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  1. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    One of the biggest knocks against the Archie run was that the 4 part arc set up really didn't leave a lot of room for closure and epilogue. Issue 4 of each arc had to contain the climax of the story and then back-load the fall out and the stinger for the next arc in the last few pages. It rarely gave any room to breathe post conflict. It had to fling you right into the next one to sell you on the next 4 issues on the horizon. In light of that - Issue 12 is SUPER refreshing. Its pretty much an entire book dedicated to winding it down - while at the same time - spooling up what is coming next without compromising that wind down. These characters can be fun even when they are not actively punching things and I would gladly welcome a detox issue like this at the end of every over-arcing plotline just to get more of it. Character interaction like this is liquid Ambrosia. Please take it and inject it directly into my veins. This is what the comic can satisfy that no other medium can. This inbetween stuff is what it can feed where the videogame quite frankly can't tread. MOAR. That being said, it did feel like Year 1 was trying to shove all these characters in front of us to appease a quota and get fans interested in why each of them is awesome, so this kind of feels like a way to say goodbye to a bunch of the extended cast members for a bit. Even so, I'm looking forward to Year 2 and if that brings tighter more focused stories than I think that will be a bonus.
  2. Sega DogTagz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Count me in the "Would have preferred Infinite" camp but I'm okay with Zavok. I don't have to justify the Team composition if Zavok doesn't appear in the story mode (they could easily swap him out for one of those Egg Pawn Placeholders) so I could care less about Big Z not being all buddy buddy with Eggman. The roster needs villains and he fits the bill... so whatever.
  3. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Its not even like Killing is some ultra taboo topic in this book. Under both Sega and Flynn - Shadow has gone on Mass Murdering spree's that were deemed OK by Sonic and crew because of the context of the situation they were drawn into. Sonic never voiced a protest when Shadow pretty much genocide'd the Black Arms in Shth, and Rouge and Omega helped him do it again on Flynn's watch during the Archie days. But those situations were different because the people being wiped out made their choice (well - they were hive mind, but Black Doom made his choice). Shadow was free to let those guys reap what they sew because when faced with the choice they chose to be bad. In the absence of that choice Sonic stood up to oppose Shadow as he rightly should. Despite how often it aligns with what he needs to do, Sonic is more about what is fair and right than the greater good. Punishing Tinker for what Eggman did - or what he could do - is a raw deal. Sonic's hatred of injustice is listed as a core component of his character second only to "runs really fast". Shadow relenting to that hardly makes him a joke. it just further establish Sonic's core strength of character to stick to his guns even when it isn't convenient to do so while further cementing Shadow as a realist.
  4. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The last time someone thrashed Metal in that form we got left with this - which invites all kinds of questions. I'm pretty happy we got some closure outside of the normal "I'll GET YOU NEXT TIME" Supervision cliche.
  5. Thematically it would make sense to introduce new racers as teams of 3, but they don't have to. We already have confirmation that you can mix and match racers with no restrictions to type or team allegiance in other modes outside of the story mode - which means unless the DLC expansion is a story driven expansion, you wouldn't need to cater to the 3 man setup. You could introduce 1 new characters, or 5 and not upset the balance as players are free to choose whatever they want for their teams.
  6. Sega DogTagz

