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  1. Of all the IP they have, they choose to start with Twisted Metal for a TV series...
  2. If we're talking about embarrassing defeats, let's not forget that big bad Emperor Palpatine got defeated by being picked up and tossed over a railing.
  3. Did you miss Ben getting shot by Chewbacca's Bowcaster? It's hard to believe you did, because the movie spent multiple scenes showing us how powerful it is and how he was in pain from the shot. Oh, and there's his obvious emotional anguish from killing Han. And even then he was easily beating her until she calmed herself and let the Force guide her.
  4. It wasn't a PR stunt. People need to stop believing this nonsense. It wouldn't be some insanely brilliant move to purposely make everyone think your movie is terrible.
  5. I had to buy bubble wrap for a package recently and the picture on the insert of the bubble wrap cracks me up:


  6. Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel confirmed for Ultimate Alliance 3!!


    2 of the characters I was most hoping for! Hopefully, Kate Bishop Hawkeye is in, too.

    1. mayday2592


      This game keeps looking better and better.  Crystal and Lockjaw are revealed in game informer's footage too, with Wasp also being confirmed.

  7. Took me a bit to realize why this expression and pose seemed so familiar:
  8. Movie Sonic should wear pants.

    1. Little T

      Little T

      I mean, then I wouldn't have to stare at those freaky freaky, fluffy human legs....

  9. Yeah, but even in this trailer he's shown to be crazy and quirky and not care what the military says. They could've had him design his typical animal robots. They didn't even have to use the word Badnik, but it would've been at least nice to see more Eggman-esque robots. I guess it's not surprising, though.
  10. I honestly don't get why they went with such generic robots. Surely, more unique robots would sell more merch?
  11. Uh. Well... Sonic looks worse than the leaks lol. Jean-Ralphio is good as his voice. The only joke that landed was the child in the bag stuff. Eggman looks good at the end, but Mushroom Hill in the background looks amateurish?
  12. lmao


    1. KHCast


      Holy shit lol 

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      What's up its your boy Egghead63 here playing some epic League of Legends, shoutout to ~Gamer_girl_Elise~ give her a sub and please tell her to unblock me I need to know how my latest Battle Royal beta works on her setup, but anyways back to Laughing out Loud let's Eggpwn some n00bs losers

  13. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. Honestly, I'm just glad he has a red jacket lol Leaked ending:
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