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  1. The ideas Penders pitched are just...unappealing. It would be much smarter to stay to the canon of the video games rather than Archie/SatAM, as the video games are the more recognizable one. In all seriousness; if I were to pitch a Sonic film, I'd only want to work on it with Pixar, of course with SEGA's approval as well. I may be a bit biased towards Disney/Pixar, but I honestly feel the biggest potential for a great story would be from Pixar having their hands on it. Let alone the fact that they would respect the source material from the games and stay true to it.
  2. I only watch the content from Doug Walker on the site (Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, Ask That Guy, Video Game Confessions), and I still think Doug provides great content. With the Nostalgia Critic; I do think some can be hit or miss at points, one huge miss was the Let's Play video. Also, this is just my personal opinion, I felt the Star Trek Month reviews were a little flat, aside from a few good jokes here and there. But I think he's come back since with the Patch Adams and Ponyo reviews. So yes, the content can fluctuate a bit in terms of quality, but I always find entertainment in them. Bum Reviews I think are still great as ever, and it's a nice touch that Doug also provides an honest review of the film as just himself. Ask That Guy still has that bit of shock humor, but I do feel most of them fall flat at times. I think it may be time to change up the format a bit, it's showing its age. Video Game Confessions are OK, but new ones don't come out very often, so I can't give a true opinion. One more thing, Doug's "Disneycember" reviews were great, it was cool seeing him review most of Walt Disney Animation Studios' main canon of films (I say that as a big Disney fan). So, in any case, I'm still a regular viewer of Doug's work, and most I still find hilarious.
  3. I'm wearing my blue "Old School" Sonic shirt. Also, we're broadcasting a marathon of all the main series Sonic titles. We're on Sonic 1 right now, come join us! http://www.livestream.com/themainframe
  4. Hey, everybody! I wasn't sure where to put this on SSMB, and if it's in the wrong place, you can move it to the appropriate section. But, to the topic at hand. I run my own series of videos on YouTube, under my banner of The Mainframe. Well, I was racking my brain on how I want The Mainframe to celebrate Sonic's 20th this year, and I came to the idea of broadcasting live playthroughs of all the main series Sonic titles to mark the occasion. So, this Thursday, on the big day itself, I am broadcasting "The Mainframe LIVE - A Celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th Anniversary". My local friend and I will be playing through every main series title; Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 4: Episode I, SA1 (DX), SA2 (Battle), Heroes, Shadow, 06, Unleashed (the better HD version), and Colors. It will start around 11am (US Eastern Time), and I hope all of you can join us in celebrating the hedgehog's big day. You can tune in at: http://www.livestream.com/themainframe Hope to see you there!
  5. ......I am in love with this game now. Give this game to me, RIGHT NOW. City Escape looks absolutely incredible...such amazing SA2 nostalgia. This makes me so much more excited now, even more so than before. Happy 20th, Sonic!
  6. I'm looking forward to listening to the OST myself. For anyone here who has the actual album, is anyone planning a rip?
  7. Well, I picked up Sonic Colors (Wii) last night, and all ready beat the story. XD After finally playing it myself...I am speechless. In my opinion, it is by far the best Sonic game in a really long time, let alone the best 3D Sonic game ever. The gameplay is so addicting and fun, it took what worked in Sonic Unleashed and plus'd it by ten. The controls are tight and responsive, and the wisps add so much variety and fun. The graphical presentation and most of all, the soundtrack, are just incredible. This is the Sonic game I have been waiting for. The only gripe I can really say is the game's length, I wish it wasn't over so quickly. Without spoiling anything, the final boss fight is absolutely epic. Maybe not as 'epic' as the previous final bosses in 3D, but this is epic in it's own special way. Also what deserves special mention, the story and writing is so hilarious and so enjoyable. This is the first Sonic game in a long time where I had many laugh out loud moments. I hope these guys continue to write future Sonic games, because it was a perfect light-hearted tone. Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins are perfect for Sonic and Tails, I love it. So obviously, I have a very glowing review, and I highly recommend Sonic Colors to everyone. I hope to pick up the DS version next week or so. Now to go for all S ranks, all red rings, and the Sonic Simulator stages. XD
  8. Seeing the current vision of the Sonic series looks to be on Sonic and his immediate friends, I don't see it happening. With Iizuka's new leadership, they are focusing on only having the characters necessary for the story, and not have the problem Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) had where we had character overload. Shadow does have more potential than Silver, but either way, I don't see either character appearing in mainstream titles that much anymore aside from the random cameo appearances in the background.
