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  1. Jof

    PORTAL 2

    S'up guys, it's me again, ready to annoy you with two more T-Shirt Designs. Turret - I'm Different. (Black) Turret - I'm Different. (Red)
  2. Jof

    PORTAL 2

    I've just designed and uploaded a couple of Portal 2 -themed T-Shirts to Redbubble.com. No idea how copyright infringement goes on these sort of things, but I'm not looking for sales in any case, mainly did them for myself. There's tonnes of Portal themed tee's up there already. GLaDOS - Looking Pretty Good. Adventure Core - Designed for Danger.
  3. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a bit stand-offish. However, just look at SA:DX here. It is indeed a port of the PC version, people over at Retro have ripped the XBLA version apart already and it's pretty much exactly the same. It doesn't have the shading effects or water effects of the GC version. Now, if SEGA can't even be bothered to add Widescreen support (something which can be done with 3 lines of code) to a PC port of a Sonic game, what makes you think they're going to put in any extra effort in a port of Crazy Taxi? Especially when there's a (pretty bad) PC version that can be ported like SA:DX.
  4. Crazy Taxi was never released for the original Xbox. It got a DC, PC, GC and PS2 (and PSP) release. Perhaps you're getting confused with Crazy Taxi 3 High Roller? In any case, even though it was Acclaim that headed up the the PC/GC/PS2 release, it doesn't change the fact that Crazy Taxi was developed by an in house SEGA development studio (AM3). It was and is still a SEGA owned franchise (as evident by BD Joe's inclusion in SASASR) and it was SEGA that liscensed the franchise to Acclaim. SEGA still made money from those versions. I'd be willing to believe they also have the rights to the source code. As for the PSP version, it was most likely made from the older PS2 port with enchancements.
  5. It's still their game, their liscense and by all means, they own the code. Just because someone else was hired to port the game doesn't mean SEGA don't own the code. It's a lot easier to convert PC code to 360 than it is DC code.
  6. Actually, echoing that thought, if you have a closer look at the Fusion Suit, something even more appealing and awesome can be contributed to the design. It looks almost exactly like a Chozo. From the small feather-spike things on the arms to the muscle-like hard skin around the body. Which is great, considering Samus has Chozo DNA running through her. It's something I only noticed a year or so ago. So yeah, Fusion suit is like, both the Chozo's greatest creations (the power suit and Metroid's) combined. The Fusion suit was awesome, and I'm still waiting for Metroid 5 to use it again.
  7. Jof

