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  1. Well, I always go to Amazon forums for my hot gaming scoops.
  2. Oh boy, it's coming to Console. I love Console.
  3. Still better than slowly fading to black. They could've also had a mini game for this.
  4. I just mean this is so much more than for defeating an Elite 4 member. It's weird.
  5. Is the money different in the Japanese versions of the games? 20000 Pokédollars for that seems ridiculous.
  6. PS4 Slim has leaked:


    P.S. Netflix is really annoying.

    1. QuantumEdge


      Woopsie daisy.  Guess Microsoft can pride itself more in its secrecy standards I guess :P

  7. I'd say the Pokémon being on the site is a pretty big indicator they aren't getting Alola forms.
  8. They could remaster AC1 on it's own and release it digitally (Or even include it here to connect with Altair's story in Revelations) and do an America collection including 3, Liberation and Rogue (And maybe include a digital code for Black Flag). That way the whole main series would be on current gen. Ezio collection would be first since he and his games are the most beloved of the series.
  9. Revelations was really good, too. If it just wasn't for the tower defense crap, it'd be at the level of the other two.
  10. Just watched the latest Pokemon episode... I can't believe Ash sold Pikachu for a pack of cigarettes.

  11. Angry over Pokémon? Come watch the Pokémon Sun & Moon stream, starting in 10 minutes:

    1. QuantumEdge


      I hope what they show is promising.  I really need to draw something good from Pokémon today.

  12. Hey, nerds, instead of crying about a 10 year old losing a tournament, join the IGN Gamescom stream:

    1. Gabe
    2. Kabalni


      ew no, not unless there's new fire & ice details fam.

    3. -Ace-
  13. This doesn't look like a hybrid to me. It just looks like Classic Sonic.
  14. Then get angry over those things. They do enough things to make one angry, so why get angry over dumb stuff like this? I don't think zombies are particularly out there when it comes to MGS xP