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  1. There is no real reason to expect Mania's success to really shake down the core or the 3D games all too much... outside of basic expectations. Sonic Team has since doubled down on the divide between Modern and Classic, so its not like Mania all of a sudden is going to change the course of the franchise and leave the 3D games behind. It may well create a 2D offshoot (where did all the handheld games go?) but I can't foresee a huge effect on 3D productions - particularly considering that different teams develop all this stuff. ... Still waiting on Sonic Rush 3DS by the way...
  2. I wouldn't say that. Forces took development cues from Colors (same guy was in charge after all). The next game is going to recoil away from that. There is a huge difference conceptually in how Colors and Unleashed approached boost gameplay, so a simple change in mindset from the onset will make a large difference. We won't see the micro-stage approach, 3D will have slightly more aspiration to it and the game will not rely so heavily on basic block platforming. Sonic Team tries new things all the time, but when they inevitably stub their toes, they almost always fall back on what was last perceived as good. As a bonus, I also could see a return of a re-worked parkour system. I think it fits the franchise and they won't want to let that go without taking another stab at it. Even if it isn't as central to the gameplay as it was in Lost World. The wall running in particular is a valuable asset as tangible 3D platforming in a series where they struggle to scrape up ideas for 3D platforming. My main thing is Sonic Team likely won't be able to sell us on anything new. Unless the introductory game-play footage melts-faces - its going to be met with extremly sharp pessimism. Even if they rolled out a momentum based concept, our likely response will probably be closer to "no way they can pull this off" than "we'll its about time". I predict S Team will fall back on things we've seen before - done better - with a flashy coat of paint.
  3. I'd be surprised if the next game didn't backtrack to the boost formula in more of a follow up to the Generations model. It'll likely feature more set-piece moments (taken right out of Forces) but with a different director at the helm it won't be held back for the sake of accessibility. We should get a step in the right direction following Forces two steps back in that regard. I think they will finally see the writing on the wall and leave Classic Sonic at home - but I also predict they will find some way to include 2D specific stages. Maybe as bonus stages or emerald challenges. The kicker here is predicting the gimmick. It'll have to be something right up front and present. Thanks to all the bad karma dogging the devs, it'll also need to be something that sells itself. No one is going to want to put any faith in something new. I imagine it'll almost have to be a second playable character. If I had to guess, I'd say Shadow with an emphasis on his Chaos Powers.
  4. Not to make light of the situation... but the dude almost died while working on Xtreme (canned) and then made his return to Sonic with Rise of Lyric (should have been canned). At what point do you just bow out to the ominous clouds that follow you around? His last two swings with the franchise couldn't have left a good taste in his mouth.
  5. So when Sonic gets included, Smash gets delayed. When Joker comes to play, the eStore crashes. 


    Sega w/ that stealth sabotage.

