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  1. It'd be a wasted effort. Sure, some IPs could slide in easier than others, but the SEGA brand itself is too broad and too different to support an all-inclusive shared universe. Trying to make them all fit together in any meaningful way would only diminish both ends of the spectrum. You'd have to tone down the quirky and outlandish ones, while playing up the others that are more bland - leading to a hodgepodge that checks none of the boxes. If you want to make a Yakuza movie, then make a Yakuza movie. But don't try to have shirtless Kazuma bare knuckle box his arch-rival atop a burning brothel with the Death Egg looming in the background. Just let it be its own thing. And then, in the third Sonic movie, have some kid in a Kazuma white suit for a Costume Party. Everyone wins.
  2. It's not even an issue when looked at in deeper context. Sonic Team has been fast and loose with the term Death Egg Robot as of late and the only bot that fits the bill from Eggmans interstellar amusement park is the Egg Nega Wisp. Sonic benched Tails for that fight. Why would he willingly bring Cream along? It's not so much underestimating her as it is staying consistent with protecting his younger friends. Suddenly inviting cream along to tackle a bot like that would be a disservice to the ending of colors, and his similar story arc with Marine in Rush adventure.
  3. It's a painful sacrifice but one I am willing to make. Lol
  4. You dont want to run into a "detective pikachu" problem tho, where many of the mon's who were never going to get any real screentime simply didn't meet the same standard as those that did. If you were going to put the effort in to redesign and craft a suitable looking Cream and Vanilla, I imagine you'll want to use them more for just a brief cutaway of watching sonic run past or save a village. If you don't put the effort in, they will look fugly, and their two seconds of fame will have a net negative impact. It's almost better to use forces tier OCs for that kind of thing.
  5. Maybe, but honestly she is probably the only main character in the franchise who's chances of showing up aren't hurt by the addition of other main characters. Amy is in the unique position of being able to be brought into a story without any additional backstory or lore baggage. You can introduce Amy and have her develop in her screen time without having to stop the flow of the script by retelling past events or delving into her personal history. She can move forward right from the jump. You don't need any of that to establish who she is, and what she is going to be about. Unlike Knuckles, who as one of the more heavy lore characters in the series, would have to have a chunk of screentime devoted to explaining his job as guardian, what happened to the echidna tribe, ect. Amy can just pop up and go from there, start establishing a rapport without derailing the movie. Even Tails brings baggage, as at the very least we have to go backwards to figure out why he is looking for Sonic / how he knows of him, and whatever bag of worms that opens *cough*Longclaw*cough*
  6. The military/government was involved in the first movie, so it makes sense to rebrand them as GUN and throw them into the fray in the second. Doubly so when you consider that they cut ties with Eggman, which likely means they will be one of the first to butt heads with him whenever he makes it back to Earth. Tanks means bigger explosions and more action, so I'm down for this. I'm also starting the countdown for GUN Truck vs. Eggman's Galvatron re-skin. I wanna see two Semi's ramming each other on the highway, while both chasing Sonic.
  7. I get the feeling that a Colors remaster is at the top of their list because it would be the easiest to cram Forces auto-assist control scheme/set-up on.

  8. James #1 choice for his potential dream team got an honest laugh out of me. Looks like something I might enjoy watching on an airplane sometime in the future... or maybe I'd give it a whirl if it came for free on one of the streaming services I'll have to buy into between now and then. Can't say I'd go out of my way to see it though. I am legit curious to see if we get a Jordan cameo tho.... how could you not?
  9. Last April fools we got a LongClaw Info Drop in the mobile game.

    Wonder if they will double down and do something else unexpected this year.

  10. Sega was the top publisher in 2020 in terms of MetaCritic scores.


    Thats gotta garnish the Brand name some serious cred considering all anyone could do last year was sit inside and play videogames.

    Kinda funny considering what the drought of Sonic games does for the label as a whole.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Heh, I was gonna say, throw in a Sonic game and its score would probably drop like a rock. 😛

