right there with you, but that 15 character roster looms over that line of thought. Even with the heavy Sonic Heroes vibe with the inclusion of Team Sonic and Dark, I just don't think SUMO would be willing to juggle the characters necessary if they devote 3 slots to the Chaotix. Its just basic math. If you bring the roster up to 9 with the Chaotix, then that leaves six slots for characters like Eggman, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Metal, Big, Cream, Classic(shudder) and whoever they are referring to by "some characters you haven't played as in a while" be they the B. Rouges or the Sonic R cast. If you limit the Chaotix rep to just Vector, or even Vector and Espio it helps ease some of that pressure on the last few slots. Kill two birds with one stone by covering Team Rose and the Chaotix in the same 3 man team. Of course all this is mute if the roster spans past 15 via unlockable characters. And then further muted via DLC.
  2. If Amy really is a Technique Class, than that could pave the way for Vector to return to Team Rose as its power member. Now that we have confirmation that teams can be mixed and matched in some of the modes, Vector is no longer tied to the hip of a potential Chaotix team. In that case, Charmy is likely the first casualty of the 15 man roster anyway, and even Espio could be squeezed out for more prominent characters like Silver and Blaze. Or you can do something completely stupid and pull and Sonic Runners to make Blaze the power type of the team... despite that making no sense whatsoever lol.
  3. lol Funny joke. That mask is going nowhere bro.
  4. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Boo hoo. All this talk just reminds me of how much I am gonna miss some of those Egg Bosses. I think its important to includes a good mix of all of that. The end or Archie's run did a stellar job of showcasing the different kinds of people and situations that could lead a person to take up a life under Eggmans thumb. Some of them were plain evil or fanatical, some of them were pushed into a bad situation. Some of them saw it as the lesser of two evils and others still were simply beaten into submission. Eggman is enough of a character that he can support all of these satellites. Its just a wasted opportunity to not play to the doctors strengths and give him his own cast of support crew to bounce off of.
  5. GUN is notoriously heavy handed, so making them the antagonists of a movie actually doesn't sound like the worst thing ever. Not sure if they would be able to get the GUN truck raging down the streets (its so impractical lol) but that might means we could be getting hunter mechs and beetle bots in lieu of badniks - which actually translate better to the big screen...
  6. Changing the proportions of his head hands and gloves and giving him some more realistic touches doesn't somehow magically create a more palatable version of the character. In fact, usually the opposite is true. 99 times out of 100 it creates something that only serves to be some kind of horrific hodgepodge stuck in the middle that serves to satisfy no one.
  7. I feel like you wouldn't need a screen displaying your two teamates pre-race if every team was pre-set. Do I need a reminder that Tails and Knux are on Sonic's side in every race? Cautiously optimistic about being able to shuffle team rosters.
  8. Tom isn't going to mutate into Tails. Clearly, right before the end of the movie, he's going to run into some of his cop buddies and they will reveal his nickname to be Miles because of the impossibly high odometer on his squad car. *boom* end credits. Seriously though, I'm not particularly stressing over any of this. Its hard to nail anything down without proper context. Just a lot of jumping to conclusions really. They brought in the guy from Fast and Furious. That dude is probably salivating at the chance to work with a loop. He probably got a raging stiffy just thinking about it.
  9. Iziuka has given an interview or two stating that the idea was inspired by the recent wave of team-based games like Overwatch. I'm willing to believe him, if only because the game industry is all about chasing trends and the successes of that trend is second only to Battle Royal at the moment. I am a bit gunshy about them locking character choices to certain teams though. While it was something from a diffrent developer, we saw characters locked to specific events in some of the Olympics games. It makes no sense then and it makes even less sense now. I just feel like this is a design choice bullet the guys at SUMO need to have dodged if this game even wants to get off the ground.
  10. Man I hope we get some kind of confirmation about the specifics of building a team at E3. If we can get confirmation that they don't lock you to the default teams in every game mode (sonic/tails/knux ect) then we would be free to speculate about additional characters without actually having to mash them into groups of three. Some characters just don't fit into this rule of three.
  11. Station Square Terminal in the heart of New York City. Duh. lol
  12. Lost world was in all phases an exercise in creating a Sonic game that skirted the development unsustainability issues of the unleashed model. I don't doubt that one of the reasons lost world's style stuck around is because it's less of a developmental burden than the alternative
  13. Sega DogTagz

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    It's pretty clear from what happened on the comet and what happened on angel island, that at the very least Eclipse is capable of severing Shadows link with chaos energy - which means no chaos control. The black arms have no connection to the master emerald so Shadow was able to pull power from that no problem. Edit: whoops. Didn't see the rebuttal posts on the next page Lol
  14. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Rouge has a bit of a new opportunity in the IDW comics. While she still ended up paired at the hip with Shadow in Forces, she did work directly for Knuckles for a stretch there too. While a Knux Rouge story pairing would be the safest step out of Shadow's shadow, it is still a step in the right direction. If she can continue to branch out and interact with the rest of the cast, I think she'll be fine.
  15. Sega DogTagz

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Nobody who goes toe to toe with the signature brawler in the franchise looses intimidation factor. Shadow comes out gaining respect because he stepped into the ring with Mohammad Ali; played 1 v 1 with Jordan; *insert additional sports reference here*; and at worst came away with a draw. Shoot, Knuckles is the one who came out worse for the wear. Shadows mental game shook him so badly that he needed Amy to pull him out of his funk two issues later. That's all on Shadow exerting his will. Shadow is intimidating because there arn't many characters who would even risk CQC with Knux and secondly because he expertly mentally broke down Knuckles by crossing the line no other character would cross (Sonic joked about it sometimes, but Shadow was serious). That is hardly coming across as a joke. We? You mean you. Stop projecting. Also Sonic has plot armor in the comics that could make Goku blush. Thats not really a knock on Shadow. Eww. I don't even need to touch this. Your rambling is just blinding you to what is happening right in front of your face. All the taunting, joking and prodding banter is par for the course in this series - it how a large part of the cast interacts. Just because certain characters talk a big game, or tease is hardly a sign of lack of respect. Sonic is the perfect analog for this. He teases and mocks friend and foe alike, top tier threats all the way down to certain speed-bumps. He does't discriminate. Just because some characters make fun of him, shouldn't be confused for a lack of respect. And since you want to single her out, Amy in particular shows the most respect for Shadow out of anyone in the Archie verse bar none. Even Rouge has the expectation that Shadow will fall in line and always march to the orginization's drumbeat, but in her heart of hearts Amy is the only one who trusts and believes in Shadow's sense of duty, and allegiance to his own truths above all else, and as such is the only one who plans accordingly in the Treasure Team Tango arc. She had her mind made up about Shadow before Shadow did. THAT IS SOME TRUST RIGHT THERE BRO! Amy takes Shadows commitment to the Greater Good so seriously that she knew he would be on her side before he did. So did you miss the part where at the end of Treasure Team Tango where Shadow defied GUN direct orders when it became clear they would not be in the interest of the greater good? Did you miss the part in Shattered where Shadow took it upon himself to overstep his original mission by a country mile and annex the Master Emerald simply because he came to the conclusion that it would be safer in a vault? Time and time again, more often than not, Shadow defies orders and does what he thinks is best - even if the people around him arn't on board with it. He's hardly the lapdog you seem to want to make him out to be. His actions sound more like that wandering justice seeker. In almost all situations he walks into a room and dictates the outcome according to what he sees and feels.

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