    1. Strickerx5


      And Bayo basically broke 4's comp scene with how broken she was lol

  6. Do it. Worth Every penny. I think the Tails is even better than the Sonic one actually. That new video shows off a couple of stages we haven't seen before. They all look great. Lots of stage hazard, the terrain is varied (there are so many slopes its almost crazy) and the biomes continue to impress with their uniqueness. Hot air balloons aside, you wouldn't even be able to tell that stage took place in Rooftop Run. They can reuse assets all they want if their going to get that creative with it.
  7. There is no perfect time to release it. There are pros and cons to everything. Something you may want to consider is fatigue and over-saturation. The earlier you unleash something onto the masses, the longer period of time you will then be forced to keep their attention in the run up to the real deal. Dropping a trailer now may raise awareness for its existence, but its not going to sell any tickets this far in advance of the movie. Then as a marketing firm, you are tasked with keeping the attn of the public from waining too much all the way up until release. It doesn't do you much good to shove a product people can't buy in their faces, only to have them forget about when the time comes to put their cash down. Then you have to consider oversaturation. Even if the trailer is awesome - subsequent trailers will likely have a diminished return on investment as people will already have been exposed to it and set expectations. Keeping people invested over 7 months, rather than 5 might require a presence that will eventually bore or even annoy people when it comes time for that final push. You can't just keep trotting material out there either - as you'll spoil too much of the film. We've seen what happens when Sega tries to piece-meal hype material. Its not pretty and everyone ends up pissy. There is no rush here. There shouldn't be a rush. It'll happen in due time.
  8. Eh. I dunno.I don't know if you can apply the logic like that. Nintendo didn't dodge the silver bullet with Other M and Metroid was as AAA as they come. That franchise still hasn't recovered and just scrapped Prime 4 to start over. They know they are under the scope to produce. Fallout and MGS just got sniped by 2 silver bullets in MGS Survive and Fallout 76. Those arn't first party games, but I think they would qualify as AAA franchises. Time will tell the damage that happens there. I mean, I would like to think that the companies involved could do more from letting this kind of thing get so far out of hand, but hindsight is 20/20. We could cide Sega for makeing similar mistakes multiple times, but 06 was a perfect storm.... I agree the scars left by 06 are still visible, but there is no way you can say the series hasn't been ambitious. Unleashed in of itself was a all hands on deck back to the drawing board approach oozing with ambition. It redefined the next 10 years of Sonic games and you can feel the effort put behind it just by looking and listening to it. The exotic locales. the authentic musics, the new engine, Sonic Team buckled down and upped the ambition for that one. Even Rise of Lyric was a part of an incredibly ambitious multi-pronged assault to launch a new offshoot of the franchise. Boom was supposed to be its own thing - and they came out swinging with 2 games, a comic and a TV show. Funny how the games were the thing that dragged the whole operation down. As bad as 06 was, it hasn't diminished the ambitions of the franchise. Its too strong for that. The movie won't change that either. Bioware didn't scare them off from western developers despite that shooting them in the foot. Boom's demise won't stop another TV series from popping up 6 or 7 years from now. The series will do what it always has. Sidestep them find some new master plan to hitch its wagon to and roll with that until it can't. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  9. As someone who has ridden this ride from the beginning (DANG I'M GETTING OLD) I can honestly say that the series will survive this movie no problem. This is nowhere near as doom and gloom as the 06 days, mainly because that game was so hyped and expected to be amazing. People were ready to get their faces melted off by 06 and instead got one of the biggest whiplashes in gaming history. That's not the case here. Most people here met the movie with massive skepticism the moment we found out they were aiming for live action. If the series can survive that all that - and still crank out games then a movie that doesn't even pander to fans isn't even a speedbump IMO. Sonic has survived no less than 2 silver bullets in 06 and Rise of Lyric that would without a doubt obliterate lesser franchises. He's probably the closest thing to unkillable... Mostly in part to his awesome character design that the movie ironically craps all over lol.
  10. Kneel down to the filthy masses and buy it on consoles. 😋 Seriously though, the backlash and removal of the Denuvo is mute, because a handful of weeks after launch, the Denuvo has already served 99% of it purpose. At that point, dedicated crackers would have already figured out the coding and broken through - which of course makes pirated copies available to those whom are hard pressed on doing so. Sega removing Denuvo from its titles post launch isn't some damming indictment of caving to fan pressure, but a cost/benefit analysis. Anti-Piracy tech like this outlives its value post launch window. Once you move out of that, they don't stand to loose as much by ditching it. They got what they wanted out of it, and get to salvage a tiny bit of face by making a concession. Why you would call a company attempting to protect their stuff from theft as "unnecessary" sounds a bit short-sighted. Denuvo might be a tired and poor way to do it, but they have every right to put in a little insurance for their bottom line.
  11. Like its been said, the movie itself can be a total trainwreck - but if it makes money, then there will be more of them. It doesn't have to light the world on fire either. A modest showing in theaters is enough to turn a good profit and Hollywood, probably even more so than the videogame industry, leans super hard into sequels. I was violently ejected from the hype train for this thing the second the silhouette was revealed. I knew I was always drawn to the character designs from this franchise (I am an artist after all) but its amazing how much of a strangle hold they have on my enjoyment factor. I didn't mind the Boom redesigns (Even Knux grew on me) but this... is not what I was looking for.
  12. Micro-transactions are only a problem when they are walling off content that should be free or the when the in-game economy is so heavily slanted against you that the micro-transactions are the only feesible way to progress. Nothing points to this game doing either of that. Absolutely no one should be complaining over the appearance of paid content if they are reserved and implemented in a manner similar to Lost World. Extra lives were so monumentally easy to come by, that there was never a real need or urgency there to buy them with actual money. Its just an option there for people who want to use it, and there was no devious economy balancing or master scheme there to force the masses to buy them. Lets not start building mountains out of ant hills.
  13. The world tour mode in Transformed wasn't a story mode though. It didn't have to explain any of that because it didn't make any space to address that. In TSR, there is supposedly a legit adventure mode, with character dialog and an Eccentric Billionaire who organized the whole shindig. Now there is a face to put with all these kart courses, and it becomes an issue as to how they are able to pull this off off-world.
  14. popularity no, but relevance yes. There is no denying what we do have on the Sonic movie moves the needle (mostly in the wrong direction - but still lol). It wouldn't be effective as clickbait if it didn't.
  15. No, but its prominent positioning in that graphic is pretty interesting. To feature it there over a host of other movies says a lot about its relevance right now, and even if you were to imagine it was done as click-bait *raises hand*, the relevance angle still holds up.
  16. You expect more from the story mode then I do then.
  17. How did they manage to reach let alone host races on Planet Wisp in Team Sonic Racing. Not only did they get the racers all the way out there, but they built racetracks that are somehow magically populated by spectators. What? How?
  18. There is no way they would bring Classic Eggman back into the fray without also loosing the self-restraint to shoehorn Classic Sonic back into the playable roster. If he were in the game; Sega would have fell over themselves to show him off by now. No Classics are here.
  19. What's to get excited for? We aren't going to see jack squat for ourselves and in the end all the hearsay isn't going to mean much - even if it comes from reliable sources - because 99% of the stuff we care about are things that we can only judge with our own two eyes.
  20. Don't get snippy. Your basically asking to be spoon-fed here. You say that like people are hiding them from you. You cant bash the company for not showing off any of the tracks, and then put next to no effort to see the footage that is not hard to find. If you type in Sonic Team Racing gameplay into youtube, IGN's full play of the Ice Mountain Track is literally the first thing that comes up.
  21. TGS panel footage from last year shows full play-throughs of Wisp Circuit and Market Street. and like Jack said, there is full footage of Ice Mountain floating around too.
  22. It sucks, but if Marza continued with its pet projects then that would have meant turning away paying customers on the videogame and movie front. Marza isn't a huge company, so you gotta work while your work is in demand. Quite frankly I'm surprised so much footage of the film is floating around. It seems far enough along that you could afford to bury it deep in a vault somewhere, stick in on the back-burner and try to finish it a few years down the road - but they pretty much bit the bullet and left it behind.
  23. There was a press release somewhere on their old website that stated Marza would be shelving its original projects in order to better handle the outside workload.
  24. I'm kinda surprised they didn't jump on a "spirit of competition" vibe to address that. You could have just added a throwaway line like, the power of the Olympic flame leveled the playing field to promote competitiveness or something and everything is would be hunky dory. lol
  25. That and a flood of "leakers" whom will have claimed to have seen it and are willing to share their hot take for the requisite 5 min of fame. Trust only the most verified of sources.
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