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  1. I've been out of the loop due to spoiler dodging - and I intent to keep it that way until I make it through the entire campaign - but I've had an experience that I never saw coming and wanted to share it here.

    Upon booting up Shield - my Roku TV decided to crap out after playing the game for about 2 min. After about a 1/2 hour of unsuccessful troubleshooting I left the TV unplugged for the night and continued to play the game in handheld mode. The next day I plugged my TV back in to find it working fine. Went back to playing sheild and after about 30 seconds in, my TV went into the same buggy state.

    Convinced that my TV was busted, I went out and brought another one. I was halfway to the dumpster to dispose of my old Roku, when my neighbor stopped me to ask it I was playing Pokemon by any chance and informed me that the game bricks Roku's for some reason. I went back inside, tested my TV with my PS4 and it worked fine. However if my switch is powered on, or even on sleep mode with a copy of pokemon inserted, then it goes to crap. I did some light google searching and found many people were reporting the exact same problem.

    I can't recall a console game ever interfering with an outside electronic like this. Maybe brick a console (hello Mighty No. 9) but not the TV. I wonder if this is the end result of an inexperienced GameFreak trying to operate on the same communication channels as major appliances?

    Its also worth noting that the remote control for my new TV (a different brand) also becomes unresponsive in the face of Pokemon shield. Its crazy.

    Where is the Nintendo quality control?

  2. 1 hour ago, Meta77 said:

    I follow them on twitter and they have been posting a lot of pictures of her recently. Did not know if she belongs to Sega or Marza. Either way id love to see more of her one day

    Marza still falls under the Sega umbrella (and they both fall under Sammy-Sega) so Lah probably belongs to both of them lol

    At the very least, the other two ghosts made an appearance in the Sonic Unleashed game, and Lah herself was allowed to appear on at least 1 cover back in the Archie days, so the copyright is likely in-house and not an issue.

    That ghosty is a personal favorite of mine. I've drawn her for Halloween the last 3 years running. (Also probably why Marza has been posting a few pics of her lately ^^)


    I wonder if Marza would sneak any Night of the Werehog Easter eggs into the movie... that'd be a treat.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Failinhearts said:

    Japan can't hog all that Sonic-y, Lupin-y goodness all to themselves, like come on.

    I'm pretty sure that the Lupin film that is hitting Japan in December is at least also hitting Spain and Italy in early 2020. If it performs well, we might get a full western release.

    The head guy over at Marza is on record about his desire for western audiences to embrace this film so they can expand and make a few more. So here is hoping.

  4. 3 hours ago, Emerald Chaos said:

    Tempted to say he's the MVP of the last 5 or so years.

    Either him or Whitehead... T. Lopes ain't too far off either.

    I think I'd give the edge to Hesse due to him being involved in so many mediums. He's gone from the comics, to the games and now a full on Movie. There ain't much left of this franchise he hasn't touched yet. I guess we just need to get him on board with a new series TV pilot episode and his bingo card will be completely filled in lol


    1 hour ago, Sonario said:

    "how are you not dead? I have no idea!", even they know what's up)

    Ah, we need a gif of that scene. Its practical usage is through the roof.


  5. Its actually got me legit curious about seeing more of the old model in motion. You could probably make a pretty penny by including some stuff as a DVD extra.

    I seriously can't imagine half the visual gags in the new trailer even working with the old design. It wouldn't look right twirling nunchaku or even in a batting stance. What with those tiny hands and all.


  6. 8 minutes ago, Jango said:

    All hail Team Mania. If only Tyson could be the next game's art and character direction.

    All Hail (and RIP) Team Archie. Sega needs to poach more talent from the comic book side of the house.


    Just now, Blue Blood said:

    Hesse did a great job talking some sense into the film makers. The film makers are clearly incompetent though, and I think anyone with a lick of sense about them could have made Movie Sonic resemble Game Sonic and not look like an abomination.

    I always get on Sonic Teams case for their seeming lack of beta testers and/or misguided focus groups... but Jeez Paramount, who green lit that first monstrosity. It looks even worse now via proxy.

  7. 3 hours ago, Plasme said:

    Rivals 2 had such little attention to its story I don't even think it needs to be addressed.

    The Rivals series is technically Silver's into into the franchise, seeing as how 06 reconnected itself, so it does remain an important part of the lore.

    None-the-less, the status of Silver's future was brought up in Colors DS, Rivals, Rivals 2 and the prequel material to Sonic Forces. You even actually fight him in his destroyed future in Generations. Its been on full display in pretty much every story related game Silver has been a part of.

