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  1. Sonic Dreams Collection...well that happened...

    1. E-van



  2. Hi I'm Sweet Melody, but you can call me Melody if you like. I found this site and I joined because I want to meet people who like Sonic just as much as I do. Unfortunately, none of the people I know in real life like Sonic so I can't really talk about it to them, which really bites, I hope I enjoy this forum a lot and make some new friends! ?
  3. I didn't like it. The plot was bad, the gameplay was meh, and the loading screens were HORRIBLE.The best parts of the game was the music and glitches! And there are TONS of glitches.
  4. It isn't wrong to like Sonic at all! I know what you mean, tons of people bash the Sonic franchise and it's fans so much, it's quite sad really. I haven't got made fun of yet since I don't talk about it to people who don't like it and don't set a Sonic profile picture on certain sites. I think what happens is that people see the worst of the fanbase and games and use that to hate on the rest of us and the games. There are tons of good people I've met in the fandom and tons of good games too. People tend to look at the bad more then the good and it's annoying. ?
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