  9. All right, enjoying the game quite a bit, definitely a great throwback to the classics. But man, I am absolutely stuck at this one part. x_x In Lost Labyrinth, act 2, I'm at the part where you need to light four corresponding torches to make platforms appear to get up ahead. I am stumped at the pattern of how you should light them. Anybody know? Figured it out, man that was frustrating. XD
  10. I do plan on buying it too, along with Kinect of course. I'm not sure if I will buy it right at release date, but I'm definitely going to play it. But of course...I need a new 360, though. XD; I hope to get the new black slim console as my current console is busted.
  11. I am actually very optimistic that reviewers may give it good scores. It is essentially the Sonic game many have been asking for, and has no useless separate gameplay styles hindering the experience (such as the werehog). I don't know; I just have that feeling we'll have a 3D Sonic game that has good reviews, at least 8's or 9's. 10 may be a bit of a stretch, but it would be fantastic if it did get those scores.
  12. Listening to clean audio clips of it now...wow, I'm actually impressed. Roger's Sonic voice sounds youthful and upbeat, just like how he should of been this entire time. Now these clips being from Alton Towers I know are exaggerated because they're for a theme park, but I'm sure the voice will sound even better for the games. http://board.sonicstadium.org/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png' alt=':)'> Kate Higgins I also think will produce a great voice for Tails, looking forward to hearing her work too. Call me optimistic!
  13. Unfortunately, no. It looks to be a direct port of the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. By simply porting over, I literally mean that. They didn't even bother to update this XBLA/PSN version with widescreen support, they just put up pillars to fill in the widescreen frame. Lazy, if you ask me.
  14. Three games immediately come to mind, and they are all in the 3D era. SONIC HEROES This was a game that really tried to return to the classic style of the Genesis games, and I think did a fine job translating the gameplay into 3D. Some complained about the team-based gameplay, but I think it was extremely well done and didn't break the experience. The look has that Sonical feel to it, and the story (for the most part) wasn't taken seriously. I will agree with one criticism though that it got boring playing the same set of action stages and boss battles with all four teams. It would of been nice if each team got their own set of stages and bosses, I think it would of made the entire game much more exciting. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006) Anyone who knows my thoughts about the game all ready know that I thought it was a broken mess and frustrating to play. But I've always been an advocate to give this game the benefit of the doubt, and it was that the story and setting were at least trying to be on an epic scale. Much like how Sonic Adventure 2 was a huge success for the 10th Anniversary, this game tried to be the "SA2" for the 15th Anniversary. The branching and connecting storylines, as well as the Solaris Project was very intriguing and thought provoking when I played it. It was also interesting from the perspective of Silver and Blaze, trying desperately to save their ruined time in the future. The tension and fighting between Shadow and Mephiles was also interesting, Mephiles is definitely one of the most threatening villains I've seen in the series. Really when I look past all the glitches, the game tried to be something special, and is something worth looking at for the fans. SONIC UNLEASHED This game I will always defend, because you can just tell a lot of effort and love went into this. Both day and night stages were very fun to play, and their more cartoonish/Pixar look at our world was creative looking as well. A lot of people criticize this game for the werehog and "non-Sonic" aspects, but the werehog night stages I thought was a huge step ahead of the other gimmicks Sonic Team experimented with. I also very much got from this game the same feeling of Sonic Adventure, where the setting and music were on a grand scale. But it didn't lose the magic of what made Sonic so likable in the first place. Anyone who hasn't played this, or any of these three games should at least give them a try. Maybe you'll grow a new liking to them yourself. Completely agreed, Aquaslash. Sonic Rivals 2 was a lot of fun, both Rivals titles have definitely been overlooked.
  15. I think they should just put the Storybook Series to rest, because neither title was particularly fun to play. Sonic and the Secret Rings frankly had a frustrating control scheme, and Sonic mixed with Arabian Nights didn't prove that compelling. Sonic and the Black Knight was completely broken in terms of controls. While the story was better than Secret Rings, it still dragged in many spots. But it's just the simple fact that Sonic is all ready supposed to exist in a fantasy-like world, being transported to another fantasy world is a bit redundant. I'd much rather see the Storybook Series retired, and have the team focus more on the main titles, like what they're doing with Sonic Colors.
  16. Amazing that Sonic has reached 19 all ready, but so happy to see him continue running. It's truly this day that makes me happy to still be a devoted fan of 'ol blue. Happy 19th, Sonic (and others as well); looking forward to the big 20th next year!
  17. Holy hell, I am stunned. Sonic Colors looks just fantastic so far, both Wii and DS versions. This is a definite first day buy for me, especially if this is what the final product will mostly be.
  18. Gnasher beat me to it. XD The 15 Kinect launch titles shown included Sonic Free Riders.
  19. Scartillery & EXshad: All right, I stand corrected on my statement of Sonic copying Super Mario Galaxy. I should of remembered the Genesis games of all things when I typed that up. Oh well, thanks for the corrections, guys.
