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  1. There's something about the way Mario looks in that art that I really like. Yoshi with the bazooka is cool, too. Luigi Rabbid is dressed like the Chipmunks. xD
  2. I'm getting neither anytime soon since I don't have the consoles for them. I'll get both in the long run. Odyssey will be the better game.
  3. I guess it's what you'd expect from a Mario and Rabbids crossover, but for some reason, I was imagining it with higher contrast and a lot of purples.
  4. Yes, because 1 is way better than 2 and 3.
  5. The Like/Dislike ratio is 27.851/2.480, so it seems like the reaction is fairly positive. Obviously this doesn't speak for everybody, but 30.000 is good survey sample size, even accounting for trolling.
  6. lol for some reason I'm imagining cutscenes going down like this now: What does him not getting a design have to do with it? I hope you're right, though.
  7. Leotard design? What are you talking about? Off the top of my head, the only character that wears a leotard is Bunnie and she's from about 24 years ago. I'm thinking Colors or Lost World. I don't expect hub worlds. Huh? It looks like Boost gameplay minus the boost plus the grappling and gun abilities. Really? Did they say that?
  8. The game seems to lack a real story mode, so that kind of kills it for me. I still think the game looks good, but I'm unlikely to use the multiplayer, so it doesn't seem worth it. Probably for Random.
  9. Oh, it's only the sex joke? I caught that, but I remembered that mission having a weird name.
  10. OK, did I miss something? I was only half paying attention.
  11. Probably the dumb mission in Generations where you have to keep hitting a music note back to Vector.
  12. Heads up, Gamersyde has the trailers with a higher bitrate and the concept art in much higher quality: I don't get why SEGA keeps releasing the trailers only in 720p. The game is on PC and should definitely be able to reach 1080p.
  13. Oh. Well, there's still no web shooter in the game and it's coming from the character's palm instead of wrist... :x
  14. Kinda funny thing in one of the official screenshots: The cable is coming out of the character's arm instead of the gun part. Also, saw this on Neogaf: