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  1. My world record was beaten :/

    Personally I just believe that GWR are covering for a cockup :/. Is there anything coming up in the community which I can invite the adjudicator to? I want to reclaim the record ¬_¬ Maybe i'll go to the golden joysticks next year :0
  2. My world record was beaten :/

    Dread, what's Gaz Deaves' email? I'd like to get into contact with him.
  3. And just WHAT do you think you're doing at MY* forum? Get back to SCD, SCDfag <3. *not mine.

  4. http://sonicstadium.org/news/guinness-world-records-clarifies-sonic-2-record/ So he "beat" me despite being two seconds slower because he only had two buttons available. Well, I beat his 22 second record, using ONE button. See the video here, it's the third run. I want my golden joystick trophy ¬_¬. Maybe i'll challenge him at next year's golden joystick awards, or SoS, I dunno xD.