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  1. I would love to see Shadow have his own sub-series. I was sad to hear that any hope this was shot down after Shadow's game received such low ratings. But Shadow's one of my favorite characters so I would love Sonic Team to at least start using him again and maybe give him another shot to expand on the Sonic Universe and perhaps create a foil sub-series to the kid friendly tone that current Sonic games are taking. However I believe Sonic Team first needs to work on getting Sonic's reputation back up before they start to experiment with Shadow again or anything else for that matter. The Mario franchise has it's own handful of sub-series staring Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong, so why can't Sonic?
  2. Well I guess Black Knight feels forgotten right now. XD
  3. Well I just finished watching the first episode and so far I'm loving it, don't understand why people here are hating on it so much, it's just a simple parody of the console wars nothing meant to be taken seriously. And the story is being told from Sonic's Gear's point of view, I don't see how it could get any better than this. Then again I suppose the writting is meant more for general anime fans, not necessarily Sonic fans . And so far, I'm loving this Gear character and the psychotic Link. Although I could do without the unneccessary fanservice but besides that, things are looking pretty interesting imo I can't wait for the next episode.
  4. This actually looks really cool, I've always wanted to see an animated series of the sort based on the 90's console war. This'll definitely be on my last of animes to be on the look out for this year.
  5. Sonic Boom 2012 was great I met a lot of great Sonic fans, got a chance to play Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing Transformed, and even got a few of my Dreamcast games signed by Takashi Iizuka. Truly a night to remember, I can't wait for Sonic Boom 2013. @mikeblastdude did you cosplay as Metal Sonic tonight? If so, I believe that I ran into you on the dance floor and asked what you thought of Sonic 4 Episode II, it's good to see that you had fun at Sonic Boom as well.
  6. I believe Sonic 2 is pretty overrated, but don't get me wrong. Sonic 2 is a phenomenal game and definitely one of the best in the series. However, as of late, I think Sonic 2 has been getting way too much attention in terms of references in other games and areas. For example 1. Both Sonic 4-1 AND Sonic Generations reused Sonic 2's final boss. I honestly would have liked to see Sonic 3 & Knuckles's final boss since I thought it was a much more epic fight but no, they just decided to reuse the giant Eggman robot that was already reused in Sonic 4-1. 2 Sonic 06 had "Sweet Dreams" which was a remixed and vocal version of the final theme at the end of Sonic 2 3. Archie's Sonic Genesis comic book arc only had zones from Sonic 1 and 2 but no reference to Sonic CD or Sonic 3 & Knuckles. They even remade the Sonic 3 box art but still no zones from the game, excuse me? Isn't that false advertisement? XD 4. Sonic Generations had classic Sonic, Tails, and Eggman, but no classic Knuckles, Amy, or chaotix? Sounds like Sonic 2 fan service to me. (Well the game did have classic Metal Sonic, but he didn't really have a role in the story) 5. Recent Sonic games have been focusing mostly on Sonic and Tails and paying little to no attention to the other characters which is starting to annoy me. Not really a reference to Sonic 2 but it does give me the idea that Sega is beginning to think that Sonic 2 is the best game in the series so they should only focus on that game's stars and reference Sonic 2 as much as possible. Not only this but Sonic 2 the game itself is my least favorite out Sonic 1, 2, 3/k, and CD. Not my favorite choice of level design, bad enemy placements and too many death pits, chaos emeralds were difficult to collect, not enough collectable extra lives, Tails couldn't fly when you play as him, and I didn't really like the tone of levels either. Sonic 3/k at least improved on all of this which is why I feel kinda annoyed to see Sonic 2 get so much more attention. This may just be the Sonic 3/Knuckles fan boy in me complaining, but I would love future Sonic games to give Knuckles and other characters better roles (just please don't force us to play as them) and reference other games every once in a while but please, let's focus a little less on Sonic 2, we've got plenty other Sonic games from Sonic's history to look back to. No Sonic 3-1 zone or classic Knuckles in Sonic Generations? For shame. Edit: Oh, you know what? Sonic 4-1 didn't even have any zones or bosses inspired from Sonic 3/k at all but it did have 2 zones and 3 bosses inspired from Sonic 2. Wow, no love for Sonic 3/k even though Sonic 4-1 was supposed to be a direct sequel to that game? Yeah, I think recent Sonic games have shown a little too much love for Sonic 2. :/
  7. I hope this nightmare never happens, but if Sega were to someday go out of business, I suppose Nintendo would be the best company for Sonic to go to since they're probably the only company besides Sega that knows Sonic best. But still it would really break my heart to see Sonic being bought by another company. I do remember Sonic's "fans" claiming that Sonic would be better off if Sonic were to be sold to another company after 06 blew up the fan base but honestly, would another company picking buying Sonic make this franchise any better? Luckily, Sonic is out of the 06 pit so we shouldn't have to worry about this for awhile but from what I've seen anyway, video games bought by other companies often tend to do worse then when they were being developed by the companies that originally created them (such as the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon series). So would the quality of games actually improve at all if Sonic was picked up by another company, and more importantly would he even feel like Sonic anymore (I can't even recognize Crash and Spyro anymore )?
