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  1. It isn't though that most fans want Sonic to be a miserable wreck of person but it would be relatable to see Sonic express some emotions like sadness, joy, anger, etc. As for the other stuff, it feels like most of the mandates should only apply to the games and not other Sonic media.
  2. There are still Sonic games that I am not familiar outside Let's Plays, Analyses and Wikis. I need to make up for lost time and play those games.
  3. Double Post: It seems as though that there are some who understand Final Fantasy VI better than I could. I liked the game but I did not understand the game.
  4. The same cannot be said of the games where the main villain is either Eggman or some variation of Eggman.
  5. I thought that way too until I discovered the internet. It seems like they how it interferes with the marble momentum physics of the first game.
  6. I remember how a long time ago, I heard once from another forum I frequent that Sonic 2 was a polarizing game due to introduction of the spindash. I had Sonic 2 when I was a kid but I had no idea that many fans hated the spindash. I never thought much of the mechanic or even how the mechanic supposedly 'breaks' the game, I just never saw it as anything to fret over. What are fair criticisms of the spindash mechanic and it is place in the series?
  7. I would like to see a Shadow the Hedgehog 2 if only for the novelty and to see how other companies like Platinum Games can handle it. I know that will never happen but I would like to see if we could fix the problems of the first game.
  8. I know Sonic has been portrayed differently in most media all over the world but I wonder if our cultural values and norms affect how he is portrayed?
  9. I am not that well versed in the finer points of game design..period.
  10. I see what you mean. Sonic Adventure 2 does seem different from the other Sonic games in tone and style yet it still somehow 'feels' like Sonic game. I already made a thread about but what is the ideal tone for Sonic if Adventure 2 was the anti thesis to it?
  11. Unfortunately I had seen some of this on Youtube. I agree with this post. Christine is not above criticism but it is one thing to criticize her, it another matter entirely to create an entire website dedicated to messing with her and chronicle her actions. It kind of makes you wonder who is really messed up when you make websites like dedicated to bullying Christine (or any other individual).
  12. You may or may not had heard this sentiment in regards to some Sonic games, they sentiment being that some games do not 'feel' a proper Sonic game. I know that how a game 'feels' is relative to to the player but I learned that there are some elements of the Sonic franchise that are immutable. The question I have is, what those elements that are immutable? And what is a Sonic game supposed to 'feel' like?
  13. I actually like the Geoffrey St. John as a good guy even if he was a jerk and show off.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if SEGA looks into those essays or feedback? It seems as though even though that while fans explained what SEGA did wrong, they took the wrong lessons from those reviews.
  15. I am sure most of us heard once in our lives, "This piece of Sonic media goes against Sonic's tone and style". With that said however what is Sonic's tone and style? What is about the rest of the non Sonic Team Sonic media that they fail to capture that style and tone?
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