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  1. I wouldn't want any of the classics remade in complete 3D like GHZ was in SA2, but more of something like the Turtles in Time remake on XBLA, the same game with some new mechanics added and a large graphical boost.

    Oh, I understand you completely nor was I targetting you specifically, but rather the concept instead. Unless I've not played the original, game remakes just don't grab my attention. I could better empathize if there were significant changes to the game to make it stand from its predecessor, but I think a problem would arise in even calling it a remake and catering it to the audience who played the original in the first place, especially considering how hailed these games are. I don't know; I just like it more when Sega surprises me with something completely out of the blue... like Werehogs for instance. Plus, I think I'm burnt out from the fact that the classics are available on so many platforms nowadays. It's made me wonder if we really need more. xD

  2. I think I'd put up shields if they ever announced that Sonic Team was working on graphical updates of the classic games and perhaps lock myself in the panic room if they were in true 3D. I mean, ignoring the dev's reputation, the classic games aren't exactly an easy goalpost to shoot for, are they? I think negative comparisons would be too easy to make. Something would be wrong with these supposed remakes, and they'd probably put the franchise and fanbase further in the hole.

    But irregardless of my doomsday attitude, I actually can't think of any Sonic game I would want them to remake anyways, with the possible exception of Sonic '06 if only on the principle that every customer involved deserved better. But I've just never been a stickler for the concept of remaking a game as all it seems to me is a way for a dev to make twice the money for what is essentially the same game at the core. I'd rather they'd put all of those resources into creating newer experiences or, at the very least, direct sequels instead. If I want to play Sonic 1, I'll just pop in Mega Collection. :P

    (I will admit though, seeing a 3D Hydrocity would rock my world. <3)

  3. My first post here. Hello everybody. :D

    Anyways, when it comes to fictional friendships, I prefer them with that friendly animosity and peeved behavior because it's so relatable to me and my clique. We make fun of each other quite often and might even throw in a shove or two, but any true hint of anger is nonexistent or disproportionally small which gives our relationship a very amusing dynamic. And if we do manage to take it overboard, it makes the make-up process a little bit sweeter.

    Thus, I prefer my Sonic and Tails action when they display this behavior more, my favorite overall portrayal of the two being in the OAV. Sonic chastising Tails for calling for his aid and Tails in turn getting on Sonic's back for his snarky behavior were absolutely great. And as far as the games are concerned, Sonic giving Tails that look on the deck of the Egg Carrier was the most memorable. I'd love for Sonic Team to expand on that area of their relationship more instead of merely reiterating the Disney-esque brotherly bond they share which in itself isn't bad, but it does get a little bland. It's why I'm currently more partial to Sonic and Chip's friendship; The two were outstanding to watch.

    And note that I've not played Chronicles nor read Fleetway and can't say anything about the two there, although in the latter it seems to me that Sonic is just an absolute asshole which is not how I'd want him to act to Tails, at least on a daily basis. xP

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