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  1. It doesn't look enjoyable to play on. Even as a kid I had problems with the GB Micro and this is smaller and I'm bigger 😕
  2. Gee, thanks key opinion leader in China for telling us what it isn't. 😅
  3. Wow, it's been a while. Wonder if mine from way back then will be here. I don't remember what it was lol I think it'd be fun to do banners again.
  4. From Resetera: https://www.resetera.com/threads/sonic-news-site-compares-blm-riots-to-sa2-and-forces.216699/ And the Tweet announcing the closure:
  5. Oh, I guess I never commented on the DualSense. So, I guess I will now. It's the ugliest first-party controller I can remember. Maybe it'd look fine in all black and with the colored buttons back, but as it is now it's ugly as sin. Makes me worried about the actual console's design. Nice of them to give some MadCatz rejected designer a job, though.
  6. Looked really nice. If this is what we can start expecting from games in a few years, it'll be a nice generation. I never cared for UE3, but I thought UE4 was quite nice, especially since its ease of use really seemed to revitalize many Japanese studios, so I hope this continues that trend. What a weird thing to say when nowadays so many games are cartoony or stylized. It's not like we're back in the mid-360 era of brown "realism" games.
  7. I know they don't have the game rights anymore, but I still hope they pay for bonus character. If he's not in, I hope they don't replace him with garbage like Crash. 😱😘
  8. I want to tell Tim Sweeney something my mom likes to tell me often: Move your damn jaw when you speak. 


    1. Teoskaven


      He has been mesmerized by his plasma ball, it's too late now.

  9. That's cool. I've always liked the Tony Hawk games. Can't believe it's been over 20 years since I played the original on DC 😮 I wish this was 1-4, though. I wonder if Spider-Man will still be in. I hope so.
  10. Catfish Dark has got to be the first to be upgraded. We all know it should've come before Sonical.
  11. After playing RE2 and 3 remakes, I'd really love remakes of 1, 0 and CV in the style of 2.

  12. Makes sense. It was probably more trouble than it was worth and seeing their work on a comedic character like Mr. Satan not being very good, made me less confident in a such a comedic saga as the Buu saga. Also, the two Shortz are kinda shit, so I can't imagine that would've been all too great either.
  13. Dang, episode 5 of Mythic Quest is so much better than the rest of the show. The rest of the show is pretty decent, but that episode is great. I'd definitely recommend watching that one. It's cut off from the rest of the show, so you don't have to be worried about being lost.

  14. So, KH ReMIND is a parody, right?


    I did a team attack with Kairi, and they just yell out "LIGHT!" and nothing else. I burst out laughing.


    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Every KH game post-KH2 is a self-parody.

    2. Teoskaven


      Justapancake is not a parody channel, is a detailed documentary channel.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      In an era where media is driven by ironic self-deprecation, I applaud Nomura for writing every single line into his script maintaining a straight face the whole time.




      Then again, you'd think Sonic Forces was a parody.

  15. Dang Legends of Tomorrow still proving it's the best super hero show.

    1. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      I remember your post from last year saying the exact same thing. It's kind of magical actually, and I agree, they keep proving it true! I'm gonna watch the first post-Crisis episode tonight, I assume it's gonna be a blast. I fucking love Sara Lance.

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