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  1. Catchphrase may not be the right word, but its become prevalent enough to become synonymous with the franchise at this point. After starting off from Sonic X, it did become a meme and the Sonic Twitter around ran with that - as they tend to do. Its been a thing ever since, even the Sanic outbreak is just an off-shoot of Gotta go Fast. Its actually bounced around other media too. It was in Sonic Boom as both a joke line and a full blown song. SEGA themselves have named Sonic themed panels as "Gotta Go Fast: The official Sonic Panel". Doesn't get much clear cut then that. Come to think of it, Sonic X was extremely influential to the brand as a whole. Stuff like GGF and the concept of Shadow's inhibitor rings got ripped straight out of X and merged in with the other canons.
  2. I hate to bring attn back to the first trailer.... but what about that one? The opening moments of that trailer, and what is supposed to be our first introduction to the movie and its titular character, is Sonic stretching - assuming a runners pose - spewing his catchphrase and then tearing off down a straight road for seemingly no other reason than to see how fast he could go. Between those moments and the mountain of burnt out shoes, that trailer had runner's high written all over it.
  3. I did say "almost" exclusive but non-withstanding Cream is still very young and naive. Her call to action is empathy for empathy sake. Because she was taught and believes that being nice is the right thing to do, so it should be done. Amy, as something closer to a learned adventurer and seasoned socialite, can reach deeper and convey empathy in ways Cream cant. She can leverage past history or current events. She can reach people that are too stubborn or blinded by their own mission or ideology. Cream is too young to be as insightful as Amy, which puts obvious limitations on what she can accomplish in that role. Amy has no such limits and has a conversion rate second only to Sonic to show for it.
  4. Amy has always had specific character traits. She is Devoted, Determined and capable of touching others. Her biggest problem is that Sonic serves as a focusing lens for each of those traits, and when he is around they tend to lop-side to their most illogical extremes, changing into obsession, stubbornness and paranoia. To fix these problems, we just need to see her continue to be herself outside of Sonic. Easier said than done considering he's the main character, but sometimes its just that simple. The shattered Arc back in the Archie days saw her paired off with Knuckles for a bit, and their interactions shed some wonderful light on the parts of her character that just get buried when Sonic is around. We need more of that. Let her tackle her own missions, alongside other members of the cast and give her some room to shine. Amy's empathetic nature gives her almost exclusive access to a role in series that few others can breech.
  5. Good ol' Egg AntLion. Bane of many existences. Now there is a trip down memory lane I didn't see coming.
  6. Shadow's line also isn't "blatant foreshadowing" to the "Sophie's Choice" Elise has to make at the end of the game. Amy's line looks bad both in and out of context. I'm sure it was meant as a harmless, cute plug, but thematically it is a whale of an albatross that sticks out like a 400 lb gorrilla.
  7. A bit of a different situation. The Sonic video game series was still alive and well and offered plenty of synergistic energy to keep the comics relevant. I guess MLP still has its toys... but i have to imagine the show was the crown jewel of that portfolio.
  8. A crossover with MLP as an inevitability? Didn't that show finish its run already? How much longer is the comic gonna stick around considering the source material is off the air?
  9. I got one. Half head canon half over-extrapolation. For a long time, Tails had been running down Eggman in the mechanics department. Might have even surpassed him here and there; but none-the-less at bare minimum was capable of pulling neck in neck in terms of raw building skill and potential. During the TSR fiasco - Tails was floored by the technology that went into each of the vehicles. Eggman however, casually builds his own models that mimic's and compete alongside Dodonpa's tech, and then another that exceeds them in every way. Eggman is back as the king of the mountain.
  10. Freedom Fighters are by definition terrorists by the same light that Superheroes are also criminals. its 99% perspective. Justification and greater good don't apply to the base definition of the terms. Its just semantics at this point.
  11. How does baby Sonic have an exact baby replica version of the shoes he gets as an adult on Earth. lol Other than that, I'm not a fan of the baby Sonic design. Stuff like that doesn't do it for me.
  12. Is it worth bringing up that CATS is showing us the worst case senario? It's uncanny valley designs were the source of jokes and distain from day 1 and it's getting crushed by critics. People are voting with their wallets and staying away.
  13. Espio is still hard cycling through the stages of greif. Lashing out like that is natural and healthy and adds a good deal of desperation and hopelessness to the overall narrative. It's a good way of raising the stakes without needing to go immediately back into killing off more fuzzies for the extra shock value. Honestly, I like how the two were able to talk through their disagreement w/o coming to blows over it. Usually it would require a third cooler head to intervine, but those two realized fairly quickly that they had more important stuff to take care of rather than to be bickering amonst themselves.
  14. He's not, it just some unlucky perspective work. You can see that Espio's tail is right behind Sonic's hand rather than in his palm.
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