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  1. You honestly need not assume bad faith in these people and just call to get the account closed. I imagine it wouldn't take them too long to do so: 1-3 days, if that?
  2. Disneyland costumes defy the proportions of its characters all the time and the kids don't care.
  3. I will concede that I made assumptions about what her problems with the women in Assassin's Creed are; I was merely extrapolating the issues she's had with other examples as the problem she's had here. However, I don't back down from silliness of the assumption that's been made that she wants to forego the historical accuracy of the series for the sake of writing empowered female characters that don't fit, much less that I'm still confused on how CSS and Stingray extrapolated that from her statement when she mentions nothing about the period the game takes place in as well. On this point, we should wait when she does have time to over her complaints in detail.
  4. You've completely missed her point. She is not advocating that the writers treat the period women characters with the same social freedoms I enjoy now and break historical accuracy, rather that not either be unnecessarily sexualized or just throwaway, useless female characters whose gender is the most notable thing about them. The time period has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not this can be done. You made a logical distinction between 14th through 17th century Italy and modern western society by saying it made no sense to bash the female characters in the Assassin's Creed games because the former was a highly and obviously patriarchal society. My rebuttal is that society in our time is still patriarchal, thus the era does not logically prevent criticism anyway. The implication is implicit in what you said. This also does not excuse the erronous analogy you made concerning potential NFL paraplegic players.
  5. I just watched JesuOtaku's Digimon Tamers retrospective and feel like I missed out on something special from my childhood. :(

    1. -Ace-


      yeah season 1,2 and 3 were very special to me growing up after that I have no idea what happened

    2. Sami


      Agreed. I only ever got to see a few episodes in Arabic when I was a kid, but I really loved what I saw.

    3. #AR


      Tamers was personally my favorite season.

