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  1. Bought and finished Spark: The Electric Jester 2. I liked it a lot, but, as someone that loves the first game, I'm still very disappointed.

    You know when a game starts really well, but suddenly takes a nosedive towards the end? Spark 2 is basically this. The last stages have very clunky level designs and are totally dependent of speed and control. If you want to see what would happen if Sonic fell from almost every loop or ramp thanks to: 

    a) Uncontrollable speed

    b) A bipolar camera

    c) A lack of momentum

    this game is perfect for you.

    Also, while the story wasn't that good in the beginning, it gets bad. Laughably bad. The cringe from the April Demo (swearing and awful dialogues) cutscenes was toned down, but, without giving spoilers, the entire plot still looks like a very badly written Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball Z crossover.

  2. I don't have a favorite from IDW yet, but I loved the Babylon Rising series from Archie's Sonic Universe. Reading a fun backstory full of action with some of my favorite Sonic characters was great. I also liked how well the Tails Adventure characters were used here. While I think it takes itself too seriously, I liked Shadow Fall as well. The plot isn't perfect, but I wish Shadow the Hedgehog had this story instead of being a cringy clusterfuck full of meme material.
  3. Sonic's Design: If we ignore things like the upcoming Movie and Sonic Boom (Boom Sonic is too tall for my tastes and those sports tapes are stupid), I'd say that Sonic has one if not the most well-done character design of all time. It's simple, but really strong, symbolizing the best traits attributed to Sega as a video game company: cool and rebellious. The Music: This franchise has amazing soundtracks and even the bad games (that aren't called Sonic 4 or Sonic 1 GBA) aren't excluded from this. Be instrumental or vocal, the Sonic series has some of the best music ever made for video games. The Fanbase: While not perfect, the Sonic fanbase amazes me a lot. I'm always seeing great fan games, engines, remakes, comics, etc. being made with passion coming from very talented around the globe. Sega's Support: I'm not the kind of person that likes to lick corporate boots (every company has a greedy side), but I'm really grateful for Sega's Support. If you see what Nintendo does with non-profit fangames, you know what I mean. The Comics: I will be honest here: While I like some of the cheesy stuff this series has, I don't think Sonic has many well-written games or characters. But the comics? They are simply amazing and have the best characterizations i've even seen of Sonic & Cia. Ian Flynn is a incredible writer and I hope Sega hires him for a new game someday.
  4. I'm not interested in these games, but I'm hoping for a good story (or just more character interactions) and some specific remixes of Mario and Sonic music. I'd like to see remade music tracks of Sonic Forces, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Mario RPGs like Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi. I'd also love to see a bit of WarioWare content too, but knowing Nintendo, this isn't happening.
  5. I regret everything I said about SA 2 and multiple play styles. After playing this game for the third time (I have the Dreamcast and 360 versions) on a real Game Cube, it finally "clicked" with me. The Sonic/Shadow parts are fun, Tails/Eggman is fun and Knuckles/Rouge is fun (the new emerald radar still sucks, though).

    Maybe it's just me, but I think this game plays and looks much better on GC with a old CRT TV than the HD versions on 360/PS3. Holding a confortable controller (I'm not a fan of the Dreamcast one) also helps a lot.

  6. Anyone else hyped for Spark: The Electric Jester 2? The game will be released May 16th and I can't wait to play it. I played the old April demo with 3 levels + 1 boss and that game is simply the 3D Sonic of my dreams.



  7. I'm replaying Super Mario Sunshine after many years without touching my copy and...I'm having a blast! While I still miss the varied world themes from Super Mario 64, really hate the Pachinko/Lilypad levels and dislike most bosses, I'm enjoying many things now. The game is still a beauty and controlling Mario with the F.L.U.D.D. is fun.

    Btw, I think some guys at Nintendo EAD really, REALLY liked Sonic Adventure because this game blatantly takes so many elements from it. The "cinematic" feel, use of NPCs and even the plot is very similar to SA1 & 2.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      If there's one thing I think Super Mario Sunshine does very well compared to every other Mario game, it's that while it doesn't have the same variety of level themes that the other Marios tend to have, it does do a good job of fleshing out the sunny tropical island theme it has throughout the whole game very thoroughly. It's probably the only Mario that really explores all the possible aspects of what you'd expect from a Tropical paradise, from the theme parks to the hotels, the harbor and the sleepy secret mountain village, and it does a decent job of tying them all together and making the world of Isle Delfino feel very big.

