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  1. I can't muster up that much sympathy for politicians getting caught in the violent fallout of what's been going on. We use war metaphors to describe social ills. We almost always respond positively to military action and budget increases. There's numerous media outlets out there saying dark-skinned Muslims and Latinos as "coming for you," yes you, all the way in the town of Bumblefuck in No Commerce County, Wyoming. We talk about the second amendment as necessary to stave off a tyrannical government, and that any attempt to fix our gun laws is part of a conspiracy to make it so that law abiding citizens can't protect their country in case they need to.

    There's been a constant narrative of some large existential threat coming for white people and that they should be utterly pants-pissing terrified for decades now that I'm surprised shit like this hasn't happened more often and sooner. I'm also surprised but not surprised that the GOP that's been really adamant on making obvious political power grabs for the sake of their wallets and job security, even against the wishes and pleas of their own constituents, are surprised that someone thought this probably counted as tyranny and tried to kill Scalise with a gun.

    "You need guns to fight back tyranny... wait, not our tyranny!"

  2. My worry about "General" or "Miscellaneous" threads is that they will inevitably become de facto megathreads anyway, as they're going to act as a hub for all levels of news of a range of different subject matters. They would need to be clearly defined with updates that are and aren't allowed to be posted as "news."

  3. There is no need for subforums per game.

    They require administrative oversight to implement and change/delete every time we get a new game, as well as a willingness to dump the topics after release, and for now we don't feel like dealing with that.

    Topics generally have the name of the game that's being discussed, meaning you can visually sort them yourself.

    Major news updates will always bump threads or warrant the creation of new ones, allowing members to get to news just as quickly, if not quicker, than that news being buried in a giant thread of thousands of replies.

    If you're not interested in Forces, don't go in threads blatantly marked about Forces.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    Yes and no. With the way that the Wispons work in this game, functioning as both a basic weapon and a special ability, having them all on hand at one sounds like a tall order. So far we've seen the Lightning and Burst in action. Both have a basic forward-shooting attack for taking down those lazily placed lines of enemies that have been described as bowling pins, but there special attacks when powered up vary. Burst more or less lets you fly/infinite jump with fire, while Lightning gives you the lightdash (and maybe some other application to draw yourself into objects ala Lost World 3DS). They're where the true variety in gameplay comes from, in a manner that's not entirely dissimilar to S3K's idea of giving characters a the same moveset and one unique ability. 

    The number of Wisps that exist suggest to me that they're still going to be fairly context-specific. But if only one Wispon can be chosen per level, then yeah, they should be usable at any time. It really irks me that Burst Wisps still show up when Lightning is selected, and vice versa. It's slightly confusing, and looks messy.

    Well, what I mean is, your weapon should simply be compatible with any Wisp in any given level. In fact, you would think that having Burst Wisps in Park Avenue regardless of your gun's previous set-up, that this would be the case.

    Hell, you could do a Color Splash and have each given Wisp in a level its own energy bar a la the different primary colors of paint, and if you have any energy left for that particular Wisp, your weapon can use that specific power in the appropriate context. See a trail of rings? Light Speed Dash with Lightning. See a platform above your head? Start double-jumping with Burst. No need to worry about equipping weapons and whatnot to have access to that ability at all, especially with Red Rings back (the moment I can't get to a Red Ring because I don't have the right gun equipped, I quit). Instead, you worry about resource management and accurate use and timing with the Wisps on hand.

    In short, Avatar's access to Wisps should be treated as if they're a character that simultaneously has multiple abilities and yet limited energy to use them all, rather than a character who only has one ability at a time and requires tinkering to change. Simple. Quick. To the point. Sonic games.

  5. The idea that each weapon can only use one Wisp is a bummer, because the fact that they act like slightly-limited elemental shields that augment your movement without having to stop to activate them in highly contextual situations makes this technically their best implementation ever. I honestly hope that's not the case, or that your weapon changes on the fly when you pick up a different Wisp or something, because having to go back and outfit your Avatar with new gear in order to take some new path in a level is going to be tedious as fuck.

  6. Yeah, I think the issue with their gameplay thus far is that, outside of the flamethrower and a Wisp(?), there doesn't seem to be any other way for Avatars to take out enemies quickly, and there's a ton of them on the field at any given time. This means players have been spamming the homing attack which makes the whole thing stilted and awkward and... just not fun-looking. A move/weapon with a wider field of damage is desperately needed here.

  7. 1 minute ago, Sega DogTagz said:

    I'd be stoked. It backdoors the character derailment issues and gives you a pretty good reason to punch Shadow in the face

    More importantly, it also means the final boss may well be


      Reveal hidden contents

    vs Super Classic Sonic


    Infinity would have had to have been involved in bringing him over. Imagine that guy being the mole that brings the resistance down.

    I'm...I'm so sad because I'm getting suddenly hyped now for something I'm not even certain is going to happen. Goddamn you, DogTagz!!!

  8. Just now, Sega DogTagz said:

    Well, looks like we can look forward to a return to more involved storytelling. Its fairly evident from what we saw in the character chatter in park avenue that each of them are pretty in the dark about what is going on around them, and the new foursome of villains is going to need some explaining.


    <head canon>

    My running theory is that Infinity can manipulate, traverse alternate realities and bring their denizens back with him. A Shadow who still thinks of Sonic as his enemy. A Zavok who still thinks Eggman holds the conch. A Chaos before he was reformed. And throw in Metal Sonic just because you can. Infinity could be a walking Endless Possibilities and that would explain the multitude of Death Egg Robos, Dragoons and the like. 

    A real thinker is what he would have been attempting to achieve by bringing Classic Sonic over. There has gotta be a motive there...

    I would be pretty happy with this, although what I still don't get is Sega's shoe-horning of alternate-dimension stuff.

  9. Just now, Diogenes said:

    Well it's far from my top concern, but beating down Eggman, the series' eternal villain, to return order to the world after he's finally mostly succeeded in taking it over, sounds way more interesting to me than fighting some new guy who just showed up and probably doesn't have any meaningful relation to anything I care about.

    We don't even know if he's succeeded of his own volition at this point. Infinity is not going to be completely divorced from this. Even then, there's so much fucking shit in this game's narrative- time travel, dimension-hopping, villains returning who honestly shouldn't fucking be here, the OC resistance, and all of that, that it's honestly now taking away from the fact that I need to take Eggman seriously now. Like, I can't be bothered to care at this point in time who the final boss is.

  10. Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    There's something I was wondering. Classic is established as being in another dimension, along with his worlds and zones and characters and everything, right?

    Well then how come in Generations, Modern Sonic and Tails responded and reacted to these worlds that they shouldn't have gone to if they're in another dimension? 

    Because Sega is literally making it harder on themselves by just adding extra explanations where they aren't necessary.

  11. Does the final boss particularly matter? Neither scenario is all that unique or interesting, particularly since most bosses in Sonic- final status or otherwise- are kinda mediocre. It's either going to be Eggman, who has been the final boss the most times in series history, or it's gonna be Infinity/a monster, which is the series' second biggest boss trope.

    The most interesting thing they could do is an environmental finale where you have to complete objectives to prevent disaster instead of fighting something. Like, End of the World except not terrible or something.

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