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  1. Sorry but...God dammit. That was borring.
  2. Well, to be fair, Metal is always fighting against the odds. Thought, I too grow tired of the same result over and over again. But then again It's rather in character for Eggman to throwing Metal in suicide missions all the time. And it's not like Metal can say much against it. I just wish he would finally rebel( or grow somehow at least but ...yeah, mandates)
  3. I don't buy that all "he got stronger over time" thing. Specially after games gave him this whole inhibitor rings bull**** from Sonic X. I find it rather as just one of many inconsistence from SEGA part then anything else. It doesn't help that Iizuka came in and said things that contradict what games seem to imply.
  4. Well, yes. He said he doesn't care beacuse he simple, doesn't care if Sonic is caring for him. But of course he isn't up for being teased in general. Sorry,I kind of misreaded what you were saying. I'm just saying that Sonic and Knuckles aren't really that close of friends and therefore them teasing one enother isn't so bad with compare to like for example Sonic teasing Tails or FF. About Lost Worlds. Hmm... yeah, you are right.
  5. And what he said after that? "I don't care if he cares". It's logical that you may not caring for someone but that doesn't mean that you are fine with consistently be forced to deal with that person. You are right. Characters didn't just laugh it in Lost world. They just simple ignored it. Nobody pointed out to Sonic what he did wrong. It's questionable does this game really itself acknowledged his ego as flaw. Since Sonic conclusion on his rush-actions was "If only I was faster"
  6. I'm gone be odd one here and say that I actually would like to Sonic be a bit of jerk, in reboot he barely has any flaws. Nobody is perfect, and it fits to such cocky character as him. And it was Amy who thought that Knuckles had to get it explained. But he said that he doesn't care about Sonic. So I don't see much problem there. I think what could more easy up the overall problem would be if they actually would allow other characters to bite Sonic back. I mean usually when Sonic make some smart/mean comment other character just usually only stand there and making growl/scowl(Shadow, Knuckles or others). Therefore the "chemistry" between characters is realllllllllllly one sided.
  7. He does sound more high-pitched. At this point probably whole voice cast don't see much different between Boom and Main universe.
  8. He can do push ups on one hand. Most people can't do that.
  9. Next Level was kind of "meh" for me. Plot flat, kind of boring I would say. I never cared about cuteness, so I guess I can't find that much enjoyment from art like the rest of you guys(Thought, I liked environment in the backgrounds). And none of characters really stood out. Sonic is smart-mouth. Tails is brain. Knuckles is idiot. Amy is... a girl. Another words, generic interactions. Metal Sonic was highlight of this but not for long unfortunately.
  10. And Sonic stood like a he was blind when Knuckles punched him, taked his emeralds, and then laugh. And Sonic is suppose to be the fastest... Limited cutscenes, another words. You say stupidity, I say being jerk. And considering he make it I don't much stupidity in it.
  11. Well, If anything, Sonic holding that emerald was much more similar to M.E.' parts from Knux's perspective, which make it more believable. While in Eggman's case it was just shiny thing. But I see your point. Not really. Last time he jumped at Eggman he got taser in the face (S3&K). Which would imply he learned from the last time. But he didn't. He got on a ark. It wasn't smart but it wasn't dumb either. It was more just, jerk move.
  12. Yeah, but in SA what made Knuckles attack Sonic was misconception of what Sonic had in his hands(in Knuckles story you can see that from Knuckles' perspective it did looked like parts of M.E.) It was his too-quick judging that made him attack Sonic. In SA2 it was actually smart to break M.E. So it woudn't got in Eggman's hands. And that moment in space shuttle wasn't act of stupidity but him taking his duty as priority over others. So yeah, I disagree. About Shadow I don't know. Vegeta(early Vegeta) seems like hothead that is a bit sadism and doesn't respect much his of friends. While everything that Shadow was doing was for a friend.
  13. Knuckles wasn't idiot there, thought. Also as someone who doesn't know much about Vegeta I must ask. Was Shadow really personality-wise as him in Adventure 2?
  14. I woudn't say that Boom necessary fills that gap of lack character interactions since in Boom they are different characters. Their bonds are quite different from their main series counter-parts.
  15. Thrash was the true hero of Mobius. He made the world a safer place in one issue than Sonic the Hedgehog did in the entire series. Thrash is the hero that was needed.
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