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I’ve always hated that toot toot sonic warrior song but God dang if that didn’t sound good in that remix. Music continues to be on point.
  7. Merlina uses the same character model as Sharah - which lends her instant credibility as an ally because Sharah was your friend in the previous game. Then when Merlina stabs you in the back - you remember that Sharah did the same thing, and you get sucker punched by the hidden-in-plain-sight plot twist. Its clever. We all salivate over the smallest scraps of lure that get carried over between games, I adore Merlina because she is a meta example of using that to dictate expectations and help sell the story. On top of being the damsel in distress in the opening scene, she quite literally had a friendly face. That how you manipulate a fanbase right there. (Lol I always miss-spell Shahra as Sharah) sorry if that caused any confusion
  8. Even at the peak of Sonic only gameplay, Sonic Team never stopped pumping out new faces. Its just part of the formula at this point. Every game is going to have at least 1 new face to help drive the plot and there is no reason to expect otherwise at this point. I think Merlina was the best of the new faces, mostly because she was a play off of Sharah.
  9. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Its not the plot of the game. The extent to which Shadow is manipulated in the first place is widely up for debate. And on top of all that, it does go to show the amount of power that Shadow has. World breaking power. Power that despite his intentions good or bad, will end up demonizing and ostrich-sizing him in the future. If anything, It sets the foundation of him being a threat no matter what path he follows. (Which culminates in 06) His entire motivation was to get his memories back. Going through Eggman was the fastest and most logical way to do that. He wasn't saving the day because he chose to be a good guy, he was doing it as an ends to a means. Even in the heroic path, Shadow more or less is still only pushing his own agenda above all else. Taking the fight to the black arms as soon as they appeared antagonistic was again Shadows best and fastest method of uncovering his past. In a telling feature, Shadow's hero gauge was filled when he dispelled evil aligned people and their stuff, not necessarily for doing good things. Like Heroes, it just so happens that the things standing in his way were bad guys. There may have been a few good deeds sprinkled in, but he was laser focused on discovering who he was over all else. There wasn't an open alignment to being a hero right from the get-go. Eggman has helped save the day multiple times. Does that make him a Hero too? The circumstances matter. I reiterate, Shadow did not choose to be a hero until the aftermath of Shth. Shadow would see it as logical because he's been in that position before. As someone who was at one point was openly feared - but had carved out a new niche of doing good - here was Eggman doing the same thing. And killing Eggman isn't the logical choice, its just the most convenient one. So sonic is like " Well then what about you and all the things you did " And shadow's like " If you feel like I am sufficient threat to the world at large, as much as Eggman.Take your shot " "Why would I? I didn't back then and you turned out great" Whats left to discuss here? Sonic didn't call out Shadow's past to show him he was just as much a potential threat as Eggman - he did so to show him that despite being a potential walking global-level catastrophe waiting to happen, when the opportunity arose to become an agent for good, he was allowed to make that change and the end result was something everyone benefited from. Mr Tinker was being offered that same chance. So your pitching an idea where Shadow backs down because he is afraid of how the village children will perceive him if he goes through with it? Because he doesn't want to be seen as a monster? That sounds more out of character than anything that happens in the book. 06 showed us that he doesn't care what the world at large thinks of him, and even if it turns him into a pariah he would continue his mission and fight on. A few baby doll eyes shouldn't dampen his convictions. It just sounds like your projecting head canon. The villagers knew who Mr. Tinker was the second he wandered into town. Eggman is the stuff of nightmares and a bogey man the world over and the entire village still opened up and welcome him in when he showed that he could be good. They had moved past what he was and were embracing the possibility of what he could be. The only one stuck in the past is the guy who swore off his own. Thats a backwards way of thinking. I'll use an example. A cop arrests a widely known Mobster. After a lengthy trial - the mobster goes free on a shady technicality. Mobster continues his life of crime. Is the moral of the story the cop should have killed the mobster instead of arrest him? Because that's the kind of logic your using if you feel the moral of Eggman returning is Sonic should have just killed the guy when he had the chance. Sonic was willing to provide the supervision to ensure Tinker was on the up-and-up. He said so himself. If Eggman showed any signs of resurfacing, he would have been the first one jumping on his tail. Its not like he washed his hands of it and walked away. The comparison isn't about who they were - its about the opportunity that is being afforded to them. Shadow was given a chance to hit that reset button. To choose for himself and do good. He worked from a clean slate and move forward. To deny Mr. Tinker, who was also starting from a clean slate, would be bombastically hypocritical. That's why Shadow ultimately relented. Even if he didn't agree with the risk Sonic was taking by letting Tinker stay free, by choosing any other option Shadow would be essentially condemning the choice he made for himself. He spent half the issue pondering if he was making the right choice. (there are like 4 flashback panels in this issue alone for crying out load) I would call that thinking for two seconds.
  10. Sega DogTagz

    How would you fix Sonic's lore, gameplay, narrative, and characters?

    Its hard to get a concrete number because it depends on how you want to define "abducted". On paper it looks like a ton, but then you have to remember that on one of those occasions, she essentially turned herself in and walked into captivity due to Eggmans threats and several of the other abductions could be considered failed escapes from the original abduction - of which at least 1 was her own doing in escaping. If you get captured while you are escaping, is that a new capture or a botched escape? Either way she got pinched waaaaaay to much. Serious Princess Peach vibes with that.
  11. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Does that even matter? For one Shadow did not flip to the good side because he found out he was being manipulated. In the grand scheme of things, even if all his actions in SA2 were a direct result of Gerald using him for his revenge - Shadow still got what he wanted at the end of the day. When it came to light that the world was going to be destroyed, Shadow was content to stand by and watch. It was a suitable ends to his means for his own revenge. Furthermore, Shadow didn't even flip to the good side following that. He spent Heroes and Shth trying to figure out who he was as his sole motivation and he wasn't exactly on Sonic's side in Battle either - showing up to kill Emerl in the first 5 seconds only to get rebuked by Sonic (doesn't that sound familiar 😉) Shadow didn't actually flip until he said goodbye to himself at the end of Shth and choose to make the world a better place through his decision making in the subsequent games. Shadow doing his own thing doesn't mean he is going to all of a sudden stop listening to logic. He's not a one-track machine that is incapable of accepting new inputs. Please map out this conversation and tell me how that makes even the smallest shred of sense. Sonic wouldn't fall over himself like that because his entire point is that they should not kill Eggman. If Shadow were to quip "Kill Me" Sonic would refuse to do that and stick to his guns - thus proving his entire point that its okay to give people a chance to do good. Shad doesn't have a moral leg to stand on here. Sonic just tells him to his face to give someone else the same chance he got post-amnesia. Even if they don't acknowledge it, we will know. Even if they do, Sonic's not going to wallow is self-pity about it because regardless of where he goes from here he would be willing to make the same decision 100 times out of 100. Its in character and consistent with his motivations.
  12. Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Both characters fully understood the stakes. Sonic pondered several times during the course of the issue if it was possible for the original Robotnik to bleed through and return to his evil ways. Sonic even assured Tinker at the end of the issue that he would be checking in on him - which was an obvious lampshade that he was going to keep tabs on the doctor to make sure he wasn't bluffing. I think the part that you are missing, is that is all of that inflection is beside the point. To Sonic, It doesn't matter that there is a possibility for Tinker to revert. It doesn't matter how much pain and suffering he has caused over the years. Sonic has always acted in the moment. And at the moment, with what he was seeing and on the intuitions of Vector (who is undoubtedly one of the sagest characters in the series when it comes to hunches) - Tinker was not a threat. Bringing up Shadows tribulations wasn't a dick move. It was a reminder that peoples past don't have to dictate their future. Sonic's flipped enough enemies into friends to know that, and its precisely why Shadow eventually relented. And for all your talk of the narrative bending over backwards to make Sonic right... you do realize that his decisions will inevitably backfire right? The second Tinker becomes Eggman again, Shadow will come out smelling like hotel soap. In the long run - Sonic will be the one in the wrong, and he will be 100% okay with that, as should we.
  13. Sega DogTagz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    It never said there were zero survivors following Chaos' rampage. Just that he did enough damage to wipe their civilization off the map. A couple Echidna's dug themselves out of the ashes, and continued to guard the emerald all the way down to Knux. I'd like to see another spin-off like Fighters MegaMix. Bring back Fighting Vipers, Virtua FIghter and even throw in Sonic the Fighters for good measure. It'd be ool to see Honey again and that it a lot of star power you could throw at a game right there.
  14. Speaking of God Of War, their Art Director was has been taking a stab at the Smash Bros Roster and he recently put up his spin on Sonic (He also goes on to say that Sonic is one of his favs which is nice to know) (Kinda looks like an aged up version of the movie render) More on topic - I think Chronicles is a copy paste of the basic BioWare formula. Anyone who played Mass Effect can see many of the elements like the conversation wheel + calm/snark spit and even some of the races were lifted whole sale as watered down versions of their flagship title. The team was new to the DS hardware, so it makes sense that they leaned on what they know... but still. Inspiration was clearly taken and transplanted there. A lot of people like to just compare it to Mario since the RPG connection is easy to make, but I don't see it.
  15. Sega DogTagz

    Spinoffs for other characters?

    What about Eggman? He'd be a perfect candidate under that criteria. He's a significant enough face that everyone knows who he is, he ducks most of the "Sonic's friends" backlash right out of the gate and there is no end to the directions you could take a spin-off with the guy. I can already see a Final Boss against Sonic being one of the greatest things ever. Make that little pin cushion cushion impossibly hard and leave the player to feel Eggys seething rage.

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