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  1. I'll be here for a little while. It's been so long.

    1. Teoskaven


      Hey, it's good to see you. What happened?

    2. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      I decided to leave this place for a bit. And then that bit became one year and a half. But there are a few members on this board (you included) that are either more active here than on other social media or that I lack ways to keep in contact with.

    3. Thigolf



    4. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Aaand here's another chap I haven't heard from in a while.

      It's all fine!

      ...I wanted to give you guys a thumbs up and instead...things popped up. Heck with it, I'll go for a thumb up.

    5. Ryannumber1Santa


      Oh hey, long time no see! 

      Still keeping up with Dokkan?

    6. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Yeah, I'm trying to build a Super INT team, now that I have Gogeta, but my main is still a Super AGL team with Vegeta SS4, Bulpan, Caulifla, Whis, Vegeth and GT Trunks.

    7. Ryannumber1Santa


      Sweet, I got super lucky during the UI Goku banner myself. I ended up getting two Gogeta dupes (I got lucky and singled INT Gogeta back during his original banner), got STR SSB Vegeta, INT Kid Buu, a Vegito Blue dupe, Merged Zamasu, SSBKK Goku dupe and SSB AGL Vegeta dupe. Then final ticket gave me UI Goku himself!

      Best banner I had in ages, got all of that in around 100 stones. And then singled Ultimate Gohan STR within two summons.

      If you need help with team building and such, I'm actually apart of a Dokkan PM here on SSMB which helps each other with that stuff if you want me to add you into it.

    8. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa
    9. DiamondX


      Hi. (Do you remember me?)

    10. Yoko/葉子


      @Ducktor Naldush Repulsa, you can reach me (Lime) on Discord and Facebook.

    11. Failinhearts


      Ain't this a familiar face? Welcome back!

    12. Kiah


      Welcome back! Nice you see you around again! ?

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