    2. Cayenne


      Yeah, I agree. I'd say that before Odyssey (which reuses some concepts made for Sunshine), no other Mario game had this same level of detail and worldbuilding.

  8. I thought Musha Aleste was popular in the West. It was released here and is often cited as one of the best Sega Genesis shmups...
  9. canva-photo-of-man-pointing-his-finger-M

    Play Contra Hard Corps. It's one of the titles on the Sega Genesis mini so piracy isn't an excuse anymore.

    Also, it's the best Konami game according to very trustworthy sources such as me and myself, with critical acclaim from every critic of Cayenne Visions, the best magazine about video games and video game accessories.

  10. Persona 1 and 2 have very good soundtracks and, as a big fan of both titles and their music, it's sad to see that there's not even one song from these games in Smash.

    Here's some catchy tracks from the original games and the PSP remakes. The original ones are much more atmospheric and very "90s" while the new ones are remixes or more similar to the most recent games. Persona's PSP OST sometimes doesn't fit very well in the context and is full of "engrish", but still great:




    I know that P1 and P2 aren't popular as the golden trio (P3/P4/P5) and are very hard to play if you aren't used to old RPGs, but I still think they deserve their value as the first games in this spin-off. I'm not the kind of person that requests "remakes of the remakes", but I woudn't be opposite to another remake of these two, but in 3D as long their atmosphere isn't changed. I'd also like to see Kazuma Kaneko's art again as well. (Nothing against Soejima here, though. He is a great artist with a pretty cool style. I just like Kaneko's art more : p)

    1. KHCast


      Would have loved a lone prayer or the battle theme from 2(IS version). But I appreciate the costumes being callbacks

    2. Cayenne


      I wonder if Atlus has a complete version of "Dream of Butterfly" or "School Days" somewhere. I would choose these songs and the battle theme of Innocent Sin too.

      Personally, I'd rather have one or two music tracks than some vague costumes, but since P1 and P2 rarelly get anything, it's better than nothing...🤷‍♂️

    3. KHCast


      *Still wishes they used the P5 DLC costumes based on the previous games*

    4. Cayenne




      "Lookin' cool, Tatsuya!"

  11. Having Persona 1 and 2 as your favorite Persona games is suffering.
  12. Well, I played the DS, PC and Xbox 360 versions and I don't remember seeing that option before, but I may be wrong. To be honest, the DS version is the only one that is still fresh in my mind.
  13. Gacha? Aw man, this is worst than playing the same modes again, again and again in World Tour to unlock your favorite characters in Sonic & Sega: All-Stars Racing Transformed. I think the first Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing had the best unlock method of the series: Just gather Sega Miles while racing casually and buy whatever character, racing track or music you want. (This screenshot is from the iOS version. There's no option to buy Sega Miles in the console versions)
  14. Mega Drive Mini by M2, huh? I wonder if some games will have those cool special options from Sega AGES/Sega 3D Classics like the Spin dash in Sonic 1 or the old CRT TV effect from Altered Beast...

    I'm also crossing my fingers for more third party games. Since we will have all the three versions of Bloodlines now, I'd kill for Contra Hard Corps and Rocket Knight Adventures. These two are some of the best 16-bit games ever released.

    Anyways, it's time to wear my Sega fan badge with pride and buy my third Sega Genesis. : p

    1. Red


      I would love to see The Lion King on it.

    2. Cayenne


      Same here, but, sadly, that's a licensed game. The Mouse wouldn't allow it.😥

    3. TheOcelot


      Since M2 are handling the Sonic 2 SEGA Ages release with enhancements (Drop-dash, spin-dash, arcade version etc), if they bring this version to the Mega-Drive mini this would surely grantee more sales.

  15. I don't like the Olympic games very much, but i'm praying for real cool interactions between the Sonic and Mario characters...
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