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  1. Sega DogTagz

    What game are you currently playing?

    Putting the finishing touches on Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Pokemon Ultra Sun so I can move onto Lets Go. VC4 was such a great game. I still need time to sit back and digest what I just sat through. The story alone is worth the price of admission - let alone the fantastic strategic gameplay. I'll be back once a few more of the DLC maps drop later this year.
  2. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?

    you mean like he did in Sonic Advance 3?
  3. Sega DogTagz

    Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie (Summer 2019)

    Mr. Mime was rather unsettling in the source material. I don't see why him lurking in that same domain in the movie style is a surprise to anyone. He's gets an automatic pass because in the end he is just a weird Pokemon. I think Pikachu works well enough, and the emolga's in the background were charming at a distance too. But after taking a look at Jiggly, Greninja and Psyduck - those just don't translate very well and it shows. The pokemon roster is big enough that you can really avoid utilizing Pokemon that won't "look right" if you really wanted too - but seeing as how they went head-on with Mr. Mime they are going all in on the art style, uncanny valley be damned.
  4. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    I think the Pikachu trailer is exactly why people are so anxious about what they could do to Sonic. Its less to do with Animation quality and more to do with how subtle details translate between styles. It almost never works 1 to 1. I can get behind the look for pikachu (his fur is to long but whatever) and the same style can bend and twist to work for others like Charizard but there is a hard line in the sand drawn when you get to more abstract creatures like Jigglypuff. That thing looks horrifying. What is supposed to be a cute and cuddly puff ball doesn't translate to this style and instead we get some borderline nightmare fuel. I'll applaud the animation team for sticking to their guns and staying faithful to the original designs of their brand (something I believe the guys behind the Sonic move will do as well) but it does stand as a cautionary tale that psudo-realistic textures don't just work across the board. For every cute little Emolga your going to have to dance around how to best present a Greninja...
  5. Sega DogTagz

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    Care to explain that one?
  6. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Forces and Mania Double pack(Nintendo Switch)

    That also makes no sense. Mania plus (the one that has a physical version) came out about 3 and a half months ahead of forces. It's not going to suddenly vanish from store shelves without a buyback, which we would hear about. It's less of an evil plan and more like you making a ridiculous conspiracy theory. It's just a bundle to increase sales by offering overall value. Why are you digging for malicious intent?
  7. Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Forces and Mania Double pack(Nintendo Switch)

    That doesn't even make sense. Last I checked you could still buy Mania digitally, and Mania Plus is still sitting on store shelves. You can't make people buy the combo pack without first discontinuing the solo kits. If someone just wants Mania, the option is still there - and convenient.
  8. Sega DogTagz

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Under that logic, you would call Shade the Echidna a BioWare rep. Despite the fact that they own the rights to her character - no matter how you introduce her, people are going to see her as a Sonic character first and formost. Especially casuals. Geno is in that same boat. It doesn't really matter who made him, or who owns his rights. He was created as a character to participate within the Mario franchise. Perception is reality.
  9. And hence lies the perpetual problem with 3D Sonic. Its hard enough to lay out enough track for a character moving at mach 1 - let alone tiered branching pathways built in such intricacy that you may blaze through a single path - bypassing the other two and thus missing a chunk of the stage that otherwise could have been made mandatory to pad the level length. Its a nasty catch-22 but its something that even the 2D games have to deal with. And those games are successful in overcoming the issue in large part due to the encouragement of exploration by exploiting the minor differences between characters. If you take all the assets in the side missions, and dump them into the standard levels, you could create a more re-playable experience akin to the 2D games. One where you want to revisit stages to check all the alternate routes. Much like how different wisp loadouts could access different branching paths in Forces, playing as Tails or Knuckles could come with the same boon. Sonic Team in many regards has moved away from that, in favor of a more cinematic and flowing experience for their Modern Sonic levels. If they take the handcuffs off they can maintain the quality through specific set pieces and sections while also providing quantity through means of replay-ability.
  10. Sega DogTagz

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I can answer that -- ninja'd
  11. Of course it would look awkward. It was never designed with the third dimension in mind. Switching the camera behind Sonic in a 2D section and watching the chaos ensue is the equivalent of telling me how awkward it is to eat soup with a fork. It was never designed for that. Branching pathways are a prime example of a way to increase base verticality in a 3D level. There is a reason why one of the first things we look for in new footage of 3D games is the availability of alternate paths. If you design your 3D game to incorporate even a few vertical up/down choices, you can have an end result that easily rivals that of a 2D experience without hindering sight lines. Most Sonic stages in 2D feature a top, middle and bottom route. That is not impossible to replicate in the 3D space without containing the player. Good level design (like SeaSide Hill in Generations) show that Sonic Team is capable of building layered alternate paths if they so choose to stay committed and implement them. And that is one of the most free and nonrestrictive levels in the series to date. Verticality is not something you have to give up on in 3D.
  12. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    But the Archie comics started out as that alternate universe. Right from the jump it was largely an alternate universe with its own characters a lure that was seperate from the games. It was clear from the start that this space was reserved for this alternate lure and was only tied to the games by the loosest of threads. It wouldn't be until years later, that the Sonic games focused on enough of a cohesive story for people to start expecting the comics to reflect the game canon to a larger extent. The Archie comics were designed to be a cohesive environment with the FF from day 1. As time went on, I feel like they did an admirable job adapting to the times and bringing in more game elements/characters - but in the end that just isn't enough for some people who came over after inception and shook cages to change it to what we see today. The comics were never supposed to be very reflective of the games... until they were.
  13. Sega DogTagz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Hunnid-P still cranks out Sonic themed tracks from time to time. I can't imagine they would say no to getting back in on anything involving Knux. The only hang-up is their hooks and appeal are all lyric heavy, and I'm not sure that would fit with a Kart Racer - outside of a main theme or something. I'd welcome them back with open arms in the next main game though. The Avatar shows Sega is still down with vocal themes for stages. EDIT - You know what... I retract the above statement. Embrace the Praxic fire and go Full on Sonic R with a few of the stages. lol
  14. Drew something for Halloween and the 10th Anny of Sonic Unleashed!


  15. I feel like you just kind of undermined your own argument. While Heroes was obviously the worse case scenario, Sonic Adventure took that formula and showed how you could absolutely thrive with it. Tails took the same set of stages, with the same mobility, sense of speed and mechanics and created stages that were unique and fresh in comparison to Sonic. The race mechanic, that pushed you to rush through stages and the addition of his flight made his stages feel different enough. You don't have to to flat out copy-paste play-styles like in heroes, just like you don't have to go off the deep end and create something that doesn't fit at all. But it is completely acceptable to build within the established formula and make small tweaks and things will stay interesting. Tails Stages differ enough from Sonic's that you get to avoid any sense of repetition or fatigue. Windy Valley is a completely different level thanks to Tails Flight. Red Mountain is a completely different level thanks to Knuckles ability to climb.

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