    How can you say Silver's situation is "forgotten" by the writers when it has been addressed almost every time he pops up? Especially considering these are the same writers known to sweep this kind of thing under the rug. If they wanted to ignore it, they would, ala Knuckles and the Master Emerald.


    Back to the topic at hand... the lack of new music remixes is disturbing. It was one of the highlights of past games, and Sega has been leaning hard on the music front as an appeal to Sonic fans lately. Kinda shocking that they skimped a bit there for this one...

  8. Gah, even in the movies GHZ is a boost corridor. They'll never get this 3D thing right. # Ruined Forever.


    lol. Seriously tho - Massive improvement. The design speaks for itself. It'll take some time before I can compare it on its own merits because the original take was just so unappealing, but you only need to look at a single side by side comparison to see just how much of a quantum leap this was. Without the specter of that gremlin hanging over you, it becomes possible to actually try to enjoy everything else.

    The tone was much better and even the jokes had a better hit rate. Even got a look at what is undoubtedly the movie's money shot, which in undoubtedly all kinds of cool.

    Still, this movie has plenty of hurdles to get over, as most of the problems we saw going into it still remain. As much as I like Jim C, he's going to have to sell me on him as Robotnik. It might take a "I hate that Hedgehog" to do it, but they have yet to give me something to latch onto there. He's just scientist named Robotnik at this point. And I still have no idea how they intend to keep Sonic's speed consistent with his feats, while maintaining the threat level throughout the movie. Sonic can yeet his way off the continent with his speed or warp rings in an instant. How in the world does Robotnik and/or military pose enough of a roadblock to corner him in a house? Super Speed is so hard to write for and I feel like its going to create a truckload of problems to the belivability of the narrative.

  9. 1 hour ago, Plasme said:

    I think the Silver future aspect is just lack if attention from the writers of the Sonic games. We see his ruined future in 06, and then Iblis is extinguished. His future has been saved, that plot point is done.

    Not quite. Just like in the comics, Silver's future can fall into ruin due to almost any disaster level scenario that occurs in the past. In rivals 2, Silver again hails from a devastated future and is back to make things right. And that has nothing to do with Mephilies, Iblis or any of that junk. 

    The writers are well aware of Silvers situation and constantly bring it up (the future is bright in Colors DS for example) - but in that same breath its unbelievably easy to re-destroy Silver's future via whatever threat is currently being posed in the current game.



  10. Oh man, I haven't dusted this thread off in... years. But I was feeling nostalgic and digging through some of my old art - figured I might as well update this space with some of my more recent work.








    Its always fun to compare yourself over large periods of time. Its a nice feeling of accomplishment to see that I am continuing to grow as an artist. Gets you pumped to see what you might be capable of 5 years from now. ^^

  11. I buy the issues digitally from IDW website and store them on my comp for easy access. I tend to buy in bulk (I'll let an arc or two stockpile before buying them all) and it seems like the best option for me rather than hoping my local comic shops have the last 6 or 7 issues in stock.

  12. 10 hours ago, Marcello said:

    Why is it the German poster? lol

    Sonic has globetrotter level speed - to say nothing of the warp rings. I wouldn't be surprised to see junk from all over the world scattered in his room.

    When he wants Chinese Food, the dude can literally leg it to China. He should be munching on Belgian Chocolates and French Pastries and leaving the remains scattered all over the place for some very confused bystanders to find later.

  13. 30 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    That post literally starts out " So I feel two ways " where the first part is a more neutral analytical take where I feel like it isn't worth it. Its right there. Meant to seperate " here's a formal take why this is bad " and " this is my own personal bias"

    And I'm supposed to just ignore how the latter colors the former? Just because you put a little label on it?

    Nuh-uh. You've made your bed about this for the last couple of months. Now you get to lay in it.




  14. 2 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:


    I mean I guess you would think that if you ignored everything else i said.

    But my first post on the matter is literally me separating those two things. Its onthe last page dog, you can go see it. Its right there.

    I also see your admission that its your personal bias that any arc not first focused on getting Shadow right is more or less a waste of time.


    My bias: Until shadow gets ground work, all stories are going on too long. Shadow ain't get a proper character yet, but you really wanted him to be  a zombie. Yeah no fuck this story.

    It doesn't matter how much you try to separate the issue when its foundation is so evident. You separated nothing.


    2 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    And as for your shakespear example, that's the problem. I don't want a gigantic shadow epic or sonic epic. Sonic is fun cheesey junk food. I want my characters to look cool and be cool and there's some depth but not enough to mess shit up or they are focing fake zombified deaths down your throat every month. Its my problem with starting shadow's story off with " should you murder a guy " can my man just be edgy and beat up some bad guys first like goddamn.