  20. After lurking about the topics for this game, I'm ready to give my initial gut reaction. Sonic Colors sounds just fantastic so far. The Wii version sounds like Sonic Unleashed minus the werehog (while also still incorporating platforming), while the DS version looks like Sonic Rush 3. Those factors alone are big wins for me. When I knew this would take place in a space motif, I did immediately think "Sonic's pulling a Super Mario Galaxy", but it doesn't look like a complete copy of Nintendo's idea. The concept of the Wisps and their different abilities to help you through the stages looks like a nice compliment, rather than completely straying away from the general Sonic formula. The look of the game and the level design do scream more surreal, which I do think fits Sonic much better on different aspects. As of right now, definitely consider me excited for this. Can't wait to hear more info!
  21. These perfect scores for Super Mario Galaxy 2 are surprising, yet very exciting. This has cemented that I will pick it up on day one.
  22. If a release of Sonic Adventure is really coming to XBLA, what we've seen so far isn't anything to be excited about. I personally would love to see the original DC version instead of the DX version (GC/PC), but fitted for 16:9 widescreen and HD presentation. Though, I can see that being a problem in terms of the relatively few CG cutscenes in the game. I don't know, DX did improve the graphics somewhat, but the character models just looked too stiff and even more awkward. So as far as it stands now, there's really nothing worth buying this version for me. How would you guys feel if Sonic Adventure was completely remade (keeping the structure obviously the same though), but with the modern graphical look (Hedgehog Engine, possibly)? I think it would be very interesting to see, just to make the presentation look a heck of a lot better.
  23. That looks absolutely disgusting, I wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole. I'm glad I gave up fast food places like KFC a long time ago, so I'm not eating this kind of stuff anymore.
  24. I think the argument that "Every Sonic game in recent years have sucked!" is greatly exaggerated. They mostly look at the canon Sonic titles such as Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), and Sonic Unleashed and base the entire performance of the series off of that. It's a very narrow-minded way of looking at it, and it's quite unfortunate. Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, and Sonic Unleashed I think have been the best Sonic titles in recent years. I also think Sonic Heroes has it's enjoyable moments as well. As to the state of the franchise today, I think it's been somewhat stable. There's the occasional title that gets negative reception, there's one that gets huge praise, and there's others that get mixed reactions. I've noticed that since Sonic's sppearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and then Sonic Unleashed, I think we're seeing the beginning of a turning point. A turning point where we're seeing more effort put into each game that comes out. Each title recently have turned back to the blue-sky SEGA treatment, and Sonic seems to be regaining more of his cocky personality. Gameplay wise, it seems they're at least trying, and I think they are getting more and more development teams that actually give a damn about creating a fun game. (Sonic and the Black Knight may have faulted in gameplay, but story and feel were very successful I thought.) In terms of overall thinking about the newer Sonic titles, it's been a rough road, but hopefully getting more onto a smoother surface. I think the timing is right, especially with Sonic's big 20th Anniversary next year.
  25. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) I personally always thought would of been done better as a film instead of the unfinished game we ended up getting. But if it were up to me, I would delete some unnecessary characters that did nothing to advance the plot, and a complete restructure of the Sonic and Elise subplot. Basically, delete all romantic undertones and make it more of a normal friendship. Anyways; I've always dreamed of a Sonic film, and here are my thoughts, if I had any say in it. I would create an engaging story that would follow the tried and true "Sonic goes on quest to defeat Eggman" formula, but add more substance. The quest to get there would be something we've never seen before in the games, yet something familiar at the same time. I would look mostly to Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2 for references, but the big difference is that the "end boss" wouldn't be another Monster of the Week. Those storylines also had a good thing going, delving into personal character development. I won't reveal the plot I have created in my mind, but all I'll say is Sonic 3&K's Sky Sanctuary Zone caused inspiration. I know many have mentioned CGI as the main look the film would have, but I personally would love to see it in hand-drawn animation. Hand-drawn with maybe some minor CG influence for major action scenes. Now comes the studio I would make it with, and I know it'll cause some groans with some. I would team up with Walt Disney Animation Studios to do it. Now I bet you'd be thinking "But Disney and Sonic don't mix, they'd make Sonic too kid-like!", but here's my counter argument. Since some of Pixar's higher brass is now in charge of Disney animation as well, they've always made it apparent in their films (especially the Pixar specific films) that story and characters are the most important element. That's what I think would be the most important element for a Sonic film, second would be making action scenes that are distinct to the Sonic style and world. How I would look at the hand-drawn art style would be of Disney's highest caliber, but throw in a little bit of Yuji Uekaka's style in there too. (Look at the forum's picture of Sonic on the top banner for reference, just probably not as shiny.) In any case, that would be the ideal way I would go for a Sonic film, and I know others may not agree. But hey, to each his own, right? I'm intrigued to hear others' thoughts on their visions for a film.
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