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  1. Just because I constantly defend members' right to react negatively to any gaming news that comes our way doesn't mean I'm giving you carte blanche to deliberately spam negative statuses just to rile people up. Respect is mutual, yeah? Be reasonable. Don't make the forum potentially more annoying and tiring to participate in than it already is. Don't be passive-aggressive and trite to other members.

    Just don't be a dick. That's really all we ask.

    1. Kuzu


      Huh...what happened now?

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      And even if it's a joke, it can still be a bother sometimes, so be careful. D:

    3. Milo


      I must had missed a show. :v

    4. Kiah


      Tact and consideration of others even when expressing a negative opinion can go a long way in a positive sense. I cannot stress this enough. Especially on these boards. 

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Oh my word what DID I MISS

    6. Nepenthe


      It's honestly nothing serious. We got several reports about a small little incident, and I wanted to post this just to remind people that the ability to be cynical about a Sonic game doesn't extend to actually being a jerk about it.

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