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  1. To his credit, if I'm not mistaken Hesse said he learned everything he knew about animation off the cuff while working on those first few Sonic Mania clips. And that came out pretty good. He's a quick study. That being said, if he is working on the movie, there are a lot of artistic jobs available there, including a concept and target render creator to help shape the direction of other 3D modelers. Thats probably where his talents would be put to the best use anyway. Creating a consistent and pleasant vision of Sonic to adapt to the big screen.
  2. To be fair, he does try to negate the emeralds again in Battle. Ultimate Emerl was having none of that tho, and shattered the gem before he got the chance.
  3. Thats is really disappointing. I too wanted to try out teams of 3 speeds o 3 Techs, but the game insists on randomizing your partners. Not only can I not choose my team composition, but I can't even load up my team with my 3 favorite characters. If your playing with 2 other friends, then yeah, you can do it. But that seems like a silly limitation. Why can't I choose my teammates? That's a missed layer of strategy you could have topped onto the game for free. Much like the wasps, the Quake wisp's effectiveness is all about timing. If you watch the mini-map before deploying, and have a keen eye for how long it takes for you're little hazard to fly to the front and do its work, you can create some impossible dodging conditions on any map. Placing it right after a big jump, blind turn or narrow alley makes it near impossible to dodge. But if you just throw it out there so that it spawns somewhere with good visibility or lots of room to maneuver, then its pitifully ineffective. I was playing Sand Road the other day and some quake pillars spawned ahead of me in the open section with the giant caterkillers. But they only spawned on the half of the track that the game thought I would take. It was far enough ahead that I basically laughed and went the other way completely unfazed. The Wasps from the last game were the same way.
  4. Omega survived an extinction level event by doing literally nothing. He sleeps through the Iblis apocalypse and is still in top form some 200 years later - waking up to fight and complete his mission.
  5. If this was Mario kart then you would have a point. But it's not and Skimboost is a thing and when done correctly can accelerate a person who is spun out ahead of the guy offering a helping hand. I know you've taken a hit along the way only to immediately recover because your partner whom was lagging directly behind you boosts you back to glory. Comm races is packs so recovery time is dang near a mute point. Unless your are really lucky, there is going to be a teamate close by who can get them up to speed right away. Even driving in a draft puts you back up to top speed in barely a second. I've never seen com AI tank a blow and then accelerate back to top speed without help and continue to outpace me like I have in some other games.
  6. The glove is inticing. Dare they play with our heartstrings like that? Surely they now know any new design sans glove will be burned at the stake.... That being said, I've often seen people question the power of this fanbase and it relative size. I think we can put some of those questions to bed considering how it stirred up enough wangst to force a 12th hour redesign. A lot of other franchises fan bases didn't have that kind of pull when Hollywood murdered their expectations.
  7. The AI is significantly more team oriented in the hard mode. Not only do they earn multiple Ult's per race, but they are much smarter about where and when they use them. Meanwhile, your AI partners remain the same ho-hum basic buddies they always were. I don't think its rubber-banding per say (I'm not getting pounded by items at the end or races, nor do I see slower foes outpacing me when they shouldn't be able too) but your AI partners are much more of a liability. I think the harder difficulties were clearly designed to be tackled by Human teams in local sessions. I've won every race in hard mode and am going to go back and try some expert runs next. Horrified about what that's going to be like. Not sure it will even be possible solo without lots of restarts and a ton of luck. Pro-Tip You can get away with ignoring this on normal difficulty, but anything above that demands that you babysit your AI teammates. Constantly demanding items and passing them back and forth like a team of humans would. On their own teammates may offer up their items some 10% of the time, but they will share what they have 95% of the time if you are a quick draw on the ask. Its the only way to rapidly build up Ult's while at the front of the pack.
  8. The Jade Ghost does that, and its great. That little bugger laughs and takes your shit. (I wonder if you can spam your item in that split second and make him leave empty handed?) But I know exactly why Quake and Lightning don't do it and its because they want to duck any mental connection to Mario's Blue Turtle Shell. Having that fist place targeting wisp hover over your head before dropping the boom would only draw connections they would rather avoid. I've already seen people chalk up the Quake to the B.T.S. which is stupid because the Ivory Wisp is essentially that on steroids. I've seen that sucker wipe out positions 1-5 before. Its ridiculous. There isn't enough of a defense against it either.
