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  1. Not to mention Classic Sonic himself is a little sluggish in Generations and Forces.
  2. I always thought that Tails character arc in the Adventure games was learning to stand out on his own to two feet as opposed to leaning on Sonic. In Sonic Adventure, the story felt like a coming-of-age tale where the player character Tails races Sonic throughout his levels to the finish in order to find the Chaos Emeralds. Things come to ahead where Sonic and Tails are separated from each other where Eggman decides to destroy the Station Square himself and this time it is Tails who has to step up to stop him. After a tough fight with the Eggman, Tails saves the city and reunites with his friends to later help them with Chaos. In Sonic Adventure 2, we see Tails has grown from the experience and he has become more confident in himself where he fights along side Sonic whereas he used to be behind him. I will admit my grammar is horrible but that is how I see it with Tails.
  3. I always thought that S3K took place after SCD but I guess I was wrong about that.
  4. I always thought that Omega had a grudge against Eggman due to being locked up but I guess that might not be the case. Do you think Eggman feared Omega to an extent?
  5. Oh crud. I think it was suppose to respond to someone on another thread.
  6. So where do the humans fit in the Sonic universe?
  7. This might be too late but do you think that is whole "Sonic's design is horrible so he needs to get redesigned" thing had preplanned somehow? It might be a conspiracy theory but I find rather unlikely that the studio behind this did not anticipate this backlash with Sonic's design.
  8. I suppose you are right but I wonder if they changed their minds on certain things.
  9. Where does Eggman/Robotnik get the funds to build his machines? It isn't as though that those badniks are cheap.
  10. I really wish that we can another Sonic RPG that utilizes Sonic's momentum and speed just aas Mario and Lugi's games use Mario's abilities.
  11. I am the opposite and I did start with Sonic 2. To each his own I suppose...
  12. That is interesting. So Knuckles is not the Piccolo of the series?
  13. Say what you will about the Archie/Fleetway comics but at least they have more villains besides Eggman and even then, Eggman was taken seriously as a threat in his own right.
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