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  1. Did anyone pick up the new batman movie via digital? Can't seem to figure out how to see the other varients of the move 

  2. The "pinched" crushed deaths were aggravating in the originals, and they still are here. Need to round the edges of the hitbox's or change the consequence of getting pinched to getting knocked back rather than full on crushed. To many points in the stages that more or less walled off exploration efforts by launching you for miles or pushing you past points of no return. Even when you are taking your time, its too easy to fall into a slipstream that puts you on the other side of the map. No Mystic Cave..... and they dipped back into the same level pools too often. GHZ gets a pass... again, but CPZ had recently seen a refresh in Generations, and the Lego game, and again in the upcoming Forces. As much as I liked what they did with the level, I think we all could have benefited more from reimagining a level that hasn't been seen since the original game. StarDust Speedway was remade for a Gens BossBattle and a cutscene in S4EII. Its hard to justify the reasoning for not going with other iconic levels. There are so many to choose from that haven't been touched for years. I'm pretty sure half the hype for a S3&K re-release is just so people can get their hands on Ice Cap Zone again. This was their chance! Nitpicks on an otherwise great game tho.
  3. Mimic is such a wildcard to me. 95 percent of the cast have yet to even meet the guy, and his transforming ability has too many devastating applications. As long as he steers clear of the likes of Whisper or Vector... and probably Espio and Tangle, he could get away with disguising himself as almost anyone and the heroes would be hard pressed to snuff him out. He could swap with Jewel and run the restoration into the ground. He could swap with Lanolin and be a background character in every major event, feeding intel to Eggman. He could swap with Nite and spew propaganda on the airwaves for a month. He could run into Silver as Silver and warn him about making bogus time-duplicates, driving him off on a wild goose chase. Heck, he could show up at the Master Emerald Alter as Tikal, just to see how Knuckles would react. Too many possibilities, not enough counters. Tails should have put a tracker in his spine or something. He's going to be a problem. Mimic may not be much of a masterplan kinda guy (seems he's only in it to save his skin, or get some revenge) but he sure as heck can be an effective pawn in getting someone else that much closer.
  4. What about SA1? That story has to take place on Earth, and the events of that game, to say nothing of the multitude of ancient ruins and the presence of the Master Emerald and Tikal dictate that the Echidna's had to be on Earth.
  5. and the Archie comic's weren't? Sonic is every bit as ridiculous. I would argue he is even worse. I am curious to see how this one goes down. Both Sonic and Wally have enough speed under their belt to exceed human measurement, so arguing which one is faster is almost a mute point. You almost have to throw speed out of the window, and focus on what other things both fighters can do.
  6. Shadow has been described as "Ageless" by Sega websites in the past. Nothing has risen to challenge or retcon that description, so it should still stand. Furthermore, the lyrics to his theme Throw it all away have a verse stating that he'll "Live an Endless Life Forever", which points to him being ageless, and on top of that Black Doom also considered himself Immortal during his Boss Fight, so that's probably more than just a coincidence. As for the cannot die bit, I think Vandal Savage said it best. Shadow's Immortality makes him above death to natural causes. Age. Sickness. ect. (i.e. the things Project Shadow set out to accomplish) Doesn't mean he can't die. Just that it would take an external factor to do it.
  7. The term Ultimate Lifeform gets stretched from its original intention. The title has nothing to do with how strong Shadow is, or how fast he can run. The entire premise of Project Shadow was to deep dive into immortality. Rouge's final report on the issue clearly labels the Biolizard the prototype of that project and states that at the time of his capture, Gerald and Maria were able to shuttle the near-finished Ultimate Lifeform "Shadow" onto an escape pod. The events of SA2 support that narrative. Shadow's body makes him the Ultimate Life form. He doesn't age. He is Immortal. He is the Ultimate Life Form. End of Story. Everything else is just fluff and filler.
  8. Amy took it upon herself to do those things because it isn't her nature to turn away from people who need her. She couldn't turn it down particularly after the leadership vacuum Knuckles left behind at the drop of that hat. Vanilla is hardly leadership material and Germerl lacks empathy. He wouldn't be effective as a restoration leader either. It had to be Amy much in part due to that helpful, bright nature she possesses. This is the same girl who took it upon herself to globetrot and fight to reunite a single flicky with his family. She's determined to be helpful in any way she can.
  9. On the topic of Jewel, I don't think she needs to evolve into more of a foreground character. Good stories require good supporting cast and Jewel is rounding out to be just that. She is starting to fill in valuable narrative roles that would otherwise be lost to the void. Being a childhood friend to Tangle helps to ground that character as well as tie her to Spiral Hill. Her new insistence on taking over the mundane day-to-day tasks frees up other characters w/o ignoring the responsibilities they would have to burden in the aftermath of the plot. Just keeping her around allots us another civilian to sound the alarm or expand on the on goings of her location. That's all valuable stuff. Jewel doesn't really need to grow into a hero or step into any kind of real spotlight. She can be a wonderful character just by filling in and taking care of the things 99% of the cast wasn't designed to deal with.
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