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  1. Finally fully vaccinated! 💪

    1. Jango


      Damn, must be nice. I didn't even got my first dose yet. Everything is already open in the country, but only 30% of the people are fully vaccinated. Also, the government wants to take down the face mask obligation in public spaces, indoor or outdoor. And the vaccination plan is months behind, with many doses just sitting in warehouses for no reason. It's really good living here. I got covid twice already because no one at my work uses masks.

  2. Since they seem to have fixed the stage lighting, I hope they fix Sonic's lighting. Not a fan of the overlit, shiny Sonic with yellow skin. Pretty sure that was still in the concert footage.
  3. Today is Sonic's 30th birthday and the thing I think about most, is that I'm also gonna be 30 in a few months 😧

    1. The Master

      The Master

      Me too, my Dad was joking about it today when he heard.

  4. The only thing I don't like about this concept art is the shoes. I find them really ugly. Other than that, though, I really like what I see. The different aged Eggmen isn't the most crazy original idea ever, but I like it, and they all have pretty good designs.
  5. Pretty sure Nintendo had no problem talking about shortening the tutorial in Twilight Princess, so I'd be surprised if they did here. I imagine/hope they fix the thing where every time I turn the game on, it has to tell me what each thing I collect is. That was really annoying. TP had the same problem with Rupees, but they fixed that for SS, but then the same thing happened for materials, from what I remember. I do, actually. It's something people want, and it improves the game, market it! Better than just repeating themselves again like E3.
  6. The Pro is allegedly coming this September. I'd be surprised it it didn't have a patch.
  7. I still expect Rangers to be the second half of 2022 release. When's the last time a mainline Sonic didn't release late in the year? Heroes? Origins will probably be the release for the first half of the year.
  8. I don't believe this latest one either. Maybe I'm the dumb one, but they seem to be confusing focus testers with play testers.
  9. I wouldn't expect the level design of the boost stages to be particularly complex. They sound like they're basically Special Stages, which are generally simplistic. Plus designing 7 large, complex boost stages in addition to the open world may be too much for them time-wise.
  10. It's possible Rangers isn't the final title.
  11. It's a nice logo, but I think it's simply the symbol of the new character or people.
  12. Sega mentions Sonic Rangers in its own press release Classic SEGA!
  13. It's in the same style as Sonic's 1-Ups and Life icon in Generations:
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