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  1. I finished up the main story of Black Knight a while ago. I never really was hyped for this game (like I am for every other game) but it still did not serve to meet my lowest of expectations.

    The multiplayer is an epic fail, the controls are awkward and the game is STILL on rails. The difficulty on the story mode is well beyond lenient until you unlock some of the extra ones. The only things that save it from going headfirst into the garbage bin are….

    -Surprisingly interesting story + writing

    -High Production values.




    Other than that, there isn’t much to be seen here. Glad that I brought it, but I will not be recommending it to anyone anytime soon. I can easily see why so many sites bash it. It comes dangerously close to the abysmal borderline.

    Black Knight. Unleashed was an unfair game with an identity crisis. If you wanna compare Black Knight's combat with the Werehog, the Werehog is much worse, being a bloody button masher with little skill involved, Black Knight actually requires skill without going into unfair difficulty, unlike Unleashed... And QTEs are a thousand times better with waggle.

    You Cannot Be Serious.

    The PS3 (and Wii version for that matter) of Unleashed make Black Knight look like pure crap. I would hardly consider the Werehog a button masher with all those unlockable combos, but even if he was it is not nearly as bad as Black Knights lag filled non-directional sensitive waggling.

    If anything I’d say that beyond the bosses, no skill at all is required to clear the story mode in BK. All you gotta do is shake the Wiimote like crazy and watch Sir Sonic Buzzsaw his way to victory. Every…. Single….. Time……

  2. I've played a good deal of Ecco the Dolphin 1. The only thing that makes it hard is that there are things not explained to you and you have to just run into them or figure them out on your own. An example is the clams, most of them heal you if you sing to them and if the player doesn't know that, then they're at a sever disadvantage and will constantly die and have to start the level over again. It becomes "medium hard" after you know that information and is in not as hard as the games I mentioned. So it's not extremely difficult.

    That's what I mean though. Until you figure stuff like that out on your own, your practically screwed. Any game is legions easier if you have a strategy guide or person telling you what you need to do. Games like Ecco make you figure it out yourself.

    Also it becomes even more difficult when you imagine the crowd. I was far too young to know a video-game abut dolphins could be that difficult when I first picked it up as a kid. Even the Dreamcast variant was astoundingly difficult compared to anything else on the console. Still, of all the games I defeated on the Dreamcast, Ecco stands as my top achievement.

  3. Wait a minute, is Tales of Symphonia 2 really out yet, or only in Japan? The only Tales of ____ game I've played is Vesperia, it's awesome so far and I love all of its sexual humor and toilet humor. So I want to try Symphonia, but I'll get the first one before I get the second.

    Yeah the new tales came out a few weeks ago here in the States.

    If you liked the humor in Vesperia, there is a certain character in the Symphonia series whom I know you’ll fall in love with

    Anyway, you don’t necessarily need the first one to understand the second, but I recommend getting it anyway because

    a.) you can get it cheap

    b.) It will help you understand character motivations for game #2

  4. I find the extreme difficulty games fun. They provide a challenge and actually make you feel like you accomplished something special upon completion. To call Hardness a glitch is an insult to every hardcore gamer that extends beyond the shooter genre.

    Most of the Ecco series is known for this. Notoriously difficult with a brilliant layout that challenges the player to no end. All of them (with the sole exception of Ecco Jr.) are built to have gamers screaming blasphemies within a very short period of time. There is often no directions, no guiding mission objectives or anything. Its just you, your Dolphin and the Ocean.

  5. What’s this entire “harsh sentence” stuff. Dude got the minimum sentence; the court really doesn’t have the power to give him anything less than that. I’m actually kinda surprised he only got three, knowing how grave an insult it is to chuck a shoe at someone in that part of a world. I know a lot of guys from that area and they wouldn’t hurl a Nike at their worst enemy, let alone a head-of-state.

    Needless to say if Bush were still president this guy would probably have gotten the full 15. But he isn’t and that is totally a good thing.

  6. Tales of Symphonia is a gorgeous game. I will just have to watch videos of the Wii one online as I refuse to buy a wii for one game.

    I loved both Symphonia games. They are both so much fun to play though especially in Co-Op. You can't really get the full experience of the newer one (DotNW) without a 2nd player though (lucky for me).

