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    Sonic (obviously) and video games, animation and the Hollywood film industry, and furry are the main ones.
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Gah, I've never been good at describing myself. So let's give it the ol' college try.

Well, th' name's Nepenthe obviously, previously known here as BlizShadow before the wipe. I'm a Texan native, but currently living in Georgia with both parents, a brother and a sister, and a sadly overweight West Highland Terrier. I'm attending SCAD-Atlanta and going for a Bachelor's in Animation, finally out of the trenches of frackin' foundation classes. Although I enjoy city-based outings with my pack of mutant friends, nothing satisfies me more than knowing that I've got a working DVD player, an internet connection, and a stack of paper and mechanical pencils. Oh, and a fridge full of Sprite; That's always a plus, too.

As far as Sonic-related interests go, my conversations and artwork mostly focus on the games' universe. I've technically been exposed to the franchise since the beginning, but lean towards the modern outings instead all thanks to Adventure. Of course that means I'm not entirely picky about my Sonic Team servings either and have enjoyed a bit of the "crap" that they continue shoveling out today which, unfortunately for my sake here, includes Extreme Gears, Earth, and Werehogs. This also means I can get passionate and even bitchy in related debates, but hey what Sonic fan hasn't yet, eh? That side of me will hopefully remain on Sonic Blast... at least until I'm comfortable enough here. xD

So in short, hello! ❤️

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