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  1. Clearly Sonic wants to be Link. He turns into wolves, time traveled back and forth a bunch, used a sword that one time and even dressed up in a green tunic for some cosplay. indisputable evidence.
  2. The leaker can use whatever adjectives he wants to describe a level, but without a good understanding of his/her personal knowledge of the franchise and how each game plays - it neigh impossible to take much away from "Generations style levels". A normal person, or even gamers brought up in other disciplines wouldn't hesitate for a second to look at an 06 Mach speed zone and call it Generations' styled. Same goes for Forces. Plenty of rational people would see Sonic barrel down a hallway of enemies via boost and label that Gens styled. A player without a keen understanding of the last 5 or 6 Sonic games can't really offer meaningful insight on that matter. They'll just compare it to the most mainstream and popular games of recent history and go from there (i.e. Gens). So when someone offers up a comparison like that - the absolute most we can take from this is the 3D/2D split. Everything else is quite frankly up in the air. Gens Styled levels run the gambit between Unleashed and Forces. There is no way to hone in on anything specific here.
  3. I too will take the Rangers leak info for all its worth. Too many coincidences to ignore there. Over the last day or so, I have put a lot of thought into the SpinCycle in particular. Utilizing Sonic's contrail for attacking purposes is a surprisingly refreshing and novel addition to Sonic's combat repertoire. I haven't been as impressed with a combat mechanic for Modern Sonic since the small epiphany someone the Colors Team had when they utilized the Quick Step as a road rage side-smash in a few levels way-back when. It checks all the boxes. You don't have to slow down to fight enemies (in fact you might have to speed up), it can scale to target large groups or singular targets and its completely user controlled as opposed to automated. Furthermore, it is a very Sonic-ish move in essence. Ignoring the digital aspect of it, Sonic should be a symphony of destruction when he circles his foes. Its got me thinking about what else we could utilize it for. What if, aside from BoTW, this game took some cues from Okami? You could pop up into an overhead veiw and use the SpinCycle to draw different runes onto the earth and produce different effects. Change the environment, attack baddies, whatever. That would be a slick double implementation of the same mechanic. And you don't have to stop there. Sonic's contrail could be repurposed again for puzzles. Complete the circuit, connect-the-dots, any kind of challenge where you would need to "draw" can work here. Thats some extremely versatile ways you can utilize a single unlock-able ability. If they put this kind of love, care and attn to something like this, I'm stoked to see what Sonic's base moveset and other unlocks will look like.
  4. ^ For the first gameplay trailer, they should just re-create the first 10 seconds of the Sonic CD opening in the new engine and drop it on our heads. The internet would break.
  5. They've done a good job with the silent animations up to this point, but I am so ready to see what they can do with a voice track added in. I'm all in for this kind of content.
  6. Man.... Do you understand how large this open world would have to be to contain Boost Sonic? How much track you'd have to lay down in all directions?! Populating this world with things to find and do will not be easy. If this is true, Sonic Team is doing the exact opposite of sitting on their hands here. They are going for it.
  7. Right there with you. Still waiting for them to mass produce a pair of the movie sneakers, but these blacktops were nice so I brought a pair too. Alright, I'm ready for this to go down. I think we might see one or two projects that Arn't sonic team related, if only because we are overdue for a spinoff or two. TSR Transformed would get my feathers up. Even if TSR wasn't everything I wanted it to be, Transformed was so we'll done and refreshing that I'd instantly buy into a spiritual successor
  8. Hmm, Nack is missing a finger. Very consistent with his original design. Nice attn to detail there.
  9. RGG studios only recently came out with their interest in working on the Sonic license, so there is no way they could have much on paper just yet. But boy am I curious why they decided to dogpile onto this twitter train.
  10. They are killing me with this. Nothing is consistent. Still is was a nice story. Metal's drive and ambition has really been forced to take a back seat after his personality was reeled back in post his Heroes betrayal. So its great to see him still so hung up about beating Sonic.
  11. Its a very common practice to copyright multiple titles, and there are a handful of reasons why companies do it. The most obvious reason is so that the company can hide which one of the 6 or 7 copyrights is the real one. Keep people from knowing exactly whats coming by throwing a lot of white noise into the void. Another reason is to discourage copyright campers. You see it in a ton of different mediums. I'd dare say copyrighting more names than you ever intend to use is more of the norm these days.
  12. That was the assumption. Someone saw the Tails standee out on the field. Just putting 2 and 2 together, that is clearly a call-back from the first film. A good chance to show how Sonic isn't lonely anymore as he has someone to play with now, and probably also a prime opportunity to showcase how Tails uses his gifts to stand out. Maybe use his intelligence to decipher the perfect launch angle or outsmart Sonic with a bunt. Maybe have him rob a homerun via flight. If your going to go through the trouble of re-visiting that baseball field for Tails, then Knuckles makes sense too. I'd enjoy a mid-credit stinger of him caving into Sonic and Tails nagging him to play, then watch him "loose" their only ball by blasting it three counties away. Cue bat flip and Knux goes back to whatever status quo they want to build him with.
  13. Something like that. I'm extremely curious as to how they are going to sell the audience on Knuckles strength. If you want to lean back into the "he's as strong as Sonic is fast" route, then you're going to need some serious fantastic feats to allow him to stand on par with Sonic. He'll have to do something utterly fantastic to even come close. They seem to like using the Baseball field as a metaphor. Maybe we could watch him belt a ball into orbit. Or knock down a scoreboard with a line drive? That would be a nice cherry on top of redecorating a city block Hulk style.
  14. It'd be great if every character could have a role to play in the larger theme, or at least have something to contribute, but to be honest even if you wanted to send them to the sidelines and limit them to cheer leader status there are a million ways you could do that better too. Take the time eater for example. Each character did little more than offer praise or warn of an attack. A few small tweaks could change everything. If you make the rings available during the fight intentionally scarce, then each character could contribute 15-20 rings whenever they chime in with their motivational quips. The constant stress of running low on rings ups the intensity and stakes of the battle, while making you more appreciative of the supporting cast despite them still doing technically nothing. You don't have to default to the SA2 or 06 route which bends over backwards to give most of the supporting cast time to shine, but some effort needs to be put in so that at the very least these guys and gals Arn't just standing around with their hands in their pockets. Sometimes that makes sense, like in Shadows game, but most of the time it's patronizing.
  15. Can't wait for the story translation for this one.
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