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  1. Unless the various leaks have shed some light onto this, we still don't know exactly what Sonic is attempting to save the world from. If the trailer is anything to go by, he is the biggest threat to the planet so far, with all that unchecked energy from running about. In the car scene, he is convinced he is saving the world from something, but there isn't much of a clue as to what that is just yet. Eggy seems more concerned with dissecting Sonic that world conquering - but perhaps those two are connected too. Maybe he wants to use the energy to make "Chaos Drives" for some next generation robos or something.
  2. Man, that Sonic official episode really showcased how... effective the Team mechanics can be. With a team of 2 human racers, they were earning team ultimate's every lap and flat out spamming items thanks to the x3 reward bonus for passing. Playing in teams of 3 is going to be utter insanity. And with that knowledge, you can appreciate the other mechanics that much more. The skim boost in particular rewards teams who can stay close together on the track and give you some form of instant recovery in the face of the hailstorm of items that top teams will be raining upon the track. That's actually a genus inclusion and the guy who thought of it deserves a raise. It a check and balance to racers who depend on items over skill. There is nothing more frustrating than getting wiped out by an item and getting passed by half the field. Good teams will use the skim boost to ensure that never happens. I have a brother who I know I'll be playing with online. I might just get some serious mileage out of this game.
  3. Hey, the clamor we were a part of just fostered this change. The next guys who jump in to make a videogame and/or cartoon adaptation are gonna remember this. Probably wont stop them from doing something stupid - but we've changed the world for the better. Our children will thank us lol
  4. Being condescending like that doesn't help either - and even you have to admit you brought that upon yourself bro. Just start clean. Be positive if you want, but positive or negative you can't use that as a blanket shield to shut down the opposition. Most of the people on here have laid out quite a bit about why we are negative. I'll respect you're reasons for being positive - but if you're sole defense is "stop living in the past:" then its impossible to take you seriously.
  5. You might get a pass due to jumping into the conversation on the back end, but lets not pretend that Sonic's design is the thing that is soley sinking this movie. Its a sticking point for sure. Its the first and biggest sticking point to that end, but there has been a lot of discourse in here about the films other issues. About Eggman not acting like Eggman. About problems with the theme the script seems to be following, about the blatant disreguard for the series staples and lore. It not like we are tanking the film just because Sonic looks different. Thats not helping things, but its not the only problem here. Its not swearing that gets you in trouble, its how you present your message. The main thing to keep in mind is to stay respectful and avoid confrontational tones where it is unnecessarily - particularly on a toxic subject. Just take it down a knotch and you'll be fine.
  6. I guess I should do a small victory dance. The collective and pure vitriol for the design en masse has forced a change. However with the good comes the bad - as we are now trusting these revisions to the same people who thought this current model was a good idea in the first place (Marza seems to be less and less involved with this) and without a delay this could turn half the movie into a rush job, which would also not be ideal. I'm sure Fowler consulted with his CGI people as to what could be changed in what time period. I think he is a co-owner of Blur after all (or something to that effect). He should be pretty plugged into what can be done at this stage of the game. Side note: I saw some of Naka's posts earlier where he expressed disappointment in not being remembered to be included in the film. If thats true, then that is the single biggest, easiest Easter egg opportunity you could whiff on. I hope they get that rectified while they go back to the drawing board on Sonic.
  7. People get shot for trespassing all the time. Furthermore, this film takes place in the US. People get shot for far less round these parts. It has nothing to do with prediction. The sequence of events happened slowly enough that even a normal person would have had time to look up and decipher that the dude was holding a gun. Let alone someone with super speed. With a gun pointed at his face (Tom didn't shoot on sight) and Sonic on his feet he didn't need to predict anything. He's fast enough to dodge gunfire at a standstill later in the movie. Its a joke to suggest he wouldn't have been prepared for a dart from a guy pointing a gun at him. He was staring right at it. He was ready for it. He knew what situation he was in. He could have bailed at any point in time. But he still got tagged. Thats stupid.
  8. What? Thats not what reaction time means at all. Reaction time is the measurable amount of time it takes for someone or something to take in input/information and turn it into an action. Anything based on prediction is the opposite of reaction. If people like me let it be, then future writers will try to get away with it. Its not a problem with getting shot, its the manner in which it happens. Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash) gets his brains blown out in one of the DC animated movies - but it came from an unexpected angle and time, so it worked. Its not too much to ask for some creativity?
