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  1. Like... we only live once. And I see the point of this experience is to relax and enjoy it, not to worry about this or obsess about that.I mean, of course there are things I care about in this world, but I feel like most people take life more seriously than I do.In the words of Oscar Wilde (slightly paraphrased, but anyway!) - Life is too important to be taken seriously Peace out, you cool dudes, you!
  2. I mean, I know that feeling is normal and all but... damn! This last 24 hours I'm really feeling it! Split with my ex because she can do some pretty bad stuff (lying, stealing and all sorts - pretty crazy) and just I dunno... feeling a bit lonesome now! So... I dunno, I figured why not post on some forums I frequent... maybe someone cool will come along! Who knows But yeah like, I live in the UK and am friendly and caring and all that good stuff! So... I'll just leave this here! Peace out, dudes! Oh, and happy Back to the Future day! Mike
  3. Hm, this thread title confused me lol But yeah, I like the show. I think it's well animated and has good characters... thoroughly a quality programme I am not a brony (I haven't watched many episodes and I don't really get involved with it too much) but I... appreciate the show
  4. I don't understand the complaints about the story - seemed fine to me. Then again I enjoyed the game so I think I was too busy enjoying it to pay much attention to the details lol
  5. Yeah looks good. It's a powerful engine and it'll be interesting to see what's done with it in future. Sonic was rendered well but I'd say the grass was probably the nicest bit lol I would love to see a more "mature" looking Sonic game like that again though - like '06 but just more polished and bug tested! I don't like it when people crank Sonic's speed up mega fast though because I prefer it when I have a chance to really enjoy the environment I'm running through I preferred this as Sonic's movement is smoother and not quite as fast. I like speed but I think anything much faster than SA2 gets a bit silly! Beautiful though
  6. Personally I love it and don't think it's aged particularly badly. I guess I do always bear in mind the development of the game though - hurried out for the DC launch, before SA2 redefined everything, etc. So yeah the framerate is a bit choppy and yeah it's a bit buggy. But I still think it's a gorgeous game if you're willing to cut it a bit of slack
  7. Aw my silly meme post got deleted lol What I was trying to say is don't listen to the (rather miserable) haters! You know what they're like! They attack everything because it makes them feel better I think - Sonic fans, bronies, Nintendo fans, Twitch streamers, furries and so on! Some people are just like that. But I think that finding something you truly enjoy especially with a community around it is tricky. Maybe they're just jealous because they don't have that and they see the above groups as targets o.O Who knows!
  8. I definitely want this game but as I don't own a Wii U currently I'll pick it up for the original Wii version (assuming it's on a separate disc). Really looking forward to playing it especially as the Wii version still looks excellent and arguably better
  9. I don't see why any series should have to end just because some people don't like it. Personally, within reason, I'd rather have SOMETHING than nothing. Unless the content is consistently very poor (which is certainly not true for Sonic) then cancelling it would I think be sloppy and counterproductive and I'd probably simply call clickbait on this video o.O
  10. Hey hey Just joined today and very much looking forward to interacting more with the Sonic fanbase! Been into the series since maybe 1992 and have thoroughly enjoyed most of the games Big Sega fan in general so also love Phantasy Star, Shenmue and so on! My favourite Sonic game is SA2! I also like travel, hippy stuff (bit of a hippy at heart despite being born way after that era!), music, PC gaming, some console gaming and other stuff. Hoping to give surfing a go too as I'm very interested in that! Cheers guys and see you round!
  11. Mostly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Second Life. Yeeeaaaahh I like social games lol I would be playing Inworldz more but I can't get it to work properly on Linux. I am also keen to play some Contagion again but that means booting into Windows and I don't like doing that lol
  12. I love it too! Buggy but brilliant, if you ask me!
  13. Wow this is so cool! I didn't think I'd find Sonic conventions or anything in the UK - how silly I was! Very interested in this!
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