  9. I'm kinda swayed by some of the better lines in this game. Almost any voice will sound great when its complemented by fun writing. mild-ist of spoilers ahoy Sure there are plenty of clunkers (like who thought that line was a good idea bad) but there is alot to like here. The new VAs are off to a good start and the returning cast held their own for another day.
  10. Playing through adventure modes and having a lot of fun with this. The difficulty jump from Hard to Expert is downright punishing and it takes a few tries to not get swept off the podium. It doesn't seem to be rubber-band kind of difficulty tho, just comm working better as a team. I think that changes when I learn the tracks a bit better and unlock a few mods for my mains. The skimboost is a godsend. It incentivizes racing together and takes the sting out of getting blitzed by items. Perfect compliment to the Team Mechanics. The first negative I've seen would be the Tech class AI. They lay slipstreams down through impassible terrain, and then fellow AI partners will follow it to oblivion. If your going to not program them to lay clean racing lines, you have to at least give teammates enough intelligence to know no to follow the leader off the cliff.
  11. Isn't that the case with all multiplayer games like this? No way any AI partner is going to hold a candle to a team of humans working together. That's the price you pay for striking out on your own in a co-op racer. Best case scenario, you could implement some kind of matchmaking to where solo players only face other solo's, but that would also cut the player base down in any given lobby - so I could see why that wouldn't be as appealing to develop.
  12. Does that really matter? The first thing anybody said about this film was "BAAAAW Live Action" and a sequel to this film does nothing to change that narrative, even if it is more faithful to game established norms. The first thing anyone would say to a follow up would still be "Its still Live Action tho" and the peg would be right back at square one, with the lingering stigma of the first film dragging it down further.
  13. If your in the business of making money, which Paramount is, than that is an easy risk to take. Popular/Marketable IP that has shown resiliency in the face of time is an easy horse to hitch your wagon to. As a Sonic fan, my priorities are different, and I probably wouldn't take that bet. Suffering through mediocrity to get a crack at something good down the line is a fools errand. But I'm not the one putting the startup money into this, so transplanting my ideals and priorities onto the people that are amounts to little more than tiny pittance.
  14. No early pre-order shipment for me. Still waiting on my copy. Don't companies usually ban players who pop up online with copies that break street dates?
  15. We don't have to treat it like a zero sum game though. If the license proves to be profitable, it can help pave the way to an animated movie rather than hinder it. Into the Spider-verse is a perfect example of that. Everyone knows that franchise spits out live action movies and prints money, but eventually someone got off their tail and realized the demand/profitability of an animated take - and we got an awesome film from it. If the Sonic movie does take in its fair share of $$$, then the single biggest complaint about the film (why isn't it an animated movie) won't just go unnoticed. I'd argue the more profitable it is, the marketable the franchise is, the higher the likelihood of getting that animated film. As opposed to the movie bombing and we wait 10 years before anyone is willing to touch it with a 10 foot pole.
  16. The thing that gets me is that the two characters they chose to frame their argument, Big and Amy, both made the roster when Sega characters were in the mix. If you going to complain, why set up yourself with characters that make the cut regardless? It seems kinda awkward
  17. There is a bunch of comics I could throw out there, but I think I'm going to start out with this one. It checks off all the boxes for me. First off, the artwork hits it out of the park. Its fast, energetic and entertaining, and Sonic and Bunnie frankly pop off the page with their ability to emote and exaggerate. If I'm not mistaken, this was like Bates second issue with the comic... Man, that dude is a gem right out of the gates. While the story at its surface is another hero v hero romp, Its done in a manner that is believable and even had a clever resolution. Sonic and Bunnie don't just butt heads until a solution presents itself, they actively discuss their problems and through their friendship and open dialog create their own solution in which they flip a dire situation on its head and makes it so everyone wins. It also showcases some of the character quirks that makes Flynn so appealing as an writer. His ability to leverage family ties, past lure and circumstance creates some truly sympathetic villains. They are just good people in a bad spot. Dealing with these kinds of situations, the grey areas in between are what made this era of comics so entertaining. It wasn't enough to just go beat up Eggman. You had to deal with the fallout. You had to find a way to save the people who didn't want to be saved. You had to protect the jerks who didn't deserve it. Just good stuff all around. This issue is a microcosm for what the medium could do for the franchise.
