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  1. If platformers don't sell well, then adding gimmicks to a platformer is not going to fix the fundamental issue. The issue there is the genre, and we need to face the fact that Sonic took advantage of a genre that has become unpopular in recent years, and thus it should adapt properly without inherently sacrificing its identity and quality control like Mario did.

    And the issue is that people want console games that have a single style with robust mechanics that can support longer-term experiences, especially considering the asking price of games. If you want to talk about sales, look at the highest selling games and franchises. 99% of them do not extensively carve up the main experience between two or more different styles.

  2. I toss around a few boring ideas in my head every now and again:

    - A traditional fighting game. Considering the barriers that exist to traditional fighting games, it would probably shut out a lot of the fanbase and demographics Sega targets with Sonic, but at the same time, considering the franchise's roster, focus on alliances and rivalries, speed, and acrobatic mechanics, it kinda saddens me that we haven't gotten a flashy MvC2-like game yet. Just give it to Arc Sys, because the work they're doing on Dragon Ball FighterZ is utterly outstanding.

    - Sonic Riders 4: This is my favorite spin-off series of the bunch. Unique vehicle choices, an interesting focus on fuel that makes tricking that much more essential, and the futuristic/cyber feel gives it a good identity and a lot of potential as an annual series. Also, it's one of the last arcade racers to have a proper campaign mode. Just use a traditional control scheme, make it as challenging as the original was, and pretty it up Mario Kart 8 style, and I'd be perfectly happy.

    - A Speedrunners rip-off: I feel like this game is the best solution for multiplayer in a Sonic environment. You're constantly on the run in a looping course and have to contend with obstacles and traps that will slow you down. Instead of it being a race with limited laps, it goes on for as long as players remain on screen- get left behind and you're out for the round. Last player running wins. The same format could probably be adaptable to split screen in a looping 3D environment, and even have some elements of course randomization, but simply replace the off-screen lose state with a distance meter or something.

  3. I'm not really enamored with the twisted animatronics. I get having human parts inside or on them as part of the lore, but the idea of basically having them as biomechanical abominations isn't appealing. It's getting a bit ridiculous, in a franchise that was already ridiculous-- 

    On 6/11/2017 at 5:02 PM, Spin Attaxx said:



    EDIT: Wait. If the thing Ogilvie posted is Twisted Foxy, then what is the grey Jon Talbain-looking motherfucker?

  4. Settling for Espio! It took me an hour and a half from nine o' clock to do the soundtracks I was actually interested in. xD

    Sonic 1 (Mega Drive)


    1. Final Zone
    2. Spring Yard Zone
    3. Scrap Brain Zone
    4. Starlight Zone
    5. Labyrinth Zone

    Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive)


    1. Lava Powerhouse
    2. Toxic Pools
    3. Boss
    4. The Showdown
    5. Bonus

    Sonic 3 (Mega Drive)


    1. Mid Boss Theme
    2. Hydrocity Zone Act 2
    3. Chrome Gadget Zone
    4. Special Stage
    5. Angel Island Zone Act 1

    Sonic Adventure


    1. Open Your Heart
    2. Tornado Scramble
    3. The Dreamy Stage
    4. Twinkle Cart
    5. Run Through the Speed Highway
    6. Goin' Down!?
    7. Egg Carrier- A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
    8. Skydeck A Go Go
    9. Azure Blue World
    10. Be Cool, be Wild & Be Groovy

    Sonic Adventure 2


    1. For True Story
    2. Vengeance is Mine (Radical Highway)
    3. Rhythm and Balance (White Jungle)
    4. Can't Stop, So What? (Metal Harbor)
    5. Throw It All Away
    6. Mr. Unsmiley (Sky Rail)
    7. Won't Stop, Just Go! (Green Forest)
    8. Keys The Ruin (Pyramid Cave)
    9. Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine)
    10. Supporting Me (Biolizard)

    Sonic Heroes


    1. Special Stage: Type B (Emerald Challenge)
    2. BINGO Highway
    3. Frog Forest
    4. Mystic Mansion
    5. Grand Metropolis
    6. Final Fortress
    7. What I'm Made Of (Vs. Metal Overlord)

    Shadow The Hedgehog


    1. I Am (All Of Me)
    2. Blue Falcon
    3. Cosmic Fall
    4. Prison Island
    5. Lost Impact
    6. Digital Circuit
    7. The Ark
    8. Final Haunt
    9. Lava Shelter
    10. Mad Matrix

    Sonic Riders


    1. Theme of Digital Dimension
    2. High Flying Groove
    3. Theme of SEGA Carnival
    4. Catch Me If You Can
    5. Theme of Metal City

    Sonic The Hedgehog (360/PS3)


    1. Aquatic Base- Level 1
    2. Wave Ocean- The Water's Edge
    3. Town Mission 4
    4. Kingdom Valley
    5. White Acropolis (Snowy Peak)
    6. Tropical Jungle (Jungle/Swamp)
    7. Crisis City - Sonic the Hedgehog
    8. Flame Core (Volcano)
    9. Mephiles Phase 2

    Sonic and the Secret Rings


    1. The Palace That Was Found
    2. Let the Speed Mend It
    3. Unawakening Float
    4. Seven Rings In Hand
    5. High and Broken
    6. The White of Sky
    7. No Way Through

    Sonic Unleashed


    1. vs. Titan & Big Mother
    2. Cool Edge Night
    3. Arid Sands Night
    4. Rooftop Run Night
    5. Skyscraper Scamper Day
    6. Chun Nan Night
    7. Jungle Joyride Day
    8. Dragon Road Night
    9. Dragon Road Day
    10. Savannah Citadel Day


  5. Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I do wonder what those hidden badges are. Any chance they'll be revealed soon to give people a chance to shoot for them quickly?

