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  1. To be fair, in a franchise where the Overton Window for what's allowable is smaller than Pokemon's, Infinite might as well be fucking Jigsaw or something.
  2. Lucky for you, there's a whole topic dedicated to explaining in paragraphs of detail why people don't like this game. Furthermore (not directly addressed to you): If people want to talk about the mean things people are saying about Forces, you have private messages to duke it out directly with the people who have supposedly said "I don't like Forces because it's different," if you can find anyone who said that. However, this topic is about Infinite's trailer introduction, not about the tired meta commentary that happens whenever people who like a game can't co-exist with the people who don't. Back on topic.
  3. Some people following one of the examples doesn't mean the constant complaining about people who doesn't like Forces hasn't simultaneously occurred yet again.
  4. Reposting this for the new page to let remind you guys we're really tired of people getting upset over different opinions and derailing threads based off of that.
  5. We're such a minority that people manage to get deep in their feelings every time so new stuff drops that's flawed. You'd think people would utilize the ignore list or have the personal wherewithal to just post about what they like regardless, instead of constantly complaining or trying to people expressing themselves within the boundaries of the rules, if we're really that much of a minority. Alas, here we are yet again, and it gets to the point where one must ask themselves "Who are y'all trying to convince?" Not that any determinations of who the majority or minority are that people on both sides are pulling out of their asses even matter to the validity of conversations at hand in this particular forum that aren't about explicitly that. What mainly matters is that this kind of meta commentary about opinions and how horrible the people who don't like Forces are is still against the rules and immediately punishable, because we'd rather you guys instead talk about the subject matter at hand rather than flailing around against the phenomenon that is simply different opinions. So yeah, do that.
  6. The use of old elements in the games should not be discussed in a vacuum, nor should they be construed as the biggest problem people have with Forces in the first place. The fact is, Group A wanted a 2D Sonic game that actually looked and physically felt like the classics, while Group B has wanted a 3D game that breaks out of the confines of excessive scripting, nails down a single robust gameplay style, uses the existing cast in gameplay roles, and uses plots and narrative devices that aren't embarrassing in 2006, let alone 2017. Both groups inherently recognize that these differences in demands are valid and coming from two different places, hence why no one gives a shit that Mania is a retread. Even if it's not something people in Group B wanted, they understand that not only is it what Group A wanted, but it's actually doing what those Group A wanted well. It's mechanically identical to a bunch of older games that in and of themselves were mechanically sound in the first place. On top of this, Mania is also a $20 downloadable game. It is, in the grand scheme of things, harmless. Meanwhile, Forces so far is not checking anything on many 3D fans' list off or is actually doing them worse, such as the physics and level design of Classic Sonic. Avatar's features and gameplay are at best considered a mild diversion, and at worst considered to be a mechanically awful addition that undermines the design possibilities and agency of the existing cast people have been begging for since arguably 2008. The narrative elements revealed at E3 are also part of the contention as a villains' rogue that potentially ignores certain characters' development in service of justifying yet another unabashedly evil superpowered anthro like Mephiles is not what Group B really wanted to see. On top of that, this thing is gonna be $50 minimum, and we don't know whether or not Sega will continue to keep the contentious ideas such as the Avatar creator if it's successful enough, which Iizuka himself admitted is the result of fan letters from 12 year olds and not any actual roundtable of seasoned adult game designers. This is really fucking worrisome. The fact is, Green Hill is the least of Forces' problems and the fundamental issues people have with the game would not be solved by removing it.To boil down the difference in reception between both games to hypocrisy over rehashed elements is completely disingenuous, a reading of the situation so fundamentally inaccurate as to raise the question of whether or not one has even been in the respective topics themselves.
  7. Looks like a generic confrontation scene. Like, I'm 99% sure Avatar is actually pointing but the camera angle is obscuring his index finger.
  8. Well, that was something. A little off-beat in terms of trailer editing, but...okay. *shrugs* I mean, the absolute worst thing about it to me was that song in the beginning, but otherwise...I got no overwhelming feelings on this, and I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  9. So there's an infinity War trailer out there and absolutely no one attending D23 recorded it for leaks.

    Talk about failing the human race. You had one job.

    1. Dejimon11


      Worse the fact that Disney didn't bother uploading it on youtube immediately after.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      But TOY STORY IN KH3

    3. Wraith


      you know disney kills people if they see them recording shit right

    4. Dejimon11


      @Josh didn't stop people from doing it with star vs the forces of evil

    5. KHCast


      Sorry, busy with KH3

    6. Ferno


      i wonder who would win in a war, disney ninjas or nintendo ninjas

    7. Strickerx5


      Yeah, I noticed that too when no one has uploaded that Wreck it Ralph 2 princess scene yet. Like, how the fuck are they keeping all that shit contained?