    I got my Shipment of Sonic BK and Killzone 2 the other day. Having fun with both. Especially with some of the enemy quotes in Killzone


    Grunt #1 = Did you hear that Raddik executed two of the guys in our unit yesterday?

    Grunt #2 = For What? Cowardice? Defeatism?

    Grunt # 1 = Uniform Violation. I Shit you not.

    Grunt #2 = Of course. The Uniform is the foundation of Discipline!


    It was so funny I died of a headshot while I was laughing.

  7. But, DogTagz, would those people have been brought down if those light drugs were legal? Was it the drugs themselves, or the whole black market underworld that's grown up around their illegality?

    Fair point, but that is a hard one to answer.

    Some of these “bad things” would probably have been avoided if the drugs were legalized. Things like turf wars and heavy trafficking would probably go away and take the negative side effects with them. On the other hand you have the chronic addiction crowd whom would do anything for a lite, and the “angry” druggies whom don’t handle the sauce too well. Neither of these would change if we changed the law.

    I guess you could say it is a bit of both.

    I just personally don’t like skewing with Modern Law’s interaction with the drug market when it is powerless against it anyway (in its current state). Even if you were to try to give law power of the market, you couldn’t take away the final option of returning to illegal activity – which is back to the same boat we stand in today. This boat also so happens to be sinking. Bummer.

  8. Even if he could do that in the middle of a fight (which is a slim chance; consider what happened when he tried it on Emerl), it didn't stop the Biolizard from using Chaos Control in SA2, so I don't think it'd trip them up too badly.

    OK, you win that round. But Knux can get better with it, you’ll see.

    In the comic’s the dude is like God mode when in the vicinity of the Master Emerald. Let alone that period when he was actually described as a “Living Chaos Emerald”.

  9. Good Advise, but if that guy wanted me dead I’d be gone already.

    In fact, he could have already eliminated the DogTagz you all know and love. He could be using my identity as a scapegoat to find other “targets”. Look at em sneakily moving through the boards, pretending to be your friends and then *WHAM*…….

    Oh, I scared myself for a minute there. Gotta take the imagination thing down a few notches.

    Anyway good luck your job hunt , I’m sure you can interview with the best of them with your level of social skills.

    ***crosses fingers for all the job hunters out there***

    EDIT: I just realized how scary close my initials are to STD… :blink:

  10. Well Obama gets bonus points for every new job he makes (it was one of his many promises) so I guess he is kind of benefiting from the recession in a manner of speaking.

    Weird huh?

    I am looking to pick up an internship where I plan to work when I get out of college, the FBI or CIA. I already got an interview set up with the latter. The dude is actually coming to campus just to see me. My credentials must have really impressed that guy.

  11. I swung by the Pet Hotel a few days back and they were asking if I would be back in the summer :P So at the very least I have an emergency back-up job if I need it.

    Anyway the Washington DC area has been doing pretty good from a recession POV. Obama is making government jobs out the wazoo and the people of the metropolitan area are benefiting like crazy.

  12. Rubbish. They'd be far better off. As it stands, a drug user who overdoses faces the very real possibility of serving jail time if they call a hospital, so a lot of people who manage to overdose will end up dying, because they were too afraid to call for help. Remove that fear and drug users who overdose will be able to seek help without the threat of being prosecuted.

    A lot of legalized drugs are like that now anyway. Legalizing some of the illegal drugs just serves to shift this blame. Back when I was a cashier, one of the first things they tell you is that you are criminally liable if someone Overdose’s on medicine (Cough Syrup/Tylenol). The register won’t even let you sell more than 1 at a time. In the situation you describe, the junkie gets medical treatment (and is exposed to its costs) while the cashier/seller gets hauled off to jail. That sounds like a worse situation to me.

    When something is legal, you can regulate it. When it is not, you cannot. Drugs would be less dangerous to individuals and society if they were legalised.

    Yes, they'd probably be commercialised, but legitimate businesses can be subjected to regulations that the black market can't be. This would help to ensure that drug users aren't buying a product that's been laced with impurities to increase its weight, a practice that a lot of drug dealers do in fact use because weight determines value.

    Subjections in corporations of this nature are grey, not black and white. It would be difficult to draw the line. Also, I am not worried about impurities but moreso with new drugs with too much quality. Things that get you REALLY high, Really fast. A super-drug.

