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  1. In what world is Krillin a troll character? And what does the kind of character they are have to do with anything? Even a goofy character like Mr. Satan can be a good fighter in a game with the right moveset.
  2. That's just stupid. No one should have a chance against Frieza and yet they're still in the game.
  3. Some parts of the episode have already leaked:
  4. Yeah, of course, people don't know X-Men. It's not like they've had a constant stream of movies for the past 17 years. The point about people only liking them for how they function is just dumb. This is a crossover game. Characters are a big part of it. I barely remember how characters like Wolverine or Gambit play, but I still want them, because I like them. But, hey, at least we'll eventually be able to pay extra for these characters whose function, which is really all they are, you already have.
  5. That wasn't off topic. What are you talking about? This is the Dragon Ball thread, DiamondX posted about Dragon Ball.
  6. Fuck my eyes are terrible =(

  7. Hopefully, she means Caulifla and not Kale.
  8. She did in Prime 3.
  9. Treehouse starting with Splatoon 2 Story Mode:

  10. Looks like an announcement is coming up on Treehouse Live: 


    1. VEDJ-F


      I dunno, seems a bit fishy to me. 

  11. Zelda DLC 1 being shown:

  12. More of Odyssey will be shown off in a few minutes;:

  13. New Yoshi game is being shown off:

  14. Treehouse Live is starting.