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  1. @ El Gran Gordo


    But Cluck disappeared for extended periods of time after a few episodes. Interesting enough, The doctor started to become darker and darker as time went on with him separated from his bird.

    Maybe SatAM Robotnik wasn’t evil, he was just languishing over his lost pet-bot. :D

    In all seriousness though, look into his eyes. Those things are Black and Red. (And they totally glow in the dark).

    I would rank OVA Robotnik as a strong second for the evil award. Right from the start you know that Metal Sonic’s ultimate goal is to Kill Sonic.

  2. I find it funny that romance fueled a good chunk of Eggy’s motive. He can’t be that bad if the end result of his master plan resulted in a happy ending for someone else. (from his POV anyway).

    Nothing will top SatAM Robotnik in the Evil category though. Homeboy was strait heartless in that incarnation.

  3. 5) Have multiplayer options that don't feel tacked-on.

    I haven’t played a “main” Sonic Game with a multiplayer that hasn’t felt tacked on in forever. (I think the last one was SA2). What I wouldn’t give to get another decent multiplayer experience.

    Another idea to add to the franchise (don’t recall anyone else mentioning it) Bring Back Da Spindash. One of the original staples of the franchise has been reduced to almost nothing recently. Unleashed Wii took a stab at it, but it wasn’t the same.

  4. The movie is very entertaining and continues to draw me back to it whenever I am bored.

    It represents a lot of what I like about the Sonic Series and adds emphasis to a bot that deserves it. On top of that, the OVA pulled off some things that just aren’t possible in the games (epic fight scenes).

  5. We all got blind-sighted by Spicy, she totally came out of nowhere.

    Not a bad thing though and as Eggman would put it;

    "You Know What They Say, The More The Merr....." *shot*

    anyway good to see some more Reg's reenlisting, keep em coming.

  6. You didn't actually HAVE to pick "yes" when he asks if you want to hear his story, you know.

    I thought I would ether

    a.) Get something good for acknowledging him

    b.) It was information I might need to know to reach hidden stuff later in the game.

    For the most part, I was sorely mistaken. Still, Luigi was not the only culprit up for the "shut up-a your face" award.

  7. Wow, way to go guys for missing out on the cultural importance of the gift <_<.

    If Obama's people have been anything, its creative. If they were really aiming for cultural significance, they could have done a ton better than this and most likely on the same budget.

    Might as well of gotten the guy a souvenir brochure from one of the Smithsonian's exhibit(s). Sheesh

  8. You don't play many RPGs, huh?

    I play a good few, but it’s not my favorite genre. I just happened to enjoy the way TOS was “set-up” (not-so-much for its sequel, dawn of the new world)

    My opinion of Thousand Year Door still matches up well with yours though. It was cool, but there was nothing really there to set it apart as something special. I got my monies worth, but not much beyond that.

  9. Anything with Tikal

    She was such a nice Echidna, just watching her concern for others and playing with the chao made my day. Also if I’m not mistaken, the origin of the Master Emerald chant is first heard through her, which I find awesome.

    Also the Bond between Eggman and Tails in Sonic Chronicles is both Cute and Hilarious. Watching Sonic go to pieces over it was even better.

  10. Sonic Heroes

    Shadow should have crushed Omega right then and there. Then I wouldn’t have to put up with all this “Omega can defeat Shadow in the future” stuff. I’d like to see Omega do that.

    Unleashed also would have had Nack the Werehog Hunter :P

    That would have been cool too. Off all the retro characters, I think Nack has the best shot at making a comeback. I’d have him as a side villain in a heartbeat.

    Buuut there are a decent amount of SonicxBlaze shippers around *MAULED*

    *Shifty eyes*

    Yes we are everywhere…..

    Wait, did I just say we?? :P

  11. I grabbed Thousand Year Door awhile back; it was an amusing little RPG. I really liked the combat input systems, and crowd interaction was amusing as well. Lots of reading though. Seriously, some of those text walls were ridiculous. (I almost killed Luigi like six times because he wouldn’t shut up).

    I think my opinion of that game has been completely obliterated by the original Tales of Symphonia though. Blows Paper Mario out of the water.

  12. At least I have more excuse to play Secret Rings (as it has a party mode).


    You need an excuse to play a Sonic Game?! ;)

    But man, it must be hard finding games that all 3 of you can enjoy. I’m hoping that this Winter Olympics title is GOTY material for your sake....

    …A man can always dream, right?

  13. Happy birthday to all mentioned above

    Be sure to think of my monetary situation when you blow out those candles (lol just joking).

    Edit - At second glance, I see that we have two people crossing the 18 threshold. Welcome to (semi)adulthood you two!!!

  14. What is the most sensible gift though? =O

    I don't know about sensibility, but the best gift I can think of was the Statue of Liberty

    Now that was a good gift. What did we give France in return, a Thank You? Has anyone been able to top a gift of a global icon yet?

  15. I want to see Sonic Team actually take their time instead of just telling us they are. There is no excuse for framerate issues in a flagship series.

    Aside from that, I would love to see more emphasis on Sonic’s athleticism. A 3D game with an in depth trick system could be a lot of fun aside from the fact that it would give you something to do during all those scripted “mega-jump” sections.

    The little, unnecessary, motions Sonic is capable of is what makes him so cool. Give me an option to make the Hedgehog run backwards and salute the screen and I will be one happy gamer.

  16. Obama's plan to fix the economy

    #1 - Invite prominent World Leaders to the White House

    #2 - Collect rare and expensive gifts from them

    #3 - Pass the World Leaders a cheap trinket that you could totally buy on the subway for 5 bucks

    #4 - Hawk the treasure and reap the benefits

    Our Economy is saved!!! (At the expense of peeving some people off)

    Sheer Brilliance.

  17. --Re-introduction--

    Well hello to all the new SSMB'ers

    I'm DogTagz, the resident level headed enthusiast of (almost) all things. I joined this forum back in November after lurking for a year or two. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised how much the people of this community had to offer.

    Oh, and it sure is good too see a lot of the regulars back after the “Flames of Disaster” hit


  18. Well I had the sleeping Sonic and Tails for a few months, but its time for something new.


    Now I got Sonic and Tails decked out with the Tornado in commemoration of my pilot’s license (which I got a while ago). I spent some time with the Air Force (and the Marines) so I guess this one has a ton more to do with “DogTagz” than my last one.

  19. It's just that I don't want the same thing happening to me with Olympic Games. It's been almost a year since I last played it and it's sitting there on the shelf.

    Fair enough.

    I know I look forward to this series because I have a twin brother whom I have to split gaming time with. Needless to say multiplayer games (especially Co-op) are in high demand in my household.

    Not to mention the bragging rights that go along with the sweetness that is victory.

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