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  1. Cayenne

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I don't believe in bias, but this what I think about SF, Castlevania and Nintendo: Looking at the past, Street Fighter and Castlevania are a much more important part of Nintendo's story than Sonic. Street Fighter II had its first port on SNES and was a important killer app for that console. Castlevania is a franchise with a legendary legacy that was born on the NES and is often associated with it. Sega and their mascots were Nintendo's biggest rivals on the video game market and Sonic deserves his place, but these franchises were two of the things that made their own consoles be fondly remembered as they are today and both deserve to have 2 or more characters in Smash. Leaving that aside, we don't know what kind of decisions were made about Shadow or any other character so blaming Sakurai for anything isn't a very wise choice.
  2. Cayenne

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Incineroar and Ken are very cool additions, but I unironically LOVED Piranha Plant as the "WTF?!" character. As someone who mainly prefers fighters with quirky designs and fun movesets (I main Wario and Mr. Game & Watch for a reason), I'm totally ok with Sakurai's choice. It will be fun to kick ass as a memorable member of Mushroom Kingdom's flora. Long live to the flowerpot boy.🙋‍♂️
  3. "Revelations: Persona" Worst choice of the list and this is coming from someone that loves P1 to bits. The western release of Megami Ibunroku Persona is infamously bad, making lots of bizarre changes and cutting an entire plot point (The Snow Queen Quest) from the game.
  4. Cayenne

    Dreamcast games possibly coming to Switch soon

    Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram has a X360 port as well. If i'm not mistaken, It's backwards compatible on XBO. Personally, I don't even care about online modes: give me portable Phantasy Star Online with the offline quests from DC/GC versions and I will be a very happy person. Phantasy Star Portable 1, 2 and Nova are cool handheld games but I would love to play the first PSO on the go.
  5. Cayenne

    Media that Traumatized/Scared/Creeped You as a Kid

    "Man, I can't belive that I'm finally playing the new Zelda game on my Nintendo 64! I wonder what I will find if I go th-" This game was E for Everyone in the 90s. Are you kidding me, Nintendo? Nowadays, they look really silly in all their lowpoly glory but I still hate their loud, annoying screams.
  6. Recently, i've been appreciating the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Saturn Sonic 3D Blast OSTs a lot. I don't like both original games that much (the Director's Cut Rom Hack is very good, though. It changes some annoying things and adds nice options) but their music is so good! The more upbeat Genesis soundtrack is my favorite, with Diamond Dust Act 1 being the most listened to. Sonic Free Riders' OST is slowly growing on me as well. Now, about those that didn't age very well...Sonic Heroes' music used to be much better in my childhood. Nowadays, "Generic" is the only adjective I can give to most tracks saving Lost Jungle. I'm not a native english speaker so most "cringy" or nonsensical vocal songs in this language can get a free pass from me if they sound good enough, but ever those from Heroes (which are very loved by the fanbase, if I remember well) fail to impress me as an adult.
  7. Cayenne

    Super Mario Odyssey (October 27, 2017)

    Imo, the real suprise of this SMO art book isn't that sketch with "Bowsette/Ms. Whatever She Is" but this: Man, this is a really cool and different design for Rosie here. That mission with Pauline and the band members in New Donk City was probably meant to be hers.
  8. Dark themes not only in Sonic but other franchises are totally fine when they are well written with the right tone. What I don't like is the immature sense of "dark" and "serious" that some people at Sega have. Games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 try so hard to be dark, epic and complex that end being accidental comedies. Shadow saying "Damn" everytime he dies is not mature, Sonic Team. Just childish. Even Sonic Forces, a title that balances dark and light themes well (IMO), suffered this. Infinite's reaction to Shadow calling him "weak" literally made me burst into laughter. Yes, this character that was hyped as the ultimate threat to Sonic cries like a little girl because someone called him weak. How tragic. If this moment was supposed to highlight his backstory with the Jackal Squad and flaws as a character, it was horribly done.
  9. Cayenne

    Linkabel's artwork!

    Man, you have a very cool art style. I love your Toei Sonic. Keep it up!
  10. Great news! The Nintendo 64 was my first choice in the fifth console era, but I loved Sony's golden boy as well. In the old days of cubic characters and low-poly aesthetics, I couldn't have two video games, so my young self would buy CDs of my most desired games from flea markets and play them in my favorite video game rental store. Darkstalkers 3, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (king of the broken games. I hate you, Seto 3🤬) and Skullmonkeys are some of my fondest memories with the Playstation. Knowing how prices work in my country, buying one of these classic replicas will be totally impossible, but I still hope that Crash Bandicoot 3, Spyro the Dragon and both Breath of Fire games - III and IV - are some of the pre-loaded choices. The current generation needs to know how magical these games were and still are.
  11. Cayenne

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Man, I really want to be excited for this game (My boy Vector is playable in a console title again!😎), but I simply can't. Currently, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, a release from 2012, looks much more interesting and creative than what has been shown so far. I hope we get longer gameplay videos with more tracks in the future because these tiny ones aren't helping very much...
  12. Cayenne

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Revive: The Babylon Rogues - Cool designs, their race has very curious origins (which are expanded a little bit in the Sonic Universe comics) and I loved the interactions between themselves and Sonic. Banish: Silver the Hedgehog - To me, he is the Waluigi of Sonic. His personality is very meh and doesn't "shine" next to other characters.
  13. A very unpopular one from me: Sonic Heroes is deeply flawed, but has the wildest level design of the 3D games. Using the characters as balls in a world full of giant pinball tables and bingo cards, turning the level upside down, grinding rails in PTSD inducing locations (when this game was new and I was just a very silly preteen afraid of heights, Rail Canyon, Bullet Station and Egg Fleet would almost wet my pants😂)...I would gladly accept something creative and cool as this in a future project for consoles.
  14. Cayenne

    New Super Mario Bros U - Deluxe - Switch - January 11th 2019

    (Sadly, I couldn't find the source of this drawing) I'm not into the NSMB games, but I hope this means that Super Mario 3D World is also coming to Switch. It's one of the few WiiU titles that still need to be salvaged.
  15. Cayenne

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    Everytime Sonic Underground gets mentioned somewhere, I can't help but laugh because it reminds me of Tamers12345 and his weird Sonic x Bartleby videos.🤣 As a kid, I used to love trashy TV shows like Underground and my tastes never changed. It's been almost two decades or a bit less since I watched this cartoon, but I wonder if it can be a nice "So bad, it's good" series to watch with friends for laughs like a certain famous movie by Tommy Wiseau is nowadays...

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