  9. Boo This isn't Sonic getting sucker-punched in the back of the head. Sonic was clearly in restricted territory (rummaging around someones garage) and should have been on some degree of alert since he theoretically would be putting great emphasis on not getting caught. (its not a stretch to say he avoids interactions with humans). Marston doens't enter the room gun blazing either. Not only does he announce his presence, but upon entry is flashing his light in the wrong direction before swiveling to locate Sonic. Cue banter, cue dart. Even if you take out the banter as creative editing, Marston wasn't getting the jump on a speedster like that. A person with normal reaction time would have had enough time to at least attempt to scuttle and hide behind a box or something. You can't waive off Sonic getting caught off guard when the threat telegraphed its entry and even looked the wrong way. Sonic by any stretch of the imagination should have been LONG gone. Marston should have found nothing but a gust of wind. If he got shot in the back? Sure. If he got startled and fell down giving the guy a clear shot? okay. But not standing on his feet staring directly as a guy pointing a GUN AT HIS FACE. Nope. Not buying what your selling one bit.
  10. Don't forget Lost World. It got a bunch of content that wasn't day one DLC. It had the Yoshi and Zelda packs. I think the Nights stuff got repurposed as DLC later on too.
  11. The Hedgehog Engine 2 had no bearing on the physics or the feel of the boost. Its purely a graphics engine and is separate from the coding that makes up the physics or governs the controls. Its only job is to make what is being put on screen look good. To further prove that point, Lost World was also run on the original Hedgehog Engine - Just like Gens before it. Same engine, two wildly different feels. If your looking for something to blame for all that, then you want to point to the Physics engine - which would be HAVOK ... but even so that has been the engine of choice for most main Sonic games all the way back to 06, so its more of a problem with the dev's coding ambitions than anything else. Forces boost was daft because that's exactly how it was designed to be. The director in charge of Forces has shown a consistent and deliberate lean toward gameplay that is more controlled and restrictive in order to maximize accessibility. That's all it is. He did it in Colors, and he did it again in Forces. Classic Sonic is busted because they made zero attempt to recreate momentum physics and rather designed something that could approximate it in basic hi speed situations. Those were choices, not limitations on the engine or development fails. To answer the OP, Forces without a shadow of a doubt showcased that time isn't the problem here. Direction and Focus seem like much bigger issues in need of tackling.
  12. We've barely got though trailer 1 and Movie Sonic is already trending closer to Archie Sonic than Sega Sonic in terms of being OP. I honestly don't trust the writers to create any kind of reasonable middle ground with his speed. Established comic book writers often refer to speedsters as the single hardest characters to account for - and they often muk it up knowing that in advance. Why even open that can of worms? Forget not being able to dodge a tranq dart, with that kind of speed Sonic would have had ample time to avoid detection in the second it takes Marston to open the door. Now I have to go through the whole movie wondering why Sonic just doesn't solve all his problems in the blink of an eye. All conflict becomes mute.
  13. Unleashed is still the best looking Sonic game (by a mile even) Art Direction > Graphical Capabilities.
  14. Saw Avengers today. Spectacular film - although it may lack much of the fun factor of Infinity War due to the stakes being so high right from the jump. Never considered how that was going to effect the movie until I was watching it play out in front of me, but it does have a noticeable impact. All the little cute Marvel jabs and winks that you come to expect have to co-exist with the reality of what happened in the previous film. Its a delicate balance. Other than that it is a 100% payoff in the decade long investment in the MCU. That ending is the stuff of legends. Also, I give Marvel a ton of credit for their Avenegers money shots. They know how to market their heros with a single shot. The $$$ shot in Endgame couldn't be put in trailers (would have spoiled what was probably the movies best moment) but by god if that wasn't the best one yet. I want that on a poster.
  15. Spectacular usage of the new character. Right off the bat her name and unique characteristic combine to put her in a horrible situation. lol
  16. I actually don't have a problem with robotnik using drone technology. They are all the rage these days and an earth-centered villain would theoretically have that kind of tech available. It's probably really fitting especially if it moves closer to badniks as the movie goes along. Sounds like something he would do LOL Edit did anyone else get satam vibes from those hover drones? That is a tiny Easter egg I guess
  17. It unbelievable how much Sonic's character model takes away from this. Substitute Sega's model, or even a fuzzy modern Sonic irreverent, and that trailer is harmless at worst. Might even be enjoyable. Without that, his design is an albatross that weights down the whole thing. When he's standing around talking - it just looks so bad. I don't know what they were going for with those lips... egh. On top of that, they jumped the shark with his casual speed. You can't have Sonic putting a barrage of missiles in a standstill and hand-placing explosions and then outrunning the fallout. If you make Sonic that impossibly fast, your going to create loopholes that require creative and understanding writers to avoid. If Sonic can move half that speed, he should never be tagged by a tranq gun head on. The entire movie is going to have to be taken with a side of salt because almost any situation can be solved instantly by a hero capable of moving that fast. Also, that missle scene should have created a heck of a Sonic Boom. Just saying.
  18. A robot is only as useful as the input he gets. Its less that he's stupid and more to do with how he's programed. Rouge asks for help, so he comes in hot. Rouge shows frustration over her situation, Omega mimics the action in an attempt to make her feel better. His AI isn't the most advance thing in the world. He just acts in the moment.
  19. Trying to avoid spoilers, but quick EndGame question.