    Personally, I think you're falling into moral panic mode and using something of a slippery slope argument, which is a logical fallacy. Look at the drugs that are legal: alcohol and tobacco. Do you you really see cigarette companies trying to bring out the ultimate cigarette, with ten times the nicotine? No? So why assume that other drugs would be treated that way? Furthermore, businesses are the most self-interested entities in existence. To create this "super drug" could very well be commercial suicide if their customers were to start dying on them. Corporations are amoral, not stupid. They have no desire to start a trend that will bring down society, because without society they won't have anyone to do business with.

    Hmm. A Slippery Slope argument would probably go along the lines of “legalizing light drugs paves the way for legalizing hard ones”. I base my argument within basic economics. Cigarette Companies can’t introduce end-all smokes because of a few reasons. Tobacco is intensive and somewhat expensive to manufacture (all things accounted for). That and a mega-cig wouldn’t help an already poor public image. Soft Drugs on the other hand feature relatively low manufacturing costs and a new company would not have the negative media image holding it back.

    Corporations would be stupid to not produce the highest equilibrium the market can handle. The only way to find it is too keep ramping up production until demand waivers. In a drug industry however, the damage will not be able to be undone.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't like drugs and I think people shouldn't use them without a damn good reason (like pain relief for cancer victims). But they do, and they will continue to regardless of what the law says. There's an ideal world and there's the world we're in. I'd prefer a solution that works in the world we're in. The War on Drugs is not that solution.

    While I hold grudges against drugs for some of the things I’ve seen, I do not let it cloud my judgment. Like you I don’t personally condone their usage w/o good reason. I don’t think law should have any role on the war on drugs further than it possesses now. Changing the law effectively changes the rules of the game. IMO for the worse.

    A Known-Unknown is better than a Unknown-Unknown right?

  13. However, people who merely use these drugs shouldn't be sent to prison since they haven't actually harmed anyone.

    I disagree. I would think there are a multitude of situations where the people whom frequent drugs (even the lighter ones) hurt the people around them and especially the people whom care about them. Monetary issues, social issues and time constraints hurt the people in society who chose not to do drugs in the first place.

    Lots of quantifiable evidence for and against this standpoint, but that’s just my POV. I grew up in a couple bad places and I’ve seen light drugs bring down people who didn’t use them. (sometimes for the direct reason that they chose not to use them).

    I don't think legalising drugs will turn us all into junkies. Legal or illegal, I know I wouldn't take any. Furthermore, I think removing the criminal aspect from drug-taking will actually lower the thrill factor enough that a lot of people will never try them in the first place.

    I don’t think that it will turn us all into junkies either, but I do think the current junkies (and society) will become far worse off.

    Think about it.

    If Drug production were legalized, it wouldn’t become long before it is commercialized. Companies would stand to profit from having the biggest and best drugs on the market. Open access research and testing would eventually yield super-drugs that would make today’s hard drugs look like child’s play. Even if the government stepped in to ban the new drug, illegal runners would still smuggle the goods to people who want them and we’d be in an even worse position than we are today.

    De-criminalization of any drug is a gamble on whether or not the system will cycle to slap you in the face a few years down the road.

  14. DAMN man. Good luck on the tests.

    Thanks man. I beasted on them as usual. :lol:

    Also, The Crazy Bat Guy is right. The Sonic stages are so much longer (and harder to program) than the Werehog levels. Even though there are a lot of them, the trade-off for adding Werehog's development time to more Sonic levels would be minimal at best.

  15. I am going to bed now (got 2 midterms in the morning) but I am SO keeping tabs on this.

    A possibility of new levels in Unleashed!!! OMG. Sweet find Chooch!

    *prays for re-release of Adabat with no framerate issues*

  16. But one things for sure, they aren't really doing a good job on this "War" on Drugs.

    Its not necessarily a war you can win.

    As long as nations have sovereignty as individuals, it will be utterly impossible to control the trafficking of drugs. The simple fact is that there are several nations whom livelihood and basic infrastructure depends on drugs. These countries do not outlaw them (or refuse to enforce laws against them) as they would be hurting themselves. Since I don’t see a “Global Union” coming anytime soon, the war on drugs will remain a lost battle.

    The Bottom Line is this. The People who want them can get them. And there isn’t much we can do about it.

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