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  1. So now we're entertaining the possibility that Sega is deliberately taking things out on Adventure fans over a single shitty song. #SonicFans.
  2. I don't particularly remember any specific Sonic 06 comparisons, no, outside of a few people, and that was fought against to some degree because, well, most people don't equate fire with the totality of a single bad yet irrelevant game.
  3. It's just more proof that Mario Odyssey is the Sonic Adventure 3 we've been waiting for all along.
  4. No, only a couple of people who think an area on fire means Sonic 06 thought that.
  5. Hey. Hey guys. Don't say stuff like this. It literally doesn't matter how bad any given game is in part or in whole. This kind of juvenile language mucks up the discourse of a thread and causes second-hand embarrassment to all who read it. It's just a fucking Sonic game. So don't act like this. Or strikes will be had. Fight me.
  6. Forget the lyrics and everything. I didn't even hear them or try to make them out- mainly because the quick switches in tone just annoyed me. The actual composition of this is just...bad. It's so fast and loud and bombastic without any distinctive melody or bridges that it almost sounds like a parody. Cheese and cringe is a hard line to walk and the fell into the fires of the latter side.
  7. Quit the fanboyism. Dismissing criticism of the hit detection as whining by people who you conveniently assume would've also whined about hit detection more accurate to the original because you further assume people were determined to not like it, all in order to essentially paint all criticism of the jumping as invalid is unfair. Frankly, it's the kind of attitude that made the rumors and lead-up to what should've been a really celebratory occasion when Crash was finally confirmed at E3 intolerable in its own presumptuousness and elitism within this very thread. If Crash's hitbox is indeed a pill shape, then that's a dumb decision as nearly all of his obstacles are cubic in nature, meaning hit detection is not going to be as natural, solid, and pixel-precise as it once was. Anyone "can get used to this"- people are beating these games- but this doesn't mean the change was automatically for the better or that it doesn't deserve any criticism. So yeah, this attitude of yours is not helpful and will probably lead to strikes if it continues. If you really want to make an argument that the hit detection hasn't suffered in the translation, maybe instead explain why the change is actually somehow better than it once was.
  8. Well, the circle is different for everyone. I'm more concerned with aesthetics and storytelling at this point because I don't see any real need to worry about the mechanical competency of the games anymore, and in general I still have fun with the gameplay even if I have preferences between the different incarnations. I wouldn't mind a few cheapie games like that, and in general if they just farmed out the development if said games to another dev they could get on with focusing on with advancing the franchise. But they're probably gonna tie themselves up with the 30th anniversary game with modern Sonic, classic Sonic, Buddy, and probably Boom Sonic for good measure.
  9. @Sega DogTagz I didn't mean to characterize my idea as literally taking levels from existing games and reselling them. I meant to say, if Gens had instead been intentionally made and released without the classic gameplay and characters altogether, and perhaps at $40, nothing would've been lost at the end of the day. I agree with you however that this probably delays the inevitable of figuring out a better style, at least until people get sick of it (but I can't tell whether or not general gamers are sick of it, and if they are if it's because of its similarities to Gens or on its own merits), but my argument in general is that it's not impossible to sell a modern only game. They just don't want to. @UpCDownCLeftCRightC The cited issue is that the game would be short without padding. My response to that is "So what?" Either pad the game's longevity with more elegant options: a proper but punishing difficulty curve and/or Unleashed-esque alternate acts that prevents people from blazing through in 4 hours, or throw in alternate characters with the same gameplay but different levels/level order. Or sell the game for less than $50. If you're gonna bank on a style that you feel is too labor intensive to make annual, that doesn't mean people are entitled to appreciate any diversions you throw in there that are nonsensical or not fun.
  10. Modern Sonic not standing on its own is not necessarily an issue with the gameplay so much as it is Sonic Team just padding the games. Package the Modern Sonic levels from Gens, or hell even the daytime stages from Unleashed, into a standalone game connected with classic-like cut scenes and transitions, and sell it for like $30 or $40. I don't see the problem with this even if it's not my ideal type of game design.
  11. So Espio would basically be the Sonic version of Kan-Ra from Killer Instinct with some invisibility. Annoying as shit, but I wager he'd still be toast with a close-range character with a good forward dash and capable jump, which you could probably designate Knuckles as being.
  12. I'm not sure I agree with calling Uncharted and Tomb Raider half platformers and half TPS, in the same way I wouldn't designate Forza as one third casual racing simulator, one third collectathon, and one third art program, and that's mainly due to the degree of integration between mechanics within the overall design. They're games that use really broad mechanics from other games to build and service single design, which could all be broadly be summed up as just the "third-person action-adventure" genre anyway. Sonic Gens and Sonic Forces don't have any meaningful level of integration. The physics, move-sets, abilties, and level design are all significantly different and existing within their own spheres apart from each other that they could technically be taken out wholesale and served as their own games (I mean, that's what modders did with Unleashed, but even then I'd argue Unleashed serves much better as a "single game" than Gens and Forces). You try to divorce the platforming from Uncharted and Tomb Raider, and you're talking about having to fundamentally change player progression from area to area, which in turn fundamentally changes things like the player abilities, level design, enemy location and behavior, how objectives are reached, etc. In general, most mediums and works blend multiple rules and characteristics of genre to certain degrees, which I think is just the inevitability of both human inspiration and the inadequacy of our methods of categorization. However, most don't really do this with hard lines between each. There's either a natural sense of progression or integration with other mechanics that makes them inseparable from one another when taken as whole products. Basically this. Odyssey gets away with his SMB-styled segments because they're mechanical diversions that exist in the context of getting him from place to place, or allowing him to creatively achieve Moons, within the open world kingdoms. Gens and Forces are literally just multiple games taped together with menus and basic room changes from level to level.
  13. If platformers don't sell well, then adding gimmicks to a platformer is not going to fix the fundamental issue. The issue there is the genre, and we need to face the fact that Sonic took advantage of a genre that has become unpopular in recent years, and thus it should adapt properly without inherently sacrificing its identity and quality control like Mario did. And the issue is that people want console games that have a single style with robust mechanics that can support longer-term experiences, especially considering the asking price of games. If you want to talk about sales, look at the highest selling games and franchises. 99% of them do not extensively carve up the main experience between two or more different styles.
  14. There's still the issue of why we keep relying on Classic Sonic as a padding crutch in 3D when we could probably just either have A.) Games that are boost exclusive and less expensive, or B.) A gameplay style that actually supports a reasonably lengthy game altogether and is actually worth the higher asking price. Literally no other franchise splits the focus between its main entrants on new styles and old styles. Mario doesn't have entire halves of his 3D games dedicated to shoehorning in the original SMB style. Breath of the Wild wasn't half open world and then half NES Zelda. The new Grand Theft Auto games don't revert to the original's top-down view. Why do the 3D games need Classic Sonic?
  15. Okay, well, apparently they released the story of Andy's Dad from Toy Story and holy fucking shit:


    1. Forte-Metallix


      ...I think Up has finally met its match. :(

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Just release a short of this Pixar

      Don't make a whole new movie


      Do this


    3. Alex2Beta
    4. Tara


       Me trying not to cry reading this.


    5. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Wow...that gave me the feels...

    6. Tara


      Incidentally, I had no idea Mike Mozart had any relation to Pixar and thought he was just a funny kind of old guy on YouTube.

    7. Hiki


      Holy crap. That shit be sad. I agree with The Deleter on how they should make a short for this tho.

  16. I toss around a few boring ideas in my head every now and again: - A traditional fighting game. Considering the barriers that exist to traditional fighting games, it would probably shut out a lot of the fanbase and demographics Sega targets with Sonic, but at the same time, considering the franchise's roster, focus on alliances and rivalries, speed, and acrobatic mechanics, it kinda saddens me that we haven't gotten a flashy MvC2-like game yet. Just give it to Arc Sys, because the work they're doing on Dragon Ball FighterZ is utterly outstanding. - Sonic Riders 4: This is my favorite spin-off series of the bunch. Unique vehicle choices, an interesting focus on fuel that makes tricking that much more essential, and the futuristic/cyber feel gives it a good identity and a lot of potential as an annual series. Also, it's one of the last arcade racers to have a proper campaign mode. Just use a traditional control scheme, make it as challenging as the original was, and pretty it up Mario Kart 8 style, and I'd be perfectly happy. - A Speedrunners rip-off: I feel like this game is the best solution for multiplayer in a Sonic environment. You're constantly on the run in a looping course and have to contend with obstacles and traps that will slow you down. Instead of it being a race with limited laps, it goes on for as long as players remain on screen- get left behind and you're out for the round. Last player running wins. The same format could probably be adaptable to split screen in a looping 3D environment, and even have some elements of course randomization, but simply replace the off-screen lose state with a distance meter or something.
  17. I tolerated Generations because it was obvious meta fluff for Sonic's birthday. I wasn't enthralled to see Generations chasing this idea of two separately playing Sonics. However, my expectation was for Sega to never do it again, and get with the program and start making games that didn't rely on shallow nostalgia for classic aesthetics at the expense of more robust or even just more consistent gameplay experiences. On top of that, he's not even as fun to play as his Genesis/Mania self, or even Modern Sonic. Seriously, I'd rather $30 3-hour exclusively Modern games at this point than Generations retreads. Overall, Classic Sonic is the current poster child to the identity issues and unnecessary compartmentalizing of gameplay mechanics people had a problem with from SA1 onwards. He just gets a freer pass than most because he's Classic Sonic.
  18. I'm not really enamored with the twisted animatronics. I get having human parts inside or on them as part of the lore, but the idea of basically having them as biomechanical abominations isn't appealing. It's getting a bit ridiculous, in a franchise that was already ridiculous-- EDIT: Wait. If the thing Ogilvie posted is Twisted Foxy, then what is the grey Jon Talbain-looking motherfucker?
  19. I quickly drew Dragon Ball's Liquor:


    1. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Liquir showing all the scrub gods like Beerus and Champa how things are really done!

      Excellent work. <3

    2. Kiah


      I don't know who that is but what I do know that this is really good stuff per usual! ^_^

  20. I want those shoes. *notices the buckle and embroidery on the back* I NEED THOSE SHOES.
  21. And that's it, people! The (second) deadline's been hit! I don't have that long of a spiel, so I'll just say thanks again to everyone who participated in earnest. I'm glad staff could provide another fun little time for people to review and revisit the franchise's music with each other. Being positive about Sonic every now and again, discovering and rediscovering cool little things, can be refreshing, and I hope it reminds us all why we all came here in the first place. Me and the rest of the staff will get to tallying up the votes, and you'll know the tracks that came out on top in the next few days at the very latest, as well as what the rest of the badges are. <u<;; Once again, thank you SSMB! And a happy birthday to Sonic The Hedgehog!
  22. @Dejimon11 I kinda need a list order. Otherwise I'm just gonna count it as invalid. xD
  23. @A cool hedgehog engine The unused theme isn't an eligible song on the list here since, well, it's unused. xP
  24. Settling for Espio! It took me an hour and a half from nine o' clock to do the soundtracks I was actually interested in. xD Sonic 1 (Mega Drive) Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive) Sonic 3 (Mega Drive) Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Heroes Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic Riders Sonic The Hedgehog (360/PS3) Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic Unleashed
  25. What the HELL, why is the ShtH soundtrack as good as it is? Some of these melodies are awesome.

    1. Dejimon11


      Yeah shadow has a good soundtrack. I think it's really overlooked because most folks who talk about the soundtrack are mostly talking about the vocal themes and westopolis 

      Seriously this song is good


    2. Wraith


      Why wouldn't it be? The sound team gives it their 100% in all their dreamcast era stuff

    3. Nepenthe


      I live in a head space now where I'm supposed to assume the entirety of everything surrounding Shadow outside of maybe SA2 is garbage.

    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Is it too late to participate even if it's just some modern games?

      I honestly didn't see this until I got a notification.  

      If it isn't possible I understand 

    5. Nepenthe


      You have until midnight EST to get any last votes in, so 47 minutes.

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      All the worthwhile tracks imo:

      Lost impact

      Leathal highway

      Digital circuit

      Heavy Dog

      Black Bull

      Mad Matrix

      Lava Shelter

      Prison island

      Death Ruins

      Sky Troops

      Cosmic Fall

      Central City

      The ARK

      Blue Falcon

      Black Comet

      Gun Fortress

      Final Haunt

      Black Doom

      System Select

      Battle Menu

      2p vs battle

      + whatever vocal themes you prefer


      Get all those down, and you have yourself a pretty varied, enjoyable soundtrack to listen to, imo. Even for some of the grittier songs; if they're on their own like this, they don't sound half as bad as they do otherwise.

    7. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      It's because there's a ton of sameness. Nearly every song uses the electric guitar to death, and while that was a problem in SA2, it wasn't nearly as bad as here. Individually there are plenty of great tracks (and even some of the vocals are good on cheese factor) but overall they tend to blend. 

    8. Zavok the SpinningSilver

      Zavok the SpinningSilver

      A criminally underrated OST for my money. Among other things, there are so many call backs to SA2's soundtrack here that put a smile on my face, like the Final Rush riff in The Ark.


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