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  1. Here's a video of a water dog jumping onto a boat in order to escape being eaten by whales: 


    1. LargoDELLZ


      Aww... I feel bad for the thing. It looks like it was scared for its life. Good thing that it survived. ?

    2. Sean



    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Smart sea lion! He knows the orca's one weakness...

      And he made it out alive! Yay!

    4. Nepenthe


      xDD Orcas have to eat too!

    5. Sean


      They can eat garbage for all I care smh

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Good thing those orcas weren't as desperate as they usually are. They could have jumped on the boat after it, and everyone would've lost

      Tbh I'd probably punt the poor guy off before ever even giving them the chance to do something like that while I was in the middle of the ocean, frankly. These guys were crazy letting him just set there with that many persistent orcas around. :wacko:

      At least start the motor and outrun them or something

    7. Nepenthe


      Orcas usually don't ram boats to get anything, even food.

      And OMG, why would you kick it off when it's not doing anything to your boat or anyone aboard???

    8. Hui


      hey orcas need to eat, it's called nature.

    9. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      I think he's saying to punt the sea lion so the orcas won't pursue him and possibly injure people in the boat in the process. I mean, he is right in saying that orcas are ultra persistent. But as you mentioned, orcas generally don't go after boats. They're smart enough not to screw around when it comes to humans.

    10. Kiah


      Poor baby. Those bully orcas need to swim somewhere and go find some fish to eat. Sean's suggestion could work too as I don't care. Just don't eat the preciouses! :( 

    11. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      = One crazy-ass animal you don't want to take chances on

      They got away without harm this time, but the boat wasn't particularly large at all; the whale could have easily gotten cocky and hopped on. They beach themselves for seals oftentimes, which is basically a near death environment if they can't get out in time.

      They typically don't mess with boats, yeah, but all bets are off when seals are brought into the mix. I wouldn't be taking any chances, at the very least.

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