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  1. I feel like flavor texts like that are more likely to trigger in daredevil/ring challenges rather than actual races. Characters almost always says something at the starting line, and you tend to restart a bunch to take out those platinum medals, so you have more opportunities to get them to say things too.
  2. Zeena didn't care about squat that didn't directly involve her. She had no intention of helping until Zavok lied and played to her ego as the only one who could do it. She didn't particularly care about fighting Sonic until he messed up her nails and that was enough motivation to put him on her Sh!t List and she seemed to be on board with making him suffer after that. Still, for as much as the deadly six lack, I've got no doubt Flynn could make them work if given the time and space to play with them. I've seen the man do more with less.
  3. Considering TSR was written to be in-canon and impact the cast moving forward - Can we re-open the book on which version of Colors is the canon version now?

    Mother Wisp is another feather in the DS's cap.

    Just sayin...

    1. Strickerx5


      I hope the DS version is the one that is cannon. That one had a lot more going on.

      Though if I'm not mistaken, we don't get that final Eggman cutscene which directly leads into Generations so... eh.

    2. KHCast


      Pieces of both were canon perhaps?

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I hope the DS version is canon as well. If for nothing else than that one had all the characters enjoying the amusement park and not just Sonic and Tails.

    4. KHCast


      I mean to be honest given this is sonic team, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t actually consider lore and consistency here so I wouldn’t think hard about it 

