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  1. I know my asshole is going to be severely penetrated for saying this but I love MOST alternate gameplay styles in the Sonic universe. I mean as long as the main focal point of the character is still there I'll love it, I absolutely hated StH not for introducing guns, but for changing Shadow's character, if he was just using it and kept his original personality I would've liked the game a whole lot more, I mean Tails SA2, he's a wiz kid so having a mech makes sense, Knuckles SA, he's a treasure hunter his gameplay makes sense, Silver, his gameplay makes sense but doesn't at the same time, he's a psychic, he should use it to his advantage such as solve simple puzzles not take long treks across the stage, defeating enemies makes sense with his justice seeking attitude, you see what I'm saying
  2. Let me take a shot at it Favorite style that don't need to be changed: Sonic (SA2) I really like this gameplay style showing you can go fast but still have control over your actions, much better than his Generations playstyle, which focused more on speed and better than his Lost World formula which focused way more on control Shadow(StH & SA2) This playstyle kinda has grown on me as the years go by, as long as Shadow uses his Chaos powers, while mixing in his controls and speed from SA2, I'm chill, I can handle him using guns as long as they don't change his personality again to edge Tails & Eggman(SA2) I know a lot of SA fanboys hated Tails being in his mech but in all honesty, it suits him seeing as how is a whizz kid, he uses his smarts to his advantage and honesty it suits him just as well as his Adventure playstyle, all that really needs to be changed is the stiffness of the mechs Tails(SA) Perfection Knuckles(SA&SA2) He had the perfect elements, his stages weren't too big like Meteor Herd, but a little too small, anyways his radar wasn't gimped in SA, which is the radar that needs to be brought back, but his stages in SA2 were the perfect mix of not too long, but not too short, except for a few sticklers (Meteor Herd, Mad Space) Favorite Playstyles that need added elements or altered: Silver(S06) Oh Silver, poor guy, my favorite character with my favorite character theme song, all in a s***ty game, In all honesty they just need to make him faster and give him a homing attack or dash that can kill enemies, then I'll be on board more so than I was before, while I love his broken playstyle in 06, they just need to change him like giving him another method of attack, so everyone can get into him
  3. Well looks like the poll isn't accepting more votes Shadow and Knuckles DESTROYED Sticks and Espio
  4. Sean and Guile, I want those two to return
  5. This time its not really bashing more of a joke so..., Yeah, I bet Silver will be some tough competition in the end, I'm sure he can pull through
  6. Oh I can just imagine 4chan's reaction this sounds about right
  7. What I meant was they are trying to rig the a Sonic poll, a fandom full of anthropomorphic animals so a non-furry wins LOGIC
  8. Still the anti-furry bull is what really gets to me though with 4chan
  9. Well more 6k, but I wonder if someone tipped off the Sonic the Hedgehog page to /v/'s actions of trying to rig the poll and added the 6k themselves to teach 4chan a lesson or if 6k Blaze fans suddenly were aware of this poll and came flocking to it, which is weird since it wasn't shared on Twitter or Facebook
  10. I take my previous statement back Blaze is winning
  11. Uh, a question why hasn't the next one started yet?
  12. Did anyone notice that characters that don't have d***s have been eliminated, seriously ALL FEMALES have been eliminated in the first round
  13. Most likely to see which characters are the most demanded to come back, Shadow is going to win the whole thing if /v/ doesn't rig it
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