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  1. I'm really liking Quiet's Theme from MGS5. It's so sad and pretty.
  2. Your artwork is awesome! I love how neat and clean the lines are. You're very talented!
  3. Wow, these are really good! I was looking at your original post without realising it was from a long time ago and already thought your art was good. It's amazing to see all the progress and improvements you've made once I clicked page 3! I especially love your drawing of Daisy and all the details you put into her dress. How long did it take you?
  4. I see you have a fondness for bread? :lol:

    1. Melon


      Bread is very good.

      ( ´∀` )

  5. Hello! I joined not too long ago but only decided to start posting today. I've been lurking for a while before. I grew up playing Sonic games so it's very nostalgic to me (probably the same for everyone else here). I've branched out since and started playing other video games as well. Hope to make new friends here!
  6. I haven't finished the game yet but I'm loving it so far. The gameplay is probably my favourite out of all the other MGS games. It's less cutscene-heavy than MGS4 which is good, but Miller keeps talking over the cassette tapes (that's really my main complaint at the moment). :| Are players expected to just sit still and listen to them in order to not get interrupted all the time? (Also I'm a newbie here, hope I'm not doing anything wrong!)
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new here, hoping to join a community of some sort. :0

    1. gala


      Yo, welcome!

    2. Klinsy
    3. Milo



    4. Osmium


      Heyyy, welcome! Hope you have a good time here! 

    5. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa


    6. Melon


      Thanks everyone!

    7. GamerGirl54321


      yo yo yo welcome to the ssmb enjoy your stay

    8. TCB


      You got my favorite avatar currently

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