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  1. Seeing NCT127 in London on Sunday so i've had my playlist for them on most of the last week or so! Other than that i've been addicted to this, i think i'm becoming a sucker for cute songs.
  2. Oof. I'm going to see 3 K-Pop concerts in the next month (and a bit=ish). All different size venues too, from somewhere that's 800 capaity, all the way to Wembley Stadium at probably 80,000 capacity 😍

  3. The next group from the company that helped make BTS, Tomorrow x Together finally arrived this week, and oh my gosh. The video, the song, them, everything is so ridiculously on point. 😍
  4. More korean releases, a few different styles though. (I'm also sad that i just got into Loco and he's off to do his mandatory Korean army enlistment)
  5. I'm no fan of LoL, (or moba's in general) but holy moly this is one hell of a track. The AR usage is pretty on point as well. It helps that 2 of the featured artists are part of a favourite K-Pop group of mine too. Jeon Soyeon's raps are sublime.
  6. While i'm not a massive fan of Dua (New Rules was played WAY too much), I am a fan of her consistantly good pop songs, and unsurprisingly her with BLACKPINK is a bop.
  7. Pentagon, even being 2 members down (One is basically exiled from the agency after dating another singer, the other is out with medical issues), Pentagon are still absolutely fantastic, and Sunmi, Consistently fantastic tracks and her latest album is full of 100% bops. 😍
  8. Basically, a lot of Taemin (amongst other kpop). Mainly as BTS' new album/album repackage is out in a few days and i'll probably have that on repeat for the next week. 😂
  9. Well, it looks like SSMB can't count, as i'm actually 28 today, not 27 like the birthdays list seems to say. 😂

    (edit: and now i've said that it now says 28, whatever :P)

    1. MightyRay


      Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      The internet is an omnipotent godly entity and can read your mind. Happy birthday!

  10. I blame my sister, although it does combine 2 of my favourite things Asian pop & EDM. ahahaha
  11. I think it's time to bring this topic back! (Hell, i'm surprised it's been quiet so long!) In my quest to buy vinyl, i've been listening to a lot of older albums over more recent stuff, which means i've now listened to the whole album that Chic produced for Sheila, which includes the much loved Spacer. But rather than be typical and post that, i'm gonna post this instead. It's literally a song about credit cards and i freaking love it. apart from that i've kinda been addicted to Brand New Field from the iDOLM@STER SideM game/anime, which is so so good
  12. oh yeah, this happened to me too. Such a strange bug, haha. 19th July 1990. Thanks in advance
  13. I've finally found the hipster music genre for me. Future Funk B)

  14. Oh dear, someone leaked a lot of Porer Robinson stuff, including a full studio album version of Worlds Live and another for Shelter Live. It's a shame but eh, at least there was nothing "new" just older edits and demos.

    1. Alternate Evolutions

      Alternate Evolutions

      I hope they actually still decide to release the full studio version of Shelter Live, it's actually pretty damn magnificent.

    2. KHCast


      Oh damn. Well that's good it's nothing new, but still. Edm artists don't usually get shit leaked, so that's a surprise that Robinson of all people got a leak 

    3. Alternate Evolutions

      Alternate Evolutions

      Off the top of my head, I think Skrillex is mainly the only major name to have stuff leaked, twice at the least, with double the amount in the Porter one, I still have the massive files for those to go through somewhere :P

  15. And this is proof of why I shouldn't be allowed to go crate digging at vinyl shops. :D 


  16. I finally listened to the whole of Chess while re-installing my PC, this song is still a standout though!
  17. Can't go wrong with some classic new wave from Wang Chung!
  18. New Jamiroquaiiiiiiiii. also, a new helmet/hat thing. Which is freaking awesome, even though I loved the original, which is featured at the end of the video.
  19. Wolfgang Gartner has been absolutely amazing with his releases this year, a magnificent album and now this amazing track with John freaking Oates of Hall and Oates. <3
  20. Man. The "San Junipero" episode of Black Mirror is a masterpiece. Definitely my favourite episode of a TV show for a long long time.

  21. While i've been a mild fan of Jarre over the years thanks to my dad, buying vinyl again made me want to listen to his albums again now i'm older. Yeah, his stuff is phenomenal, Forth Rendez-Vous is probably one of the most joyous tracks i've ever listened to, and the live version is just stunning.
  22. As if by magic, Mine and @Cyrus's wish came true. New Justice song today :D

    1. Cyrus




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