  8. Wow people arguing over Sonic's race on YouTube? Hahaha, people on the internet never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. XD Anyways, I thought this interview with Mike Pollock was pretty interesting. Though all those stupid YouTube comments commenting about Sonic the Humans skin color made me feel more connect to Sonic the Human as a person. Personally being of African decent, I myself have had my share of ignorant comments about skin color when I cosplayed as Sonic in my Sonic's 19th birthday YouTube video competition entry. But then again, ignorant comments like these remind me why I love Sonic as a character so much. He's no humanoid superhero who one can classify as black, asian, mexican, white etc. (yes I'm looking at you Superman). Sonic is character that anyone of any race or background can relate to. He has no race, religion, or ethnicity (thank goodness) he's simply a blue heroic hedgehog that everyone can look up and connect to. Just as another Sonic voice actor we all know said in his interview. Well back on topic before this becomes a topic of race I'm happy to see Sonic fans being able to get in touch with people like Mike Pollock who have had their share of playing a role in the development of Sonic games (now if only I could get in touch with a level designer XD) I thought it was also nice of Mike Pollock to give out advice for people who want to get their foot in the door when it comes to voice acting. I have a friend who wants to get into voice acting, I'm sure speaking to Mike Pollock would do wonders for the career he's pursuing.^^
  9. Wow this alpha run is simply beautiful, the colors are vibrant, the controls feel good, and the physics feel almost identical to the original Sonic 2 on the Genesis, take notes Sega I can't wait til we see a finished version of this game.^^
  10. I wanted to get some opinions from the fans. I already have M&S 2012 for the Wii and Generations for the PS3 but I was wondering if I should also buy their 3DS counterparts. M&S 2012 3DS for the exclusive story mode and Generations 3DS for the exclusive levels. But I've kinda had a bit of regret buying multiple versions of Sonic games before. I remember buying M&S 2010 for the DS for the story mode when I already had the Wii version and to be honest, I never even finished the DS version because I felt, well, disappointed in the quality of the game. I also bought both the Wii and DS version of Colors, though I bought the DS version first and thought it was great. I then later bought the Wii version and never went back to the DS version again since I thought the Wii version was so superior. Well, I'm trying to spend my money a bit wiser now and not just buy Sonic games on every game system that I see anymore (well not at full price anyway ). But I wanted to get some opinions from you guys, is there anyone who bought both the console and 3DS versions of M&S 2012 and Generations. If so, is it worth spending $80 more for the 3DS versions if you already have the console versions? Is one game worth buying on the 3DS more than the other? Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place, I didn't know where else to put it, if it is in the wrong place, a mod can move it. Anyway, thanks for all the advice everyone.
  11. Aw Sonic 06, how many mixed feelings I have for you. I remember the days in this game was in early development. Sonic fans were shouting for joy in amazement of how we thought this game was going to bring Sonic out from the gutters while Nintendo fans were whinning that they would be able to get their hands on this "awesome game" a trend that continues today with the development of Sonic 4-2. Oh how I miss those days, unfortunately it turned out to be just one huge mess. I loved the direction this game was going in. An intimidating Eggman, large cast of characters, HD Adventure styled gameplay, the return of Blaze, Sonic in a realistic world, Shadow having an evil look counterpart, 3 hedgehogs of time, come on, this game looked so epic. I've been saying this for the past 5 years and I'll continue to say it for the next 5 years and beyond. People can bad-mouth this game all they want, but if this game was finished, it could have been the greatest Sonic game of all time. Not to mention all the amazing features that this game should have had but didn't due to time restraint that other people have mentioned in this topic. Well at the end of the day, this game will always have a special place in my heart. Yes, this game was a pile of crap, but it's not the end result that I'll be remembering for the next years to come, but it's the hype and anticipation that I've had for this game ever since I saw the 2006 E3 trailer. That trailer blew my mind, and for everyday of that year I couldn't get that trailer out of my head until I finally got the game myself during Christmas when I bought the Sonic 06-Xbox 360 bundle pack. This was the first "next generation" game that I ever played, it was just like when I first opened my Sega Dreamcast in 1999 on Christmas day. However when I first played the game, I began to realise exactly what people have been complaining about and the disgrace to the franchise that this game turned out to be. But I still loved it back then and I still love this pile of crap today, not for what it turned out to be, but what it could have been. Well I guess I should post this since no one else did yet. So much potential this game had, so much potential...
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well, maybe Knuckles is more concerned about keeping the emerald safe versus making sure Angel Island doesn't get wet? Is there anything on Angel Island really worth protecting besides the Master Emerald? Well to be honest, I don't think Knuckles should be limited to only appearing when the Master Emerald is apart of the plot. That would get very repeatitive and lame. This is Sonic the Hedgehog, I don't think consistency and story is really a big deal. If a character is liked among the fans and would make the game that much more fun or interesting to play through then I think Sega should include that character if they wish with out having their backstory, responsibilities, or whatever interfere with the game. This is why I didn't mind Blaze being with Silver in Sonic 06, yeah it didn't make any sense but I still had goosebumps in seeing her in what should have been such a milestone game.
  13. I must have missed something, last I checked people seemed to be excited for this game. But then again, I'm not one of those people who looked at the leaks. Well anyway, I'm still excited and can't wait to play as classic round black-eyed Sonic again and blast through stages from my childhood all the way to my adulthood in celebration of his 20th anniversary. Long live the blue blur.
  14. Shadow has had his time to shine in 2003-2006 but now that era is over and we really need to move on to getting that core Sonic gameplay in check. I think Sega has made the right choice in keeping Shadow (and other characters) out of Sonic's mainstream games recently and just focusing on Sonic. Personally. I think Shadow is a great character, I still like him as a dark Sonic counter-part and would love to see more of him, but for now, I think it's best just to focus on Sonic. But if Sega made Shadow as an unlockable extra skin but kept him out of the story, I'd be okay with that to.
  15. I've heard this argument before but it makes me think. So Sega would rather have the name "Sonic the Hedgehog" their mascot's 15 year-old (at the time) name that is known world-wide tarnished over "Sonic Adventure 3" a 3D game that only had two successes? Hmm, you know, it's moents like this that I really wish Sega would have just called Sonic 06, Sonic Adventure 3 so the whole "SA3 would be the perfect 3D Sonic game" nightmare would end.
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