  11. Well, its not all bad. Eggman's a rare character and not a special one, which means you only missed out on the streamlined path to unlocking him - as opposed to having to wait for another event to roll around. If you keep playing the game, you can still accumulate Eggman cards at random. Now if you missed a character you wanted like Longclaw or Lunar Blaze the you would be S.O.O.L.
  12. To me, the belief of worthiness is the end all be all when it comes to Mjolnir. The unshakable, undeniable, unflinching understanding that one is so dedicated to his core ideals that he embodies the qualities that garnish designation, respect and leadership. Worthiness is not exclusive to good guys or bad guys, but instead the culmination of a characters commitment and how invested said character is in following the path necessary to making those truths the reality. Not for personal gain, but for the collective benefit. Its worth noting that when Thor lost the ability to wield his hammer, it was distinctly labeled as being due to the fact that he himself at the time did not deem himself worthy of it. Not some mythical condemnation of something he had done, but a personal doubt in his brand and what he stood for. Belief is the key. Thor is obviously the first guy people think of when it comes to Mjolnir, and rightfully so, but in discussions like this I think its more appropriate to look over at Captain America. As a mortal man, he is forced to wear the qualities that make him worthy on his sleeve, which makes for a more easy approach for a dissection of his attributes. Above all Cap is a beacon of hope to a planet of superheroes. He's a human rally point. The first man heroes and civilians alike look to when in need of guidance. He's justice incarnate, the voice in the room for any and all of the oppressed. He's earned that status by being a paragon of virtue from the day he set foot on the hero scene. He stands up for everyone and is unmovable in his dedication to what he believes in. Even when its unpopular and his own country turns its back on him, Cap sticks to his ideals knowing they will eventually see him through. Cap embodies self sacrifice. He leads by example and does it all no matter the odds against him. Then there is the other side of Cap. His recent run as a Hydra agent showed that despite being evil and responsible for the deaths of millions, so long as those same traits remained intact, he could still wield the mighty hammer. Yes he was a bad guy, but he had seen the future - and despite knowing it would lead to his death at the hands of Miles Morales, Hydra Cap tied up his bootstraps and continued the fight, because at the end of the day, all that mattered was that Hydra won, not his own survival. It was his sole belief that he was fighting for a virtue that was bigger than himself. That's the same tenacity and mission first orientation that made him worthy as a hero. Those same qualities maintained his status as worthy, even when you would imagine it shouldn't. All that considered, I think there are only 2 characters in the Sonic Franchise who can match up to all that. One that falls just short of worthiness, and may be able to get there with a bit more maturity, and then another one who could probably walk into a Marvel Crossover tomorrow and use Mjolnir to aggressively redecorate some poor villains personal space. First up.... SONIC He's the obvious choice right? Far and away he's the closest thing this franchise has to Captain America. Without question, the Blue Blur is the beacon of hope for pretty much everyone not named Eggman. Civilians and heroes alike look up to Sonic and follow his example. Like Cap, Sonic is a One-Hog rally flag, restoring the will to fight on where it had once evaporated. Like Cap, fellow heroes temper their own decisions by trying to live up to the example Sonic set before them. Like Cap, Sonic is tireless in his pursuit of his ideals and will not yield, no matter how powerful or insurmountable the force set against him presents itself to be. Sonic has all the leadership and virtue intangibles locked up. ... but I don't think he's worthy to lift that hammer. At least not yet anyway. I think there are two main factors that would prevent his worthy status. The first is the need to constantly stroke his cool persona. While most of it is harmless to the worthiness discussion, overall it does show that Sonic puts some significant degree of weight on what the people around him think of him. Sonic keeps up appearances, and will alter his behavior if it means showing weakness, vulnerability or anything that might make him come off as not cool. That seed of doubt, that hesitance to act without first consulting how it will impact what the world thinks of him ultimately undermines his chance at being worthy. In the end, Sonic would likely act in the manner which he believes is right, which is admirable, however the idea that he would even consider running an action on a spot-check through his ego first shows that his priorities are often backwards. If push comes to shove, Sonic will put on his empathy cap, but more often then not its either when he is pushed/forced to do so, or done in a small enough setting to where there isn't a crowd to make a spectacle of the issue. Which brings me to the second thing holding Sonic back. His priorities. I don't think anyone here would question Sonic's virtues. He's always there to stand against the unjust for the little guy. Always willing to fight impossible odds to save the day. However that's also something Sonic does for selfish reasons. As many times as Sonic's biographies state that he is the defender of what he believes is right, it also categorizes him as a thrill-seeker. It paints him in a more selfish light, where half the reason Sonic goes on these adventures is for the pure adrenaline rush of living on the edge. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the exciting parts of the hero job description, but it is so ingrained into his character that you could label Sonic as more of a selfish character even while he's doing selfless things. If Sonic ever grows out of his thrill-seeker persona and develops a worldview that puts his heart fully ahead of his ego, I think he'd be able to get that Hammer off the ground. As for the other character, the one I believe whom is worthy today, well, the rest of you seem to have hit this nail on the head already. Blaze After overcoming the blind rage and loneliness that defined her character in the first Rush, Blaze has developed into A passionate, strong and direct to the point kind of hero. Her status as nobility not only places her in a position of power but also puts her headfirst into a situation that demands a deft hand at leadership. Her position as guardian imbues her with ridiculous responsibility. After first believing it to be a curse, Blaze's views of her own flames have become that of a gift, to be used in helping her defend her world against the evils that constantly assail it. Blaze harbors many of the same virtues as Sonic. Other characters look up to her for guidance. Blaze will stare down impossible odds if it means keeping everyone else safe. Where Blaze sets herself apart from Sonic is her ability to act on her convictions without fear or reprisal. Where Sonic fell short in reprimanding Marine, Blaze stepped up and did what needed to be done. It didn't matter to her that such an action would assuredly hurt the little girls feelings, it was a course of action that needed to be taken for the good of the mission. Where Sonic often does things for the thrill factor, and finds his goals aligning with the greater good as a result, Blaze starts with the intention of making the world a better place and follows through. Whereas Sonic can often be a hero of coincidence, Blaze is one by choice. That's huge when it comes to worthiness. So that's my take. If you twist my arm, I could probably see a character like Omega also being in this discussion.
  13. There are already a ton of floating characters. That door has been opened and then subsequently ripped off its hinges already. There's Charmy, 3 Rouges, 2 of Each of the Babylon Rouges, Longclaw, Chaos and 2 Metal Sonics.
  14. Surprised they were willing to show legends with it still so rough around the edges... Despite getting excited hearing it was moving toward an open world model, that footage did not inspire confidence. Also think I will pass on BS and SP. Doesn't look like there is any meat to that bone. Just. Bog standard rehash. I can go back and play the originals if I'm feeling nostalgic.
  15. If you want to get silly, it was stated a few times in Forces that each of Infinite's copies were as strong as the real deal. So considering the Resistance held their own against an Army of Shadows/Metals/Zavoks/Chaos/ect is actually quite a remarkable feat, that would easily be the pinnacle achievement on the resume of most of the cast.
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