  6. It is not impossible to write female period characters well while also recognizing the fact that bigotry has existed throughout history. Disney actually did it with The Princess and the Frog, as mild as the scene was. I honestly don't know why the time period is an excuse. Women didn't suddenly become full-fledged human beings when we got the right to vote or something. xP
  7. You said that you cannot make an argument against the Assassin's Creed games' lack of female characters because they take place in a historical era that was highly patriarchal, as if western society has somehow become post-patriarchal. Furthermore, the analogy heavily misguided. Whilst women have been a social minority throughout history, more so in the Medieval and Renaissance eras in which the series mainly takes place, this injustice does not prevent writers from writing any period female characters well; there is no physical inhibition with that like your paraplegic example......... :|
  8. Solkia, I didn't call her nitpicky. Rather, I denounced anyone calling her nitpicky on the grounds that she's not going after the big fish, but instead a wide array of examples across games. Expanding the scope of the issue is something that needs to be done, because it will better serve to move this dialogue forward beyond: "Women are objectified in games all the time." "Nuh-uh, not all the time!!! D<" @ Stingray: Are you implying western society is not patriarchal?
  9. It's less blatant in the fact that most people will not naturally go to Rayman Origins as the first example of sexism in games, preferring more obvious fish instead. And all of her examples appear valid even on paper. The fact that her criticisms aren't even trying to be met with reasoned rebuttals citing content from the games themselves, but rather "she sounds nitpicky so she probably is" screams of people getting overly defensive and thus turning a blind eye to a problem because they're not part of the social group it affects.
  10. I've played the shit out of Rayman Origins and I've also wondered why the Nymphs had to be that scantily clad, curvacious, and big-busted. I even cringed when my mom came in one day and saw me rescuing one, figuring I was going to have a rant on my hands about the inappropriateness of such imagery. It was outright embarrassing to me, and that's why it's good for her to call out games that don't hold the obvious examples of sexism on their faux pas. Yeah, anyone can take a stick to Dead or Alive all day due to how blatant it is because there's no doubt that the developers are exploiting their female characters on purpose. But that's actually small potatoes. It's the less blatant examples that are the most apt of continuing negative social trends that we ought to address with just as much fervor, if not more, because they're just as harmful yet harder to combat.
  11. How about just not involving them at all anymore? Their only role now has been to pump out inferior versions of the main games that mostly serve to mar the experience, something I believe needs to stop.
  12. I thought we had confirmation a month or few ago about the continuation of the Unleashed gameplay and the lack of other playable characters, so really I didn't think this part of the interview was all that new or surprising. In fact, for a moment I was wondering why this had come back up again and people were freaking out about it. *forgot about SoS*
  13. The original classics don't look and play radically differently from one another either, and on top of that, they've been repackaged on every single electronic gaming device imaginable. I guarantee Sonic 2 would be available for interactive toasters if someone had the ingenuity to make such a device and it took off. So even ignoring the fact that the classics were borne from a need to sell consoles and keep Sega afloat against competition from Nintendo, those games and their inherent nostalgia has been been milked to death like the rest of the series, and they should not get reprieve from this fact simply because they're good games.
  14. The entire post is relevant to the tangent of what constitutes "milking a formula" which has already been discussed in this thread rather extensively over the last two pages. :/
  15. He didn't say anyone in this topic said that. He asked, "Why is continuing the Unleashed formula considered milking, but continuing the Adventure or classic games is considering not milking?"
  16. Second Rise of the Guardians trailer, Dreamworks' next film: I'm not feeling this one too much now. The first trailer gave off a vibe that suggested the focus would be on camaraderie and pack politics, kind of like Avengers lite. This one is now pushing Jack as the de facto reluctant leader, meaning I'm fearing this film will do a KFP and will instead waste the potential and development of most of its cast.
  17. I'm actually curious to see if and how well they'll be able to capture the show's Kricfalusi-isms and render out those weird facial expressions and grotesque close-ups. If done right, this might open the gateway to more stylistic CGI beyond just plain Pixar style.
  18. With the Sonic comparisons going around, this is like going from AoStH Sonic to Unleashed Sonic; an improvement in every way. I actually find this little guy cute, and a lot less grating on the nerves than the decades' old, 90s extreme abomination that they'd been peddling around forever. Really, old Chuck looked like a rejected character you'd see slapped on the side of those little quarter rides at the mall. Even when I was the young and dumb demographic perfect for the place and bothered to visit, I never liked his looks. Maybe his even-uglier friends will get the same treatment. xP
  19. =P I'm just playing. And I don't remember who started it, or even anyone who jumped on that particular bandwagon. Only person I vaguely remember is remz for locking it.
  20. I never understood the statement "just because you hold x opinion doesn't mean x is true" either as an inherent rebuttal (after all, opinions aren't factual beyond describing the holder's personal experience) or in the context of topics where the entire discussion point only asks for what you thought of the game and why, with disagreement between multiple sides being irrelevant to the framing of that discussion point. It's just kinda dumb. :| Anyway, I can't really speak a whole lot on the game myself because I was one of seven people who bought the Xbox version and said console died before I could finish any significant amount of it. I remember not feeling terribly fussed at the controls and considered them an improvement over Heroes' slipperiness; same with the rail grinding. Didn't like the vehicles beyond the little Black Arms bat thingie; felt there was no point to them. Most of the levels were mediocre in their design, and as such I got a very similar feeling I got with Colors- that I was just going through the motions instead of making my way towards any conceivable goal through fleshed-out levels, but there were a few stand-out bits: I liked the computer levels, and I even like the falling ARK level for its uniqueness. The camera could be horrible in certain spots, like the aforementioned computer levels, specifically the one where you're tasked with going to different servers or whatever; the camera swivels around in front of Shadow at a pivotal Homing Attack moment. That made me rage. Those are my most salient thoughts on the game; since I've not played it since, and never got to spend any real time on it, I don't have any strong feelings towards it beyond "meh."
  21. Elders React to Dubstep. It's more positive than you think:

    1. T-Min



  22. I will harbor seething, burning resentment for that topic, its creator, and the people who agreed with it forever. That's totally not unreasonable, right? And I like furries. They're hilarious and good dancers.
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