  4. All of these come from the Sonic Runners character bio's Blaze was once the guardian of the Sol Emeralds (Once? Did she quit?) Following his Split with Blaze - Silver has grown stronger (In canon Silver never split with blaze because 06 never happened) Charmy is often too laid-back to notice when something is wrong (poor word choice. Everywhere else Charmy is described as hyperactive which is the opposite of laid back) Rouge is driven by a desire to make megabucks (I don't think anywhere else has listed wealth as a motivating factor for Rouge) I might handwave a few of these as just simple mistakes, but that is a curious amount of miscues considering this game was made in house.
  5. This wouldn't be the first time a side game has issued some... conflicting backstory information in their biographies. Sonic Runners was made by Sonic Team and had a bunch of details that don't add up in regards to established canon. Still, Zavok leaving the deadly six behind is odd - as a.) Zazz is still running around somewhere as a favorite recurring Zeti b.) Zavok is fiercely loyal to Zik, and it would take something significant to break that bond c.) Zavok is the manipulative type and likely gets some sick superiority kicks out of bossing the other Zeti around. I'll believe the other 5 are gone when I see some more concrete evidence.
  6. if they are smart, they will start re-advertising the Plus expansion. Might be able to flip some of those free copies into an extra $5.
  7. I had a good chuckle when Tails blurted out that he was banned from one of the Casino stages for counting cards. Blaze too commented how she had to try really hard and focus to not get distracted by the pretty lights (total cat cliche lol). The character banter for the most part was extremely well done. I was sure I would be sprinting for the mute button after five mins of playtime, but it has remained charming and endearing to the environment. I love hearing other characters scream at me while they are tailgating and attempting to pass. It adds a nice friendly sense of road rage that comes with the territory for these games.
  8. How so? Movies in general, and Paramount themselves have been down the road before. They have taken cherished IPs, changed them to the point of a vocal backlash from fans and onlookers and have found success waiting out the most vocal of the group and cashing in on the apathy to follow. If anything, its more surprising that they chose to relent at all, considering the handful of movies that came before this that proved to be financial successes in spite of spitting in the faces of the original designs to the dismay of many. TMNT is the perfect example. NOBODY thought those turtles look good, and they were the butt of many jokes - but after the fervor died down a bit, they released the first movie and made bank. I'm sure that's what they were banking on with Sonic too, after it became clear that the model wasn't as appealing as they wanted it to be.
  9. Outside of the Boom games, the last spinoff to have full on cut-scenes was what.... Zero Gravity in 2008? Yikes. Sounds like a pipe dream to me. I'll take more characters and the transformation mechanic back and be a happy camper.
  10. I love the thematic parallels to Metal Sonic. That was a great idea and I hope it is some foreshadowing to the endgame of this arc.
  11. The strong sales arn't a surprise. Its coming from an extremely strong pedigree. Transformed was a really, really good game. If your talking about why TSR is having such a good showing right out of the gate, I think the conversation starts and ends right there. The previous entry won over a lot of fans and people were willing to double dip back into the franchise, even if this new take is out of left field Now we release TSR Transformed and make millions.
  12. But Amy's statement implies that the distinction doesn't matter. She already said she didn't believe Sonic would ever willingly destroy someones world and even if he did do it, it wouldn't change her mind. In any situation, she had made up her mind to side with Sonic. Be it proxy or whatever. Weren't you just railing on Elise for only knowing Sonic for 5 min, and now she's a parallel to Amy? Either way, I'm willing to take Amy's words at face value because she has that kind of stubborn conviction when it comes to Sonic. Would anyone really question that? Its a solution that erases mass extinction and resets the original status quo. Its as close to a clean total victory as your going to get. Elise had to let go of something she cherished to do it, and she struggled to do it, but I don't see why it can't be considered a sacrifice and a happy ending.
  13. It doesn't matter if she had to make the choice or not. She made her intentions VERY clear. "Even if that were true, if I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic". Even if Sonic was responsible for the destruction of the universe - Amy would still choose him.
  14. Foreshadowing is a thing and Amy clearly laid it on thick that if she was put in Elise's shoes, she would not be capable of getting the job done. Blowing out Solaris was a "save everyone" move. Everyone lives and the future is saved.
  15. I never said she should let Sonic die. Not even close to that. Where did that even come from? What I said is I'm not about to give Amy brownie points for showing compassion to Sonic, when the entire point of her biggest problem is that she is a problem when she is too focused on him. Of course she should save him from Silver, that's a situation you would expect from a hero. But in that same light, lets also not forget that she gets shown up by Elise at the end of the story, whom is capable of putting her feelings to the side and make the hard choice. Amy, by her own admission, isn't capable of putting her feelings aside when it comes to sonic, even if doing so would prevent the oncoming apocalypse. Amy's so wound up in her own infatuation that she can't put anything else ahead of it. Not even the fate of the world. Thats a problem.
  16. Sure, she protected him when he needed it most, but he was so much the center of her universe that she basically failed to cross a character threshold than even Elise, one of the worst written characters in the series, mustered up the fortitude to do. In sacrificing her memories of Sonic, she was able to accomplish the greater good. Amy tells Silver that if it came down to the World and Sonic, she would choose Sonic. That's a LOADED statement right there. That wasn't a "I've got your back" kind of statement. If it came down to it, Amy would lack the strength of character to do what is right. Her attachment at the hip to Sonic prevents her from being capable of showing the compassion necessary to make sacrifice when it comes to Sonic. That is a self-serving mentality to have as a Hero and bucks the idea of compassion right out the window. Who said anything about unflinchingly nice? You can showcase ebb, flow and conflict without stepping into out of bounds areas. You can generate friction between characters without ignoring their basic characteristics.
