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  1. No they haven't. I can only assume @Meta77 is exaggerating, but every game post 06 has not been rushed. They have delayed several of the most recent ones for example.
  2. Nega is also a fine parallel to Dry Bowser, from a balance perspective anyway. Even though Nega should loose his roster spot to someone else like Infinite... or god forbid another member of the Deadly 6 (actually, I think Zeena would be a fun add).
  3. Just finished Judgement. Easily the best of the Yakuza games I've gotten my hands on. I could see them wanting to take another trip down that road, even if Yagami isn't the next protag. They have been hovering around Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles quite a bit the last few years. Thats where my betting money goes.
  4. I didn't know tails adventure confirmed that. I'll will need to look into it. I can confirm the north America version of the manual for Sonic 2 also labels tails as the one who invented the move.
  5. Adorable. Man, we have been getting treated to some great animations the last couple of years. Sonic's 2D game is as strong as its ever been, and I ain't talkin about Mania lol They really crammed in absolute ton of references and pulled from all different sides of the fandom to do it. This was highly enjoyable.
  6. Man they packed a ton of references into that. Its neat seeing the Miles Electric becoming more of thing now, and I like how Tails is the one capable of explaining the spindash, seeing as how he's the guy who invented the move in the first place.
  7. Antoine used a sword as his primary weapon for years and there was plenty of stuff available for him to slash through, even when he was fighting flesh and blood squishies like the battle bird armada. Cortez in the unreleased issue also had no issue fighting Sonic and Antoine with only a sword and brute force. Even if he can't outright stab people, it only takes a small bit of imagination to figure out other ways to use the thing. At the very least, the comic could always use a knife-to-the-throat ultimatum guy. Lets not forget that the Archie comics also had a duo of characters who were literally named Razor and Blade and both of them used legit Daggers.
  8. I don't think thats necessarily true. While someone who is uninitiated with the plot of the games would have no idea what KO is going on about in each of those hand drawn pictures, it doesn't take any understanding of the franchise at all to see that segment as just basic hero worship. Look at these things you did that I obviously idolize you for. Sure, fans of the franchise will take away more from that sequence, but its not like previous knowledge of those events are necessary to understand what is going on. Fangirling in front of a world renowned hero in-of-itself is part of the joke. I'd be docked a few points on my fan card if I didn't point out that Eggman build DreamCaster, not Tails. *nitpick
  9. If we are talking hidden depths, then I think TSR just opened up a world of possibilities for Princess Kitty Cat. When she spoke to Vector, and revealed how her dealing in the daily politics of her kingdom have created a keen sense of seeing through people - Blaze essentially expanded her characterization horizons quite a bit. While Blaze was never incapable of high level socialization; she's done it when necessary several times; The fact that she has to deal with, navigate in and see through higher level political shenanigans on a daily basis opens up a world of potential depth for her. If we are to assume that she is a deft hand at this craft (she was good enough to see through and impress Vector, whom is a good judge for this kind of thing) Her intelligence, wit, savvy and foresight all can get bumped up a notch. Blaze can immediately be linked to a ton of politically inclined behaviors. All of a sudden her shy and self-contained demener can hide one hell of a crafty monarch. Her stoic outward facing persona would double as a result of her isolated upbringing, and a front to make her un-readable to other political figures. I'd personally love a sneak peek into her daily routine just to see what else she is hiding up her sleeve.
  10. I'm not even big on buying pins, but I was all over that Tangle and Whisper combo. Insta-buy. MOAR PLZ.
  11. If your forgiveness is dependent on the quality of the end result, then you've already bastardized the intent of the term. True forgiveness is unconditional. If you have to leverage your forgiveness by the quality of the redesign we have yet to see, or the quality of the movie down the road come release, then you haven't forgiven anything and you are casually applying the same caution/wariness that I am, albeit wrapped in a nicer package. It is too much to ask for the benefit of the doubt when in the next breath you claim that the process is futile if the new design isn't up to par.
  12. If that is a rule, they are extremely lax about enforcing it. Wave and Nega aside, even as recently as TSR saw new techno savvy characters step into that ring. DoDonPa had tech that put even Tails and Eggman on notice (on top of his masterpiece at the end of the game, he also had access to both time and tras-dimentional travel). He even belittled other characters for their lack of technical acumen and talked shop with Eggman.
  13. I seem to recall the next issue, the one featuring Bunnie and Blaze, also had its pencils dumped on the web following the comics end. Anyone know if this same group of guys/gals is planning on giving that set of sketches the same treatment?
  14. Seeing as how these are the very same people who allowed the first abomination to make it as far as it did, there is no way shape or form where is somehow okay for us to allow them to wash their hands of what has been put on the table in the past and approach it from a clean slate. You wouldn't give anyone the benefit of the doubt in that or any similar situation. It really doesn't matter how sincere their apology is, or how self-aware they are of how badly they fumbled, if you attempt to deliver an end result as they did - and then fall back to try again - it would fall on the receiving party to hold the next result to heightened skepticism. To do anything else is just blind optimism. The scary thing is, people were already skeptical before the first design was made public... so now its several magnitudes worse. Its nice to be positive, but you cant fault people for being grounded in reality here. We got unequivocally, undeniably slapped in the face by the first draft. An apology isn't going to stop me from reading a stance to be ready in case the people over on that movie set decide to take another swing at my head. If you get hit in the face a second time, you're as much to blame as the guy throwing the blows. You can't expect people to just stand there and hope the next attempt is a present instead of a punch. Fool me once, fool me twice yadda yadda.
  15. I think Lost Prologue from SatSR is hands down the best one of these levels, if only because it tackles a narrative purpose on top of being out of left field. Outside of Special Zones, and games like Colors and Lost World (where you play on alien locales so the rules are... "different") - its hard to justify a surreal level. Most stages follow some combination of conventional themes. Even if they are taken to the extreme - like say Oil Ocean, there is still enough reality in there to where you don't have to question it. When stages like Music Plant and Toy Kingdom pop up, alongside those more conventional stages, it can be a refreshing change, but at the same time conflicts with the global structure of the world. In Shth, Shadow goes inside the digital world for a few levels. The game made an honest, and a decent attempt at explaining why those levels played by different "rules". When you just randomly splash in a zany idea just for the heck of it, without that context it just clashes. That is basically my roundabout way of explaining why Lost Prologue is so good to me. Without the need of uttering a word, its surreal nature is immediately understood as the extra-dimensional boundary between Sonic's world and the Arabian nights. Its just there to fill in the void and supplement the story. Its random and follows its own rules, but its established space in the narrative leaves room for that. In a game all about taking advantage of the wondrous tales and locales of a legendary set of stories, one of the best ones was the space found in-between the pages. That's awesome and a creative usage to build up something that literally isn't even there.
  16. You must like to lose then Oh, did I say that out loud? 😋 I love how you can overhear character banter even from characters you arn't playing as - even if they arn't on your team. Shadow tailgating you and demanding that "The Ultimate Lifeform needs to pass" just really adds to the playful atmosphere the races have. Everyone has road rage and everyone is screaming at everyone. Its also nice that it seams every character has a unique piece of dialog for every other character. That's just pure fan-service right there.
  17. I'm partial to speed types, so I pretty much just hot potato around between Sonic, Blaze and Metal. I think all the characters have awesome vehicles, and the mod's add an extra layer to really fix them to your tastes. That being said, I do dabble with others just to hear their various voice lines. Racing with Eggman or Shadow is pure bliss, if only because of all the nonsense they spout out in the middle of the race.
  18. Choke'd on my Soda when I read that. No Lie. Its adorable tho. God knows how far removed I am from that mentality. Now it's all, "I'm tough on you because I care".
  19. Angel Island is a harsh environment in a lot of stretches. Maybe the last batch of Echidna's were just super stubborn (or super dedicated to protecting the Master Emerald) and chose to die out in seclusion rather than move somewhere more hospitable.
  20. That's not how I remember it. The first thing people were spitting out was that the decision to change Sonic took too long, that it should "never made it out of test screening" kind of obvious. I think the majority of people would think they were too slow, rather than too fast.
  21. Thats a heck of a blanket assumption there. Like wow. Even if that is a dude, your going to need more behind your reasoning than that. yikes. Plausible Deniability. It is an echidna, but if anyone "asks" then it isn't. Best of both worlds for this situation I guess.
  22. I feel like almost everyone wants Sonic to suffer lol, myself included. The deeper you push that Hedgehog into the corner, the brighter he can shine when he busts his way out of it. Still, the virus saga is moving along, and I feel like its inevitable pay-off will be worth the wait.
  23. Between the original purchase (collectors edition no less), the physical plus re-release to sit on my shelf and the DLC-plus expansion to the original I brought the game several times over. I wonder.... Did Sega come out ahead in the end by not leading off with the physical release? I have to imagine a not-too insignificant potion of people picked up a second copy. I wonder if that was more than enough to out weigh anyone who passed on picking the game up at launch due to lack of store-presence/physical copy... who knows. That being said, the Mania DLC was green-lit in no small part due to its potential profitability. Tie that to the physical copy, which was going to sell (at a higher price point no less) and you had a 1 - 2 punch of profitability to jump on board with. STR doesn't have that kind of appeal. There isn't a realistic DLC package you could design big enough to make that kind of buzz.
  24. Sonic carried Archie's action branch of Comics tho. Doubling down on the IP with as many books as they could get away with them boosted up a weak part of their portfolio. Even if the new series is selling well, IDW doesn't have that same problem thanks to a tragedy of riches when it comes to other IPs they could dangle out there. There is less incentive to lean on the Sonic brand until they know for absolutely certain what they need to do with it. There is no top-down pressure.
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