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  1. How I actually fare with most scary games:


    1. Tara


      This is why I don't play FNAF on a stream anymore.

    2. Diz


      How I look when a good new horror game comes out:


      Ooh, neat!

    3. FriendBot
    4. TheOcelot


      That lady made me jump/scared the shit out of me at least a dozen times. Muting the sound doesn't help either!

    5. kirby1up


      this is pretty much why I haven't played a single fnaf game save for fnaf world

    6. Kiah


      See I don't even go that far so you are far braver than me! 

    7. nintega137


      And this is why i don't even play them. I can barely last through Bioshock without quitting every hour. 

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