  17. Why is Zavok listed as the "former" leader of the Deadly Six? Did the team have a falling out? Did Zavok strike out on his own? We know they are not dead, because Zazz has shown up a few times since.
  18. You just stated that Amy was as inconsistent as Knuckles. By your own logic there is nothing to conform to. Which means it makes even less sense to not utilize the most effective version of the character. Amy's first encounter with Vector in Heroes was dismissive, not mean. So, no there was no grounds for her to be a jerk to him. Furthermore, they worked together to save the world following that "only interaction" at the end of Heroes and again in Shth, so there really isn't a reason for her to be so salty towards him. OoooOOOoooh I doubt Flynn would want to re-tread on one of his own unfinished storylines... but I'd be down for that. Truthfully, my main interest would be to see how long Eggy would last before he dies of happiness via leveraging Amy against Sonic. Unfortunately, the zombots don't look as menacing or cool as a full-on mecha, so I doubt a storyline like that could be propped up for too long.
  19. My point is that it wouldn't be okay for Sonic to start bad mouthing his pals win or lose. We all would complain about that and label it OOC. Amy should be held to the same standard. There is no way that it can be deemed appropriate for her to be that aggressive toward Vector. If you have to change the character core to fit the silly story, then your doing it wrong. Design the silly stories around the core and you won't have to sacrifice characters to not being themselves for no reason. That cheapens the brand.
  20. Amy tries to throw Vec under the bus for making the team late despite only just hiring him to fill out Team Rose. Thats like the first cut-scene in their story - and she's riding him hard to fix the problem like its his fault. She spends no less than half of their interactions threatening him to get through to the finals. Thats all in her story. But you agree that is too far for Amy. There was a line, and it got crossed. Which is exactly where she needs to be. Her swooning in SA1 didn't stop her from getting the job done because it wasn't her primary motivating factor. As soon as that Flicky dropped on her head her #1 chief priority was to get that poor bird reunited with its family. Humping Sonic's leg got bumped back to the #2 Slot. When the blue blur showed up, she leveraged her primary priority into getting some attention from him, but it never consumed or overtook her goals. She was allowed to be compassionate and understanding when she needed to be to help Gamma. An Amy that was lovestruck and ewe eyed as a top priority wouldn't have been able to stand up to Sonic and stop him from smashing Gamma to bits. An Amy with an alternate priority could and did. Amy can do both, but its clear that when Sonic is her top priority, we get a lesser result. In every game where Sonic is priority 1, Amy looses the character traits that make her a solid character capable of growth and contribution. SA1 is the perfect example of that. I don't like the idea of sacrificing a characters core values to shove them into a silly story. Sonic is as competitive as they come and you don't see him sacking his ideals just to throw down with Jet.
  21. Nobody's saying she has to be a saint 24/7, but what she does in Free Riders sticks out like a stick in the mud. She quite literally calls one of her two team members a "Useless Little Kid" to his face - and that was following one of their wins. Thats uncalled for, and not in line with the character traits she puts on display when Sonic is not a part of the scenario. And introducing a second nice character shouldn't throw Amy to the other end of the spectrum. Thats the problem. Time and time again, when that singular, primary established trait is "marry me Sonic" Amy sheds the character traits that make her most unique and valuable to the franchise in favor of a more aggressive and self-centered approach. Amy's best character moments came when she was the opposite of that. Selfless, compassionate, understanding. All three of those traits get throttled when her primary motivation driving her behavior is Sonic. Remember when Amy was useful? Remember when she contributed to the story? Those things happened and were allowed to breathe because her love for Sonic took a back seat to other priorities. Sure it was still there, but not as the primary. No its not. What? I'm pretty sure her compassion for Shadow technically saved the world in SA2.
  22. She's pretty merciless to Vector for that entire story. When Team Babylon insults him, she follows up their zinger by also putting him down. That's not okay for the character that is supposed to be the compassionate one. How is that alright? Furthermore, Amy's competitive fire for that entire game is stoked out of her desire for Sonic to see her win. Its no different than her boxersize affliction from Battle. Her over-the-top aggressiveness is a direct result to her infatuation with Sonic. In manifests all over her character and if left unchecked turns the positive qualities that Amy is loved for, into negative self-serving traits that undermine her core characters best potentials. Whenever priority-one-hedgehog-alert takes over as Amy's singular most defining characteristic, it bludgeons her ability to be anything other than callous and aggressive - even to her friends.
  23. Everyone was bad in Free Riders. Really bad.
  24. If they were separate then sure, its all fine and dandy. But, just like in the games and media you mentioned above, they are not always separate, which makes it an obvious issue that needs to be addressed. If your in the state of mind to write Amy as a solid, interesting and dynamic character, her motivations regarding Sonic is the first, second and last thing that you will have to address. Its the albatross overhead. Its the elephant in the room. Its the 500 lb gorilla giving you a side eye from the corner. If you think otherwise then you are kidding yourself. And while your on the idea of scale tilting, go ahead and throw Chronicles, Free Riders, Colors DS, Archie's early run and god knows what else I can't remember off the top of my head onto your short list. Her obsessive zeal absorbing her personality is enough of a problem in enough places that you can't sweep it under the rug and pretend like it doesn't exist or it is small potatoes. Its there and if not dealt with it is an obvious problem.
  25. There was always that contingent of hope that people might be more accepting of it once they saw it in motion. That's generally how things like that go. We've seen enough video game early builds usher in that "lets see it in motion" excuse when the graphics don't look up to par. Plus, Apathy sets in over time, so there was also the possibility that people might have gotten used to the ideas behind the design with a bit of help from the clock. Unfortunately for paramount, Sonic somehow looked worse in motion - which triggered a new wave of emotion - which was the nail in that coffin.
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