    They'll be revealed in the results thread that will be made afterwards!

    As for shooting for them, well, so long as you followed all of the rules and suggestions per soundtrack, you might be able to earn a few!.... Might. That set of badges isn't based on any tallies. >D

  6. Hey guys! I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who's participated thus far. We've got a lot of votes to put into the system, which is good! The bigger the sample size, the bigger the consensus we can get. I'm excited to see which particular song is going to come out on top, and just how crazy the list is gonna be. And a special thank you to people who have messaged us with missing songs and questions and thoughts about the event. That kind of feedback helps us out, and should we do this next year, it's going to be far more polished; I promise!

    Note: this context was technically supposed to end at midnight last night, but since your host is terrible with midnight dates, I honestly forgot, so you all secretly-ish got an extra day! I loved the scrambling from people who are paying attention. xD


  7. The reason the idea is getting flack is because there's literally no good reason to do it. There's no reason to split the timeline or dimensional fabric of the canon up just because different artists in Sega draw Sonic differently. You want to make a cool classic game? Then just make one. Mania would not be restricted in any sense by being set in a single timeline with the rest of the games that came before.

    All splitting the canon up does is unnecessarily complicate things.

  8. 3 minutes ago, JovahexeonJunkoJoranvexeon said:

    Really hoping that isn't the case in the actual game. :/

    I hope it is, because that would be eleven fucking villains in one game all vying for some satisfying level of narrative justification. In the last Sonic Team developed game, they couldn't even bother really developing six of them beyond their basic tropes.

  9. As a very straightforward adventure where the goal is to stop Eggman, Generations doesn't leave much room for questions. It spills the pot of potential all over the floor and shrugs it off, but the plotting itself isn't really confusing. However, if you care about canon or if you're a time travel fan, yeah, it's a hot fucking mess. SA2(?) Shadow's presence isn't the only issue, although he's a big one (and it would be kinda cool in Forces if these characters were their Generations incarnations) but there's also the issue of how Classic Sonic's adventures affected future events. Either we've got two timelines (which would also very nicely justify the whole "alternate dimension" angle), or- again- we've got two Shadows, two Eggmans, and a Silver running around in the present.....

    Honestly, in talking about it, I will forgive a lot of storytelling dumbfuckery if Forces exists solely to explain away this shit and gets crazy with it Goku Black arc-style.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Dcfan200 said:

    Well, here is the petition.

    It is just in case anyone wants to check it out. We've got 131 signatures from people all over, and still going.


    In before I see "banned," over my name.

    Literally no one on staff cares enough about this petition to ban you over it.

    Stop martyring yourself for no reason. You have two posts here. Chill.

    Also, let's stop giving the aptly-named Fuhrer attention please.

  11. For an actual reintroduction that will be the least contentious, just make a few other characters unlockable for optional, non-canon funsies after you beat whatever boost game is coming up next with Sonic. All you have to do is paste a new model on Sonic's math and give it some appropriate animations per action, and this can't be any more work than what has to be done with Sonic when he uses a Wisp. Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Metal would be fine starting points since they're popular and have been copy-pasted onto Sonic's basic gameplay beforehand anyway.

    If it were up to me, I'd get Sonic working similar-ish to his Adventure incarnation: Running, jumping, rolling/Spindashing, and Homing Attacking is his basic move set, and that needs to be contextualized within an environment that takes advantage of it through a smoother physics system and linear levels with meaningful set-pieces and diversions in the pathway between A and B. The set-pieces diversions are important because they would justify other characters being playable in the same locations. If Tails isn't following Sonic, there's no reason he should follow Sonic's most likely path in the same way. Put him higher in the sky and give him a set-piece or two that makes sense for that location. Likewise for Knuckles whose strength and digging abilities should allow him to get down into places Sonic would have little need or interest in reaching.

  12. There's so much left unsaid by the writers about Lost World that Zavok doesn't appeal to me much beyond the potential characterization within his own shallowness; really, a puddle described by Orwell is still a puddle at the end of the day. The set-up with Eggman effectively taking siege of the Zeti's planet is perfect fodder for a revenge story and some interesting emotions, but they throw it all away for generic genocidal villainy towards everyone because fuck it, we need a major villain to fuel tension. It's annoyingly trite within a context of a game that tries to boast interesting moral explorations.

    Furthermore, I can't really say I have confidence that Forces will significantly develop Zavok because the issue of character overload still remains. He's sharing space with Eggman, Metal, Shadow, and Chaos who are all more popular, and on top of all of that he's not even the main villain anyway- that honor goes to Infinite/Infinity. So my hunch tells me he and the other villains are going to be screwed out of a chance to be properly justified and that he's really only here because they're trying to cram as much cool stuff in as possible. Granted, I guess the idea of him being exposition fodder would be better than the nothingburger I'm describing so I'll take it.

    As for whether or not he can be allowed to appear with the other Zeti. I mean, I guess. Technically... but why?

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