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  1. The man who made the gif openly took credit for it. He paraded around his association with the image and his pride in the fact that his Emperor validated him for awhile. On top of this, he has an extensive history of virulent bigotry against black and brown folks- I'm talking about threatening to stab Muslims, you know, shit that happens. Considering this is a story about Trump, excessively violent white supremacy (something I think in and of itself is a public interest matter), the slightly fascistic war between the White House and journalism, and the President's historic use of social media rolled into one big ball of dumbfuckery, CNN decided to run the story and then reached out for comment because that's what news stations do.

    Upon being contacted, said meme maker shat his pants at the thought that his job could potentially and rightfully attach him to his hatred of others, apologized, and disappeared. They reported that he apologized and, unlike what would have happened in any other situation where a previously private citizen does something so outlandish that it gets national attention and they get named anyway, they were nice and left his real name out because of the apology; however they said that if he continues to insert himself in the story, they reserve the right to run any follow-ups as they normally would. This doesn't mean that he isn't allowed to continue being a racist shitbag online. It means that, if for some stupid-ass reason, he continues inserting himself into the national spotlight on the basis of the context relevant to the initial story, then CNN is going to run any such stories like they would have otherwise-- No second chancies. And while everyone continues to worry about the future and life of the middle-aged bigot thretening to stab Muslims and shoot niggers (who Reddit and white supremacists have suddenly made into a 15-year old boy, because why not make him more empathetic?) CNN's page was like this only hours after the fact. They don't particularly care.

    Regardless, what CNN did wasn't a threat to dox (doxxing is the malicious release of the entirety of a person's private info (legal name, address, phone number, SSN, credit card info, relatives, etc.) for the express purpose of initiating a personal harassment campaign; all any news station ever does is release a name and maybe a general area of residence, with the exception of cases like high-risk persons like whistleblowers or minors that are the victims/sometimes perpetrators of a crime); it's nothing more than a reiteration of their journalistic right to name people involved in a news story, a right they didn't invoke because they took the shitarse bigot's apology at face value.

    But hopefully people shitting on them for being nice to the shitarse bigot makes them go "fuck it" next time and they just start making normal news stories that just so happen to bite these dickholes in the ass, especially since I'd at least like to know where these fuckheads are so I can stay away from/avoid them if they're potentially around me. Fuck these Trumpsters-- Be better people.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Linkabel said:

    oh nice, I was wondering if you could Escape his meteor strike while flying away. Somehow I thought they were going to make it so that it pulled you anyways.

    I imagine if you're in a pickle, it works like Earthshatter where you have to be in a certain range for it to land, so D.Va's Boost or Pharah's rocket jump can allow you to escape. But nah, I just flew away as Pharah. xD

    Speaking of which, Pharah is a definite counter to him. He's excessively easy to rocket kill. I know from experience on both ends. xP

  3. So I actually tried out Doomfist.  Granted, this is in Arcade, where literally everyone one the team can use him, so it was just a fuckin' punch-filled extravanganza that doesn't in any way reflect proper play. Regardless:

    - Has surprisingly little health (250), shielding options, and is slow feeling. He's going to need some Tank or Mercy/Lucio back-up to survive.

    - Successfully using his Rocket Punch is difficult on moving targets, although you have a lot of movement when aiming, and a cancel option, so that should balance it.

    - Wall stun + shotgun to the face is basically Roadhog's old hook + scrapgun combo; you're basically dead if everything hits.

    - His ult Meteor Strike is terrifying. Just run, get into the air, something.

  4. Just now, Soniman said:

    Cant say I agree, I had absolutley no problem with the original instrumentals and in fact the extra bit we heard in this sound pretty good to, if this song was just instrumentals id dig it, ceartainly leave me more of a impression on me then something like wonder world that while composition wise is sound, left no impression on me

    I thought the original instrumental was forgettable. I literally don't remember a single thing about it. It worked in service of "We need a rock theme song because that's what Sonic games do," but it doesn't stand anywhere near pretty much every rock ballad we had before. Even Knight of the Wind at least has a distinct opener with the Medieval-esque strings.

    Fist Bump is just noise. That's all this game is. Noise.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Josh said:

    This song has nothing on those though. The lyrics are the least of it's problems

    Agreed. Take out the singing (it doesn't matter what the lyrics are; the singing in itself is annoying regardless of the words) and the actual production is just a clusterfuck of fast-paced, excessively generic guitar chords with no memorable melodies. The lyrics only compound the problem.

  6. Just now, Cyrus said:

    The Sonic 2017 topic was 90% "Oh god this game's gonna be edge city" before the SXSW panel, remember?

    I don't particularly remember any specific Sonic 06 comparisons, no, outside of a few people, and that was fought against to some degree because, well, most people don't equate fire with the totality of a single bad yet irrelevant game.

  7. Forget the lyrics and everything. I didn't even hear them or try to make them out- mainly because the quick switches in tone just annoyed me. The actual composition of this is just...bad. It's so fast and loud and bombastic without any distinctive melody or bridges that it almost sounds like a parody. Cheese and cringe is a hard line to walk and the fell into the fires of the latter side.

  8. Well, the circle is different for everyone. I'm more concerned with aesthetics and storytelling at this point because I don't see any real need to worry about the mechanical competency of the games anymore, and in general I still have fun with the gameplay even if I have preferences between the different incarnations. I wouldn't mind a few cheapie games like that, and in general if they just farmed out the development if said games to another dev they could get on with focusing on with advancing the franchise.

    But they're probably gonna tie themselves up with the 30th anniversary game with modern Sonic, classic Sonic, Buddy, and probably Boom Sonic for good measure.

  9. @Sega DogTagz I didn't mean to characterize my idea as literally taking levels from existing games and reselling them. 

    I meant to say, if Gens had instead been intentionally made and released without the classic gameplay and characters altogether, and perhaps at $40, nothing would've been lost at the end of the day.

    I agree with you however that this probably delays the inevitable of figuring out a better style, at least until people get sick of it (but I can't tell whether or not general gamers are sick of it, and if they are if it's because of its similarities to Gens or on its own merits), but my argument in general is that it's not impossible to sell a modern only game. They just don't want to.

    @UpCDownCLeftCRightC The cited issue is that the game would be short without padding.

    My response to that is "So what?"

    Either pad the game's longevity with more elegant options: a proper but punishing difficulty curve and/or Unleashed-esque alternate acts that prevents people from blazing through in 4 hours, or throw in alternate characters with the same gameplay but different levels/level order. Or sell the game for less than $50. If you're gonna bank on a style that you feel is too labor intensive to make annual, that doesn't mean people are entitled to appreciate any diversions you throw in there that are nonsensical or not fun.

  10. Modern Sonic not standing on its own is not necessarily an issue with the gameplay so much as it is Sonic Team just padding the games.

    Package the Modern Sonic levels from Gens, or hell even the daytime stages from Unleashed, into a standalone game connected with classic-like cut scenes and transitions, and sell it for like $30 or $40. I don't see the problem with this even if it's not my ideal type of game design.

  11. Just now, Josh said:

    This reminded me that I've thought a lot about what kind of movesets/gimmicks everyone would have if you went to the absolute limit and used everything. Espio being able to jump around, turn invisible, throw his ninja stars,  grab people with his tongue etc. makes me think he'd be the most powerful and that's without even getting into marvel tag team shenanigans. 

    So Espio would basically be the Sonic version of Kan-Ra from Killer Instinct with some invisibility. Annoying as shit, but I wager he'd still be toast with a close-range character with a good forward dash and capable jump, which you could probably designate Knuckles as being.

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