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  1. A good point like when Sonic said "Let's show him the real super power of teamwork" I thought I was gonna hurl. That game has so many corny lines in it.
  2. Exactly. So what if you're playing Sonic or any other game even by the time you're like in your 80's it's what you were either raised on or you just like it it's none of their business anyway.Do what you want to do.
  3. My favorite bosses are Knuckles,(REVENGE!!!!) Perfect Chaos,Metal Sonic in Sonic CD,Biolizard,and Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes...... I think he's like some sort of mechanical dragon or something.
  4. The homing attack kills me a lot.I try not to use it but then again that seems to be one of the only attacks you get now. Whatever, I'm sticking with jumping up and killing things that way.
  5. Johnny Depp? Huh,I never even thought of that.He probably would do it seeing that he loves doing such different characters. And Angelina Jolie would be pretty nice for Rouge. ........ Though I still can't stand Amy OR Miley Cyrus.
  6. I can't stand that little cry baby Chris, there are many times I wish that in that one episode where he took the chaos emerald from Eggman and ended up grabbing his mustache to hang on (ouch!!) that Sonic didn't catch him and that he just ended up getting hit by the teacher's car instead.
  7. What the hell are you talking about?! It's SONIC'S series not Sally's,she really should've died a long time ago! Also she makes no sense,there'd be absolutely no point to anything if it was all about her,she'd just wreck even more things in the comic!
  8. Hey,I'll admit the game wasn't all it should've been but lighten up,I have the game and I seriously doubt you've had nightmares, so the game was a bit of a bad idea and they could've done a lot more to improve on it.Okaaaay....... so they could've just totally rethought what the game's story line was. Also the music is cool,I like listening to it.
  9. I miss the original look for Sonic I thought he was a bit more straight to business than the newer Sonic (not to mention cuter and a bit easier to draw) I mean come on, if it's not enough that as Eggman AKA Dr. Robotnik he knows sooner or later there's probably gonna be someone who is going to come up to him and ruin his plans,he looks down and see this blue hedgehog with black eyes and is tightening his gloves before he attacks.If there were like subtitles or something on the screen you'd probably see "Oh crap." Along with the fact that he was tougher looking he was so much less annoying than the new Sonic, back then he was the strong and silent type now he can't shut up! (not that I don't appreciate what all of the voice actors do) I probably just sound like I'm rambling huh? ..... sorry.
  10. I think it just really depends on what you like better..... seemingly unending comedy with some crazy plot to catch a hedgehog who uses random disguises or action adventure with the usual bit of romance from Sonic and Sally.
  11. why did they get rid of Ray,Mighty,and Fang now you only hear about them in the comic series.
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