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  1. Surprisingly (or not), Super Paper Mario, one of the "black sheeps" of the Paper Mario series, is getting lots of love on Twitter lately thanks to Vinesauce's stream.

    While it's very far from being a perfect game, I think SPM has the most interesting world, plot and characters of the entire Mario series (albeit bizarre) and I'm very, VERY starved for a similar adventure from Intelligent Systems again. Sticker Star bores me to death and Color Splash lacks what made me love the series in the first place.

    1. Sean


      I loved its story but the gameplay is pretty bad and the art style doesn't hold up like TTYD's does. It should have used the original formula.

    2. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      It's basically the Sonic Unleahed/Black Knight of Mario RPGs. You don't learn to truely appricate what it did until they stop making anything that comes close to it.

    3. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Ah, It’s been so long since I played that game.

      It story alone makes up for a lot of its faults, and one of the very few titles I would willingly trudge through a game for.

      Glad to hear it’s getting even more love!

    4. Diogenes


      it has some interesting story beats and some fun writing but fuuuucking terrible gameplay. it's a bad platformer with bad rpg mechanics tacked on and then on top of that it goes above and beyond with wasting the player's time with bullshit. people always point to sticker star as the death of paper mario but no, spm was there to shit things up first

    5. Wraith


      I enjoyed my time with it as a mechanically light story based thing but any attempt at