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  1. I don't think people here understand the gravity of what McCain did.

    They've been hammering the healthcare bill so many times because of budget reconciliation where you basically get a toss-up on a bill and get to vote on it for 50 Senate votes instead of 60. If it doesn't go to a vote at all, as what has been happening, you get to start it over with reconciliation rules still in play.

    Instead of doing the Merry-Go-Round yet again, they allowed it to come to a vote in the Senate because they presumed that they finally had the votes to pass it through McCain.

    However, he said no, against everyone's expectations.

    That means it's dead for the entire fiscal year (they don't have 60 votes) and McConnell, Ryan, and the rest of their objectivist, obstructionist ilk can thoroughly go fuck themselves. Letting it come to this point was ultimately the best case scenario for at-risk Americans and Democrats, especially since McCain is probably not long for this world anyway. Republicans are now stuck between a rock and a hard place-- They've got nothing to show for all of the theater they've done, and they've further opened the course for a blue sweep in midterms should they try this shit again next year (and they probably will, because campaign promises and their inherent general assholery).

    So, cater to your deplorable constituents and remind the rest of America that you tried to kill them last year, or actually do the right thing at the risk of your seat in deep red counties?

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. Here's the utterly delicious kicker if true.

    Basically, they're doing this to force Democrats to potentially campaign on an obviously egregious violation of human decency come the midterms (else they face potential backlash from their own base), hoping the Rust Belt will decry this as the Dems playing (non-white) social politics and vote against them out of spite.

    So congratulations to Hillary on ultimately being right. Even Republican politicians think their own base is deplorable enough to use this as political leverage.


  3. We're well aware of the "fractured fanbase" idea by now, as it's been around long enough and been more blatantly illustrated by past games like ShtH for most people to be aware of it, to say nothing of how often it comes up every single time someone doesn't like something about a new game. However, not everyone is going to respond to it equally, either in the way it's been framed or whether or not it's as valid an idea as is commonly suggested, and without any leads or thorough ways towards more novel trains of thought, I'm not sure what you want us to do with this topic beyond responding to the concept of a "fractured fanbase" itself.

    I'm also wondering what the hell the forum dynamics have to do with anything that's been said thus far. Aside from the tone of arguably two people, the rest of the topic has proceeded with thoughtful and respectful discussion on the subject and tangential diversions. Praytell, what kind of posts did you want people to make? Seriously, what are you upset about???

  4. If you admit that guns or "edginess" (whatever that means) could have fit their respective depending upon how they had been done, then you agree with me that there isn't much that hasn't been introduced in the games proper that could not have theoretically fit had they been done better, meaning the idea you came in with that a lot of the initial or theoretical concepts that people like aren't equivalent immediately loses some of its huff. They're not equivalent in execution, no; the Werehog as he exists in Unleashed isn't as well-received as, say, Knuckles in Sonic 3. But the actual idea of Sonic transforming into a monster that gets around by swinging with his arms? Fuck; considering the range of design influences on the franchise that includes transformations, monsters, and gods and things, and the precedent of a character that climbs as well as level gimmicks that involve swinging, the Werehog is is by all accounts "Sonic-like," and I wager a gameplay style where you gather momentum and speed through stylish swings and grabs would've been much better received than Knuckles' gameplay in SA2. Concept vs. execution.

    The really wide strokes you named at the end also don't point to any particularly specific design ideal, and to give you an example of the thing I'm looking for, I'm talking about something reminiscent to an art design book, bible, or list of rules about the specifics of design elements (character, environment, light, etc.) of which a work or series of works must generally adhere to, like the kind of thing you'd get on an animated film. You give me "freedom vs. slavery" and bright colors things as tropes with which to base a work around and I could give you any-fucking-thing that technically fits.

  5. There's an argument to be made about concept versus execution, particularly since Sonic is a product of a time where aesthetic contradiction and nonsense could be gotten away with without much questioning. Sonic is an honest clusterfuck of competing influences, ranging from 20s American animation to a 70s space opera franchise to a 90s Japanese anime that is in and of itself based on an ancient Chinese myth, to 80s and 90s American pop, r&b, jazz, and new jack swing as filtered partially through the lens of a Japanese pop band, with general sprinklings of sci-fi, fantasy, to straight old school adventure serials like Indiana Jones.... I don't even know where to begin reconciling all of this shit into a single doctrine or style. Fuck, I would argue there isn't one, and that there isn't much conceptually you can argue cannot possibly belong in the series that hasn't been introduced already.

    Even Mario is allowed this benefit of the doubt and it's a franchise with a much better sense of trust and brand consistency than most. Seriously, if you told me a year ago that the next big Mario game would be like 64 but would partly take place in the real world, and Mario could throw his hat- which was now a living creature- onto real humans and take control of their body for specific tasks, I would be like "No, you're fucking lying because this is an absolutely stupid-ass idea. Nintendo would literally never do this, if only because the real world doesn't fit with the "Mario aesthetic."

    Lo and behold, the shit exists and it's blowing Sonic as a whole out of the water.

  6. My general feeling towards Mania is pure apathy.

    It's a classic game in 2017, one that honestly should've been done by Sega years and years before, if only as a replacement of Sonic 4. Good on it for existing, but we've got Mario running around in a 3D environment where tons of objects and even enemies are stand-ins for traditional power-ups. I kind of want to Sonic as a whole to move on in ways comparable to that.

  7. Whether or not someone likes using a word in particular has no bearing on the issue of defining what the word is to achieve understanding. I myself hate the term "edgy," because I don't think it's particularly helpful in discourse about the narrative and characters due to the way it's been thrown around at everything and anything any given fan can find distasteful.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Josh said:

    Infinite seems like the type of bad guy we would have gotten about 10 years ago. In that sense, he doesn't appeal to me, but I think his design is more striking than the likes of the Deadly Six, Mephilies, etc so he has that going for him. 

    Overall he seems pretty boring but if he gives the rest of the cast a run for their money with his over the top bullshit we might at least get some cool interations there. I also dig the theme song.

    I mostly agree. I kinda sorta like Infinite's design (dat tail) and his voice- which is the one Shadow should've had but I will not be salty about it for long- but he hasn't done anything that's particularly novel in the context of this franchise yet. There's also the lingering fear of the climax of this game just being a whole bunch of weird apocalyptic fuckery that is unnecessary in light of the way the game was presented at first light, which was that Eggman took over on his own merits.

    Infinite's biggest offense thus far is that he feels superfluous.

  9. 1 minute ago, Mayor D said:

    How this trailer edgy?

    I just don't get it. What is the villain doing that makes him edgy?

    Faster than Sonic?

    Oh no he threw Sonic into a thing? 

    Has a tolerable theme song?

    That's edgy?

    To be fair, in a franchise where the Overton Window for what's allowable is smaller than Pokemon's, Infinite might as well be fucking Jigsaw or something.

  10. 4 minutes ago, SBR2 said:

    I don't know maybe I'm just being a dick but I seriously am just not seeing what's so terrible about this game.

    Lucky for you, there's a whole topic dedicated to explaining in paragraphs of detail why people don't like this game.

    Furthermore (not directly addressed to you): If people want to talk about the mean things people are saying about Forces, you have private messages to duke it out directly with the people who have supposedly said "I don't like Forces because it's different," if you can find anyone who said that.

    However, this topic is about Infinite's trailer introduction, not about the tired meta commentary that happens whenever people who like a game can't co-exist with the people who don't. Back on topic.

  11. 13 minutes ago, Azure P said:

    The very vocal minority give the illusion that they're the majority is all. They cannot see the merits people enjoy games they don't like.

    This thread is a very example of it. Stating my opinion and they wish to "fight" me. I can see why they like it, but not some thing that tickles my fancy. If I want some thing old and classic, I'll go replay the classics. But I want some thing new and interesting. Some thing Forces is offering.

    We're such a minority that people manage to get deep in their feelings every time so new stuff drops that's flawed. You'd think people would utilize the ignore list or have the personal wherewithal to just post about what they like regardless, instead of constantly complaining or trying to people expressing themselves within the boundaries of the rules, if we're really that much of a minority. Alas, here we are yet again, and it gets to the point where one must ask themselves "Who are y'all trying to convince?"

    Not that any determinations of who the majority or minority are that people on both sides are pulling out of their asses even matter to the validity of conversations at hand in this particular forum that aren't about explicitly that. What mainly matters is that this kind of meta commentary about opinions and how horrible the people who don't like Forces are is still against the rules and immediately punishable, because we'd rather you guys instead talk about the subject matter at hand rather than flailing around against the phenomenon that is simply different opinions. 

    So yeah, do that.

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