    8. Ferno


      if they're gonna do an e3-styled event every year they may as well stream it like one

    9. Adamabba


      Nintendo let Mario Sunshine's first trailer leak so Disney i guess

  10. Heh; when I meant Homing Attack, in this context I was referring to the grappling hook. It has a clear target that you charge to with a button press. Seems like an augmented and flashier Homing Attack to me. xP
  11. Physics are one of the hardest things to fix late into a video game's development cycle because they're reliant on many levels of extensive code originating all the way down to the physics engine the game is running on. The type of fixes people are suggesting would require an expensive and time-consuming overhaul that isn't worth it, so just about everything we're seeing is locked in at this point. Only thing they should be working on now to get this out for later this year are polish passes, really minor bug fixes, and maybe changes to the HUD. To get Classic Sonic on par with his Genesis incarnation would literally require magic to not subsequently break a lot of technical and design stuff in the process.
  12. The Spider-Man example looks like you at least have control over the arc and direction of your swing, and this in combination might affect your speed. There's automated bits such as the wall-scrambling/running when you hit a building, but even that is a far sight better than Forces' new take on the Homing Attack.
  13. Just because I constantly defend members' right to react negatively to any gaming news that comes our way doesn't mean I'm giving you carte blanche to deliberately spam negative statuses just to rile people up. Respect is mutual, yeah? Be reasonable. Don't make the forum potentially more annoying and tiring to participate in than it already is. Don't be passive-aggressive and trite to other members.

    Just don't be a dick. That's really all we ask.

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Huh...what happened now?

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      And even if it's a joke, it can still be a bother sometimes, so be careful. D:

    3. Milo


      I must had missed a show. :v

    4. Kiah


      Tact and consideration of others even when expressing a negative opinion can go a long way in a positive sense. I cannot stress this enough. Especially on these boards. 

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Oh my word what DID I MISS

    6. Nepenthe


      It's honestly nothing serious. We got several reports about a small little incident, and I wanted to post this just to remind people that the ability to be cynical about a Sonic game doesn't extend to actually being a jerk about it.

  14. Journalists are going insane:


    1. Wraith


      this past year has made me heavily reconsider what my career path should be

    2. Strickerx5


      someone get this man some milk

      What's even more concerning is that this still probably won't do anything.

    3. Nepenthe


      There isn't going to be some immediate arrest or anything unless, like, Trump eats a child in the street.

      Which I wouldn't put past him to do, but he's got security and whatnot for that.

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Erm...what happened?

    5. Nepenthe


      Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out an e-mail chain between him and Russian officials confirming collusion into the election.

    6. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      ...wow. I have no words for the sheer stupidity of that decision.

    7. Nepenthe
    8. Wraith


      I think they're setting him up to take a fall myself

    9. Dejimon11


      We really do live in the stupidest timeline

    10. Nepenthe


      They had better hope the FBI ain't faster than they are, because basically if anyone so much as read those e-mails and did nothing prior to the election, lol.

    11. Indigo Rush
    12. RosaRosaRosalina








  15. Don't know why I had gold healing as Reaper when we had a Lucio on the team.

    1. Blacklightning


      Eating souls gives you a lot of health as it turns out. The healing medal just doesn't care whether you healed yourself or others.

    2. Nepenthe


      But, I only got 1000-something health from that. When I play Lucio, I'm regularly averaging around 4000-6000 in Quickplay, depending upon the length of the rounds. 

      Basically, Lucio would've had to have been on speed boost at all times. xDD

    3. Strickerx5


      Fucking trash Lucio is what it is

    4. Captain Fun

      Captain Fun

      Lucio could have died a lot, or spent a lot of time speed boosting. Alternatively your team's health was up so much that he couldn't heal because you guys steamrolled them. Or they weren't Lucio the whole round. 

    5. Wraith


      all lucios gotta do is stand there and they still be fucking up smh

    6. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Enemies don't drop souls anymore actually, now Reaper heals himself just by damaging others.

  16. It took four years of work to get Forces to the point where it's an aesthetic and design clusterfuck. Another year isn't going to help except for just polishing up what's there.
  17. My most disrespectful shutdown:


    1. Boomer


      Huh, did not know you played on PC.

      Also Lucio <3

    2. Nepenthe


      Started playing after the last free weekend. x3

    3. Boomer


      Good choice!

      My Battle.net/Blizzard ID is PoetAnderson#2561 if you're up for playing sometime.