    Bioshock Infinite

    I bet you that Columbia crashes into the ocean at the end of the game, and serves as the foundation of Rapture in 50 years time. Calling it now.
  8. When I was looking for references of Knuckles' head, I looked at two of the Sonic Channel sketch wallpapers, so I could see how large the actual "head" (without the dreadlocks) was. I know the angles aren't quite the same, but just getting a feel for the overall oval shape of the head, made me think that your one was just a little too long.
  9. J, your SA style has come on leaps and bounds from 2007, it's really amazing. I'm absolutely loving the new touches you've added to the design. The glasses really rock (is that a Jet Set Radio inspiration I see there?). Overall the pose and the design flow together alot more smoothly now. Since you've asked for critique, upon looking pretty painstakingly at it, there's a couple of little niggles here and there I noticed, nothing major, certainly not distracting from the entire piece, but I know you're a perfectionist =P. I feel that you've perhaps made the head a bit too long, as shown above. Also, the dreadlocks just below the earpiece, I feel would work better if they were slightly closer together, as right now it feels like that gap goes up quite far, and into the head area. Nothing big. Also, the chest area looks a bit thin. Like I said, tiny things. You might not agree, just throwing them out there =)
  10. Hey J! How's it going? I actually really liked the different sizes of the SONIC in the first couple, they really emphaises a sort of fun factor that comics like StC used to have. I think if you combined that with the triangle/lettering underneath of You'd be onto something good.
  11. Wow! This is actually a really well done fangame. Certainly one of the better NiGHTS fangames I've played over the years. I really love the style and how well you've brought together lots of different models from the games. I hope you keep at it, as this has real potential! My only complaint would be that the camera doesn't constantly follow NiGHTS, rather it kinda waits for NiGHTS to hit the side of the screen. I think it would flow alot better if NiGHTS was always on centre. As an Admin over at www.nightsintodreams.com/forum , it'd be wrong of me not yo ask you to post a topic over at our forums, as I'm sure our members would love to play this and help you in any way they can!
  12. But foreplay and exploring is fun Trudging through an empty forest collecting coffee thermos'/pages of a poorly written book/even more ammo isn't, and is a poor excuse for "sandbox" exploration.
  13. I'm very curious to know what these other 3 types of enemies are that I obviously missed. The ones I listed is all there is, and anything in the game is a variation of those 3. Also, regarding the linearity. The game space may indeed be the size of a feild at times, but that doesn't make a difference when there's absolutely nothing there. You still need to follow a set path to get to your next destination.
  14. I bought this game early on Wednesday, thanks to knowing some independent game shop guys. It has been the single most disappointing and over hyped gamed I have ever played. I'll just list of what I didn't like. Alan Wake is a dick. There's nothing at all likeable about his character, the way he treats other characters or the way he talks to himself all the time. You realise he's a dick pretty much as soon as the game starts, and some old man talks to him all friendly like and he's a dick to him. There are 3 enemies in the entire game. Evil shadow possessed hillbillies, crows, and animate objects. Hillbillies come in 3 variates, small, bigger and biggest, with the only difference being speed and how long it takes to shoot them down. There's one point in the game where you're walking through a campsite, and see a sign saying "Danger, Bears around", and you're like Awesome! Finally some Possessed bears! And then there's just more hillbillies. The combat system is so basic and clunky it's laughable. Every single encounter ends up the same. You shine your torch to lower the shields, and shoot them anywhere till there dead. No headshots in this game. The episodic nature of the game is also completely pointless, as it adds nothing to the experience. I heard reviewers say that the choice of licensed songs in the game really added to the surreal nature of the plot. Apart from a few radios scattered about, the only songs are at the title cards for the end of each episode, at which point even the game asks you if you want to skip it. And then you have to watch a recap of the last hour or so of gameplay you just did. The storyline is completely laughable, and for people saying it's as good as King, they can fuck off. It's some hastily pieced together shit, stealing ideas from every "summer holiday horror" novel out there. Even the twist is poor, and you don't care because Alan Wake is a dick. Fences. There's one episode where you're working your way to a farmhouse. You can see it in the distance, but because of a 3 foot wooden fence with gaps in it, you need to do a 180 and go through another fucking barn, just to go out an actual door. Because Alan Wake is a dick and he can't climb fences. Or duck through them. (This also happens when you encounter some of the random "possessed" fences. Just go round it you dick). The puzzles in this game are also laughably easy. I swear, hands down, that I've had more trouble in Pokemon Gyms. 3/4 through the game, in the mineshaft, you are presented with a puzzles that involves you lowering a piece of wood, and then adjusting it to reach a higher point. It's so stupidly pathetic it's unreal. The environments are dull and repetitive as fuck. Every episode just seems to start with some reason to go into the woods alone, unarmed in the dark. You find the flash light, a gun, and then it's the same as the last 5 hours of play you just did. It's linear as fuck. There's virtually no reason to go off the beaten path, except for ammo stashes that are pointed out to you with fluorescent yellow arrows. There's no sandbox here folks. Get from A to B and shoot everything you can. For some reason, the FBI started chasing and shooting at me in Episode 3. I still don't know why. I didn't do anything at all. Finally, it plays like a bad Resident Evil 4, and has a chainsaw boss almost exactly the same. The darkness seems to really, really like ripping trees, and all I can think of is the smoke monster from LOST. And theres a Big Daddy in it.
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