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  1. Sega DogTagz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Those retro numbers are horrifically skewed. The healthy sales figures for the original rush are pulled from 2006 and 2007 earning reports when it would have had more than a year on store shelves and the lower rush adventure numbers were from at q3 2007 report when. It would have barley been available for a month. I am hesitant to extrapalaye much due to the disparity of sample size Low sales in Japan are nothing new, as most Sonic games tend to fall off the grid over there. Especilly back then. If that was the tipping point, the original rush would have never got a sequal because 95 percent of it's sales share also came from outside Japan. Finally if you want to bite the bullet and look at the vgcharts numbers, rush adventure still comfortably sailed north of a million units. Combine that with the fact that it and it's predecessor were the best reviewed new Sonic games of that era a d I don't see how it can be classified as a fail.
  2. Sega DogTagz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    How would you define fail anyway? When you look back at the time that was a very well received game with good review scores and I cant imagine it lagged in sales. At that point in time there were people that looked at Dimps developed sonic games the way some people today look at Whitehead. Where is the fail here? Also like rh above me said, colors ds is a rush game in a different packaging.
  3. Action stages are arbitrary challenges roadblocking advancement of the story. If you want to start muddling the meaning of the words everything sounds insignificant. Point stands though. The Silver boss battle is a mandatory road block that has to be overcome in order to advance the game and the character side missions are optional pursuits that can be undertaken at the whim of the player. There is no question as to which one is more important. And I'll take that 0.1 and hang it over the heads of every other character. If we can get someone up to 0.2 in the next game, we might have something rolling in the right direction. 😜 Well obviously the flight shenanigans are off the table, but I still don't see many of the other characters being willing and/or able to put up enough of a scrap to cause a fumble. Looking at the Sega cast in todays day and age - Tails would go hide in a corner, Sega Amy isn't the powerhouse we know from other mediums - especially recently she'd probably just talk at him, Vector, Charmy and Rouge would all likely be steamrolled in a heads up brawl like that. I just don't see it. They practically spoke about the guy in hushed tones and reverent whispers. They wanted none of him. Sure Avatar did okay, but he was already in possession of a prototype the mucked up Infinite's powers and had main character bias going for him to boot. Silver made a deliberate conscious choice to engage that had major unforeseen consequences via the forced error Infinite committed mid fight. How is that any different than what Sonic did? Sonic even got his ass kicked following that choice in Lost World. Is a near perfect parallel.
  4. The fact that you an skip the character missions says alot about them in comparison to a boss battle. Which one sounds more important, the mandatory fight you have to undertake or one of the 50 side missions you can cherry pick your way through. The structure of the whole thing was trash tier, but Silver still had the most memorable and the biggest part to play in comparison to everyone save for Shadow. I struggle to envision most of the cast doing that... but whatever. It doesn't change his impact on the story though. Without doing what he did, the heroes would have lost. No ifs ands or buts about it. Sonic accidentally set the Zeti free in lost world and as such kickstarted most of the plot of that game. Big had no idea he was courting global disaster by not securing his frog. It doesn't matter if what went down was intentional or accidental. Plot relevance is plot relevance. That's a contribution which is more than I can say about the talking heads from in between the cut-scenes (save for Rouge of course). - and that ferris wheel jab is a total fix. Sonic blew that thing up thus he gets the credit, just like Silver threw hands with Infinite and gets the credit for causing that fumble.
  5. Well, in comparison to the rest of the cast, he gets shown off in a favorable light. You can hand-wave his inclusion as a boss in Gens, but at the end of the day he got more mileage than 90% of the rest of the fuzzy cast. He got to stand around cheering Sonic on at the end on top of having that boss battle to his credit. He was there, and the devs used him. I'd seriously have reservations about saying anyone could swap in for Silver and end up with the same result in forces. I think the list of characters who could go toe to toe with Infinite hard enough to make him drop a prototype is on the lean side. But I get what your trying to say. Even in the face of that, you cant discredit that he had more screen time, and actually contributed to plot in that allotted screen time. Silver and Rouge were the two friends that had major contributions to Forces overall plot. Without those two, the heroes would have lost. Whereas in the last couple games - characters like Amy, Vector and even Knuckles have been little more than mouthpieces - Silver has actually shown up and done stuff in his appearances. I'm not going to say he's being utilized as well as he should be, but I will be quick to point out that he has a leg up on most of the friends ensemble.
  6. If that is the bar you want to use, then like Razule said above you'd be looking to scrap almost every side character outside of Tails. When you get down to it, Silver is actually one of the side characters that has had some degree of plot relevance in recent years. He trumps characters like Amy and Vector in a heads up comparison. When he shows up, he tends to get some degree of Focus, like a boss battle in Generations and even a dynamic cut-scene in Forces - which was more than most of that friends got. When Silver is around - he's almost never a total wallflower just there to cheer Sonic on. He does stuff.
  7. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Where have you been hiding then. Sega's marketing strategies around the games have been a hot topic round these parts for years... or the bemoaning of them anyway. Thanks to the shorter shelf life of movies as opposed to games (a video game's sales legs can span years but a movie really only has 2 major chances to cash in at launch and then DVD release) Marketing is arguably more important to the movie than it would be to any game, so it makes sense why people would focus on it here. I don't think the super bowl is in the cards for this project, but you know that the entire point of the movie is to build brand awareness and push merchandise. That doesn't happen without a sound marketing strategy.
  8. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Pretty much the most expensive 30 second spot money can by. It coveted for its guaranteed large audience and its probably the only TV market where people get excited and look forward to the commercials. A few companies are hallmarks of the event and buy up space every year - but other companies are either priced out or determine that the same 5 odd million dollars could do more good in a targeted marketing campaign. It basically comes down to, do you want a 30 second gig that everyone will see, but compete with the best commercials of the year for attention, or you could take half that money and ensure your ad is seen practically everywhere else.
  9. Silver has altered his future so heavily that anyone who he might have known or cared for in that time line has probably been long since erased. Him and Nega are probably the only remnants left, due to their apparent immunity from time based anomalies. Silver wouldn't run into any problems if he decided to stay in the past. He would continue to fight for a better future without the extra baggage of traveling back and forth. Unfortunately, the whole time cop angle is more popular than ever in DBZ these days, so I don't see Sega being willing to let that aspect of Silver''s character go anytime soon. He can leech of the popularity and relevancy of the concept so long as it remains part of his backstory.
  10. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The real kicker is if this would be a scheme devised my metal Sonic to physically take over Sonic's body. He could really take his obsession to the next level by litterally becoming Sonic.
  11. Drowning out criticisms and critiques completely is equally as unappealing as caving into fan demands and bending over backward to incorporate feedback. Both approaches lead to end results that are unappealing. Like all things in life, its best to find that happy medium. I want Sega/Sonic Team to develop a better system of deciphering solid, actionable criticism from white noise, and heed those claims in the roadmap of the next game, while at the same time not compromising the ultimate vision of the creative leads as to what the next game is supposed to be. That's what leads to the most consistently solid product.
  12. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You can't even call it that. She regressed from a character that was clearly willing and able to fight in her first appearance, into one that wouldn't fight back against something that was intent on murdering her. Its not character development to take 2 steps back so we can watch her take 2 steps forwards.
  13. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She was at one point, but Cream ran for help because she feared that Amy was pushing herself too hard and she feared for her health. Amy was on an extreme diet and fitness plan and was self inflicting a crazy amount of punishment over herself. Cream was so pacifist in Battle that she was willing to stand still and be beaten to death. On more than one occasion. Knuckles flew into blind rages at a drop of a hat so many times you would have thought he was overdosing on steroids. Not sure how that figures to "spot on". Free Riders had some bad interpretations, but its got nothing on Cream or Amy here. When we as a viewer are first introduced to Boxersize in Chap 5, Cream makes it perfectly clear that this is a recurring event by saying "Not that again" and even going out of her way to duck participating in the first fight. So we know Amy has been doing this before and for some time. Amy's craze pre-dates its chap 5 introduction and as the motivation behind it is "to make herself more appealing to Sonic" its highly likely it even predates the start of Sonic battle. This is Amy's default workout regimen. Amy couldn't even walk straight following a 5 KO bout of Boxersize and she still dragged Cream and Emerl into a 10 KO slugfest. Then following that, she revealed that she had been wearing weighted gear, took them off and was looking to rumble some more. Cream made it very clear that Amy's extreme diet and training regimen was a cause for concern. She wasn't eating, resting and she wasn't healing - and it had been going on long enough that she knew that even as Amy's best friend, she was powerless to stop her. True. But there are just better examples to show that opposed to cherry picking a fight and ignoring a boatload of context behind it. If you want to see her being cunning manipulative and cruel, look at the build up to that fight instead. She tricked Sonic into giving her authority over Emerl ahead of time (ensuring he would leave with her willingly when the time came). She played her cards and bided her time until Sonic left Emerl with Amy, because she didn't want to risk a fight against him, and finally she struck a vulnerable target that wasn't equipped to defend herself. Cruel Cunning and Manipulative before she even threw the first punch. That is shortsighted Knuckles ancestors are characters in SA1 for crying out loud. Shedding light on his situation, and he goes through a pretty big arc from nemesis to rival to friend over the course of the series. He's probably tied up in more backstory and lure than even Shadow at this point. Gamma got a condensed, but no less complete telling of his life story. Complete with the classic redemption and mission arcs to fufil his destiny before death. Blaze's backstory has been brought up so many times that we have conflicting paradox's about her existence. She too also had a noticble and easy to follow character arc over the course of 2 games. Plenty of characters check that box
  14. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Battle really isn't the best place to pull from... its characterizations are probably some of the most extreme in the entire franchise. That being said, you can't just pull that out of thin air without context. Amy spent the entire half of the game prior to that bout, and a significant amount of time before the events of Battle, quite literally Box-er-sizing herself half to death. She was frenzied and working herself so hard that Cream had to run and get help. If Rouge beat her to the point of hallucination, she was more of the straw that broke the camels back than the ruthless undertaker there to deliver an unholy beating. #TheMoreUKno
  15. Sega DogTagz

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Just poking fun bro. Apologies if it came across as cruel.

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