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  1. Nintendo probably didn't give the Mania teams NX dev kits. No chance it's coming to Wii U.
  2. Old thread, but, you can test what your Patronus is on Potter more now: Me so far: Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird Wand: Vine wood with a Phoenix feather core 9 ¾" and Slightly Yielding flexibility Patronus: Rattlesnake
  3. I'm leaving and never coming back until tomorrow.

    1. BenderTheBatman


      something something something dark side

  4. Confirmed for the West. NA: December 13 EU: February 2017 I really hope this gets dubbed, but with how little effort was put into the trailer, I don't see them putting much behind this game.
  5. No, I don't. We're talking about Sonic Mania. Project 2017 might be nice, I wouldn't know as they haven't shown the actual game, but with Sonic Mania, I wanted a sequel to S3&K, and in my mind that sequel wasn't a rehash. You clearly don't. They don't have to, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about every decision for this game.
  6. Maybe you should check the very first page of this thread.
  7. I want S3&K Remastered and I want a new game. I do not want my new game to be filled with old levels. Not very hard to understand.
  8. More Classic levels than new ones really kills a lot of my excitement for this.
  9. Annoying Pokemon Bank info: That sucks. :-/ I knew that would be the case with past Generations, but I thought starting Gen 6 I'd be able to move them back and forth at will...
  10. Lycanroc (Great name by the way) Midday Form is another reason to get Sun. Midnight form bothers me. It seems like it should've of been a separate Dark/Fighting evolution. Oranguru looks really cool. I might use one in my team. (Edit: It seems Oranguru is exclusive to Moon...) I literally laughed out loud at Eevee's Z-Attack.
  11. The characters look pretty neat. I'm guessing this is from the Steel Diver team. Sub Wars was really fun, so this has potential, even if what we've seen isn't amazing so far. Still, if we're getting a colorful cast of army people it could've been Advance Wars :V
  12. Ash is going to shove a Honedge into Giovanni's head? Nice.
  13. Look, it's Jim Gordon.


    He wants pictures of Spider Man!

  14. I'm not sure you can call anything winning if you're a shipper