    I just want fun cheesey bullshit and this arc has just been dreadful

    Shakespeare is a figure of speech dude. Insert any author or any type of story and my point still stands. You would be more or less oblivious to quality if Shadow doesn't have his name on the title card bare minimum.


    1 minute ago, Shadowlax said:

    As a reader , I don't care about that? I come to this sonic comic to see my favorite characters do cool shit. My favorite character can no longer do that because he's a zombie. I couldn't give a fuck less

    and that's all fine and well. Everyone wants to see their favorite's shine - and there is no reason not to. But if you're argument to the quality of the current arc is overwhelmingly hinged on that - then thats the "cut off the nose" nonsense I was talking about before.

    At this point, Shakespeare himself could rise from the grave, put pen to paper and craft the most spectacular, deep and interesting story in the history of mankind, and you'd turn your nose up at it since Shadow isn't represented in the way you want. If you want to say the story isn't for you that's one thing, but to complain about the overall direction of the story like you are reeks of you allowing your personal preferences to flood over and direct your ability to judge the quality of what your actually seeing go down.

  16. 10 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    So the interesting thing about sonic loosing isn't about him loosing. Its about what he does with that, and this doesn't really characterize sonic different enough to make that interesting.

    He's just tired, and ...ok cool You could have wrote a story where he doesn't rest for a while. Why we need zombies for that. Congratulations sonic boom told that story better. Neat

    I guess you missed the part where Sonic is kicking himself for not being able to do enough to help his friends or actually stressing over not losing the next one off the checklist. He's second guessed himself several times already.

    Its doing quite a bit of that. Characterization in the face of Sonic on the losing end. And every ally that falls and the closer we get to the finale, that's only going to weigh on him more and more. Its only going to make him more desperate and more introspective.

    The beautiful thing about Zombie stories is that every loss for the heroes is a potential net gain for the enemy. Robotization is an an essence has always been a zombie proxy. Not only does this arc bring that to the forefront, but it runs with it.


    If you think that, believe what you want.

    Fans who enjoy watching Sonic suffer is kind of a running gag in the fandom.

    I feel confident in saying that what I want to believe is also the prevailing mainstream opinion.



  17. 3 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    Evil sonic as a premise has never been interesting to me outside of one scenario. Scourge. Because its sonic with his personality twisted in a way that's bad. A sonic that has no personality or no autonomy just ...hitting things is uninteresting.

    If the zombies were like MK zombies where they undead assholes who embodied the worst parts of a persons personalities and desires, I would be down. But they just growl. Who gives a shit about that.

    Good thing this has less to do with making an "Evil Sonic" and more about skirting the status quo in a comic where Sonic isn't allowed to "lose".

    I think your in the tiny minority of people who wouldn't want to see this arc end up with a 100% zombot Sonic, if even only for a little bit. That would be significant. People would give shit about that.


    3 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    Shits wack, Shit was wack from conception.

    You're free to your interpretation... but it really feels like your cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  18. 6 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

     There's nothing interesting coming out of it.

    #1.) Potential Final Boss Zombot Sonic.

    #2.) Potential Final Boss Infected-Hero Zombot Horde

    #3.) Combination of 1 and 2.


    That's something that almost everyone would look forward to. You don't agree?

  19. The posterchild for "this arc ran too long" is the whole Unleashed adaption - and barley anyone cuts it any slack for rolling in several alternate arcs in the middle of its run time. Good arcs even. The STF arc is widely considered one of the best arcs over the comics run and that came dead smack in the middle of the Unleashed adaption.

    Even if this zombot craze were to get broken up with a few side-stories, some people would likely still bemoan it dragging on for too long. Even if the side content was great. We live in an instant gratification kind of world.

    I think the pacing is adequate so far for the metal virus saga. Ian's giving the whole thing plenty of room to breathe and the narrative isn't being stagnant in how its handling its focus. We've actually gotten to rifle though a bunch of different characters approaching the situation from different angles to the extent that several of these issues hardly even feature Sonic. Its letting us see Tails do what he does best. Its letting us see Amy handle businesses, instead of just asking us to use our imagination or shoving it into the background. As a fan of the other characters, maybe I just appreciate that more.

    Not to mention its reversed the status quo from year one. All anyone could talk about before was Sonic+Friend team up to deal with threat and then Sonic moves on to next fight. Now we have Sonic panicking over losing friends left and right and each issue ups the casualty count. Its using it extended cast to its advantage. Pretty soon we'll have to deal with the inevitable fallout of the final battle against a horde exclusively compromised of Sonic's best friends... if not Sonic himself.

    I want to see that and I want to see the story take its time to get there.


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