    Do I need to see Capt. Marvel first? Its the only one I haven't seen yet

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      No is the simple answer

      Youtube the end credit for the movie but it's not in endgame at all.

    2. Failinhearts


      Not really.

    3. dbzfan7


      Nope. Just know she exists....she barely affects the movie and is barely in it. You're good.

    4. KHCast
    5. Ferno


      I was actually shocked by how little screentime she got. To have such a big IW cliffhanger building her up, to a whole introductory movie right before Endgame, I was sure she'd be a biiig focus in the movie, but its clear they just dropped her in at all as prep for phase 4 and beyond 

    6. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I'm interested to hear if the rumored two cuts of the endgame are true. One where Captain Marvel in her solo was so well recieved she got more screen time and one where her movie wasnt well recieved and she was less involved

    7. Ferno


      If thats true, they must've started that after what happened with Black Panther last year

    8. Jango


      Her movie was well received, so... ? She still got little screen time. BUT. She did a VERY important thing at the very beginning. And the end.

    9. dbzfan7


      For supposed future of the MCU I was honestly surprised.

    10. Red


      Captain Marvel question (spoiler)



      So was the stinger at the end meant to be taken seriously or not. I'm very confused by it. Goose coughed up the Tesseract but what happened to it after that? I highly doubt Goose or Fury would let anyone steal it considering how important it is.


    11. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      it can be assumed that the tesseract stayed with Shield until the events of the first Avengers movie

  20. Great episode. Sega gone done spoiled me tho and I fully expect a secret part III to drop right before release (which is just shy of 1 mo away - conveniently settling into their posting schedule). Once again the character interactions are what shines brightest. Everything was great. I too would be willing to say all the characters felt pretty in character. Even if Shadow does care deeply for his teammates - he's never shown the type of sympathy to be the guy who's willing to sacrifice his own standing to help in trivial matters. Especially since the name of the game here is teamwork, and he has none, Shadow's lone wolf nature befits him only caring about crossing the finish line first and flat out ignoring the team based mechanics. Not sure what running over the Eggpawn is supposed to imply though. Thats two episodes in a row where its heavily implied Shadow would make no attempt to drive around a cat that had wandered into the road. He'll clean the roadkill off his tires in the winners circle.
  21. Percival did get that stop motion animation in the cutscenes of Black Knight. So... Technicallity?
  22. Craaaaap. There goes another 120 hours of my life. Looks like they weren't joking with the truckton of new content. There was so much in that trailer that I didn't recognize from the base game. Moves, locations, plot points, characters, activities - Looks like people who cleared the original PS5 won't be hurt by going back for a double dip. I didn't really have much to go on expectation wise. I played PS4 Golden without having played PS4, so I wasn't 100% if Atlus put in enough to really justify a purchase of both (I know there was an extra dungeon and character/confidant).
  23. There is no real reason to expect Mania's success to really shake down the core or the 3D games all too much... outside of basic expectations. Sonic Team has since doubled down on the divide between Modern and Classic, so its not like Mania all of a sudden is going to change the course of the franchise and leave the 3D games behind. It may well create a 2D offshoot (where did all the handheld games go?) but I can't foresee a huge effect on 3D productions - particularly considering that different teams develop all this stuff. ... Still waiting on Sonic Rush 3DS by the way...
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