  18. But even the designs of the most uggo pokemon in that movie are at least somewhat faithful to the original source material. Its easy to give bonus points for oh-look-a-pokemon when the mark they were aiming for is at least consistent with the games. Sonic doens't even have that going for him right now. Barring a drastic redesign - anyone looking to feed bonus points to the Sonic movie for just being Sonic on the big screen has to immediately grapple with the mental gymnastics that come with accepting THAT character model. Oddly enough, Eggman has that problem too. If he doesn't look like Eggman until the end credit stinger... then you can't even give the movie bonus points for that.
  19. *cough* GaiaGates *cough* Seriously though, many complex huge problems are solved by chaining together numerous minor feats. You can apply that logic to almost anything. If there is something big and complicated barring the heroes from accomplishing their goals, there is likely a series of easy, un-extraordinary wishes that can be chained together to accomplish and overcome that barrier. And it doesn't hurt to have bonnafide super-genius sitting right there to figure this crap out for you. Chaos Control is limited in availability to everyone but Shadow - so the narrative doesn't suffer because he largely hasn't been a part of it. For example Chaos Control is inconsequential to the narrative while Sonic was busy getting brow beat by Infinite, but a certain genie would have easily been able to step in and save his tail. And lets not dodge the implication here. Shahra is not a one trick pony. Her magic can do a lot of things. If time manipulation is indicative to her power level, than she should be capable of leveraging her magic in other, similarly impressive ways. The Ifrit Golem was 100% invincible on the first encounter. Sonic had to backtrack and acquire the Blue World Ring in order to use its storm powers to douse its flames and render it vulnerable. Sinbad also said he used the ring to control storms and summon rain.
  20. Forget the mass. What I'm saying it that simple wish's still have the potential to break things. Eggman hiding behind a locked door? I wish I had a key. *poof* Lacking raw materials to build ships? Guess who can fix that *poof* Fate of the free world depending on buying Sonic a few extra seconds while you anylise the situation? "How about a time break?" *POOF* Shahra doesn't have to move heaven and earth for her powers to have a disruptive impact on basic narrative. Even by accomplishing tiny micro-miracles, she breaks near every kind of obstacle you can put in the way to slow the heroes down over the course of a story. and speaking of moving heaven and earth... If her level of simple power allows her the ability to manipulate the flow of spacetime as a casual party trick then that is not something to take lightly. And if she is capable of granting a wish to slow down time then that really paints a picture to the extent of her powers. Thats not insignificant. Each of the individual world rings were also able to be used w/o a sacrifice.
  21. You say that like "simple wish granting" can't have game changing consequences. Even something as small as making a mountain of hankercheifs out of thin air - materializing something from nothing - has some pretty extreme possibilities. Even minor magic has the potential to break narratives. Even just looking at what she can already do, transcending reality to pull Sonic into a book, Speed Break and Time Break all would be utterly busted trump cards to have in your back pocket. Let alone the wish granting. Its also worth noting that Sonic was able to tap into the power of at least 3 of the world rings with no sacrifice, so there is that too.
  22. True, but in that same breath she was technically helping Erazor collect all the infinity stones world rings for that entire story - so she really had no incentive to do much of anything once Sonic proved reliable and effective. Furthermore, Shahra is significantly less remarkable within her own world, as it is littered with mages and genies. Pop her in the real world; Sonic's world; and even her most modest capabilities would stand out a heck of a lot more. Erazor does work as a proof of concept though. There isn't a "cap" on what these genies can do once they get their hands on the world rings.
  23. Giving Sonic access to a genie that he can whip out of his back pocket makes these stories very consequential. Alf-Laya-Al-Waya can full on grant life and had the goal of crossing over and conquering the real world - meaning his powers would have most likely be intact when he hakes the jump. If Sonic can summon Sharaha at will... doesn't that kind of break any potential narrative? Anything and everything can be fixed via wish.
  24. It's also worth noting that this game was designed with games like overwatch in mind, so solo content like the story mode are likely to take even more of a backseat than usual in favor of boosting connected game modes and content. This game wants you online with buddies first and foremost.
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