    4. Nepenthe


      Cool! I'll add you!

      Note: I am not nearly as good an OW player as I am a MK8 player. xDD

    5. Nix


      yeah, that's usually how McCree's ult goes

    6. Boomer


      I mainly play Mercy so...

  18. Nepenthe


    I imagine Orisa's Fortify will also be able to take the hit, so long as you time it correctly.
  19. Briefly letting everyone know that this rule is still in play and you can get struck for it on sight, because staff and the members are tired of the constant complaining and meta commentary about Sonic fans not liking things other Sonic fans like. We're not a hivemind.
  20. The man who made the gif openly took credit for it. He paraded around his association with the image and his pride in the fact that his Emperor validated him for awhile. On top of this, he has an extensive history of virulent bigotry against black and brown folks- I'm talking about threatening to stab Muslims, you know, shit that happens. Considering this is a story about Trump, excessively violent white supremacy (something I think in and of itself is a public interest matter), the slightly fascistic war between the White House and journalism, and the President's historic use of social media rolled into one big ball of dumbfuckery, CNN decided to run the story and then reached out for comment because that's what news stations do. Upon being contacted, said meme maker shat his pants at the thought that his job could potentially and rightfully attach him to his hatred of others, apologized, and disappeared. They reported that he apologized and, unlike what would have happened in any other situation where a previously private citizen does something so outlandish that it gets national attention and they get named anyway, they were nice and left his real name out because of the apology; however they said that if he continues to insert himself in the story, they reserve the right to run any follow-ups as they normally would. This doesn't mean that he isn't allowed to continue being a racist shitbag online. It means that, if for some stupid-ass reason, he continues inserting himself into the national spotlight on the basis of the context relevant to the initial story, then CNN is going to run any such stories like they would have otherwise-- No second chancies. And while everyone continues to worry about the future and life of the middle-aged bigot thretening to stab Muslims and shoot niggers (who Reddit and white supremacists have suddenly made into a 15-year old boy, because why not make him more empathetic?) CNN's page was like this only hours after the fact. They don't particularly care. Regardless, what CNN did wasn't a threat to dox (doxxing is the malicious release of the entirety of a person's private info (legal name, address, phone number, SSN, credit card info, relatives, etc.) for the express purpose of initiating a personal harassment campaign; all any news station ever does is release a name and maybe a general area of residence, with the exception of cases like high-risk persons like whistleblowers or minors that are the victims/sometimes perpetrators of a crime); it's nothing more than a reiteration of their journalistic right to name people involved in a news story, a right they didn't invoke because they took the shitarse bigot's apology at face value. But hopefully people shitting on them for being nice to the shitarse bigot makes them go "fuck it" next time and they just start making normal news stories that just so happen to bite these dickholes in the ass, especially since I'd at least like to know where these fuckheads are so I can stay away from/avoid them if they're potentially around me. Fuck these Trumpsters-- Be better people.
  21. Nepenthe


    I imagine if you're in a pickle, it works like Earthshatter where you have to be in a certain range for it to land, so D.Va's Boost or Pharah's rocket jump can allow you to escape. But nah, I just flew away as Pharah. xD Speaking of which, Pharah is a definite counter to him. He's excessively easy to rocket kill. I know from experience on both ends. xP
  22. Nepenthe


    So I actually tried out Doomfist. Granted, this is in Arcade, where literally everyone one the team can use him, so it was just a fuckin' punch-filled extravanganza that doesn't in any way reflect proper play. Regardless: - Has surprisingly little health (250), shielding options, and is slow feeling. He's going to need some Tank or Mercy/Lucio back-up to survive. - Successfully using his Rocket Punch is difficult on moving targets, although you have a lot of movement when aiming, and a cancel option, so that should balance it. - Wall stun + shotgun to the face is basically Roadhog's old hook + scrapgun combo; you're basically dead if everything hits. - His ult Meteor Strike is terrifying. Just run, get into the air, something.
  23. What do you mean "now?" I never cared for this damned song.
  24. I thought the original instrumental was forgettable. I literally don't remember a single thing about it. It worked in service of "We need a rock theme song because that's what Sonic games do," but it doesn't stand anywhere near pretty much every rock ballad we had before. Even Knight of the Wind at least has a distinct opener with the Medieval-esque strings. Fist Bump is just noise. That's all this game is. Noise.
  25. Agreed. Take out the singing (it doesn't matter what the lyrics are; the singing in itself is annoying regardless of the words) and the actual production is just a clusterfuck of fast-paced, excessively generic guitar chords with no memorable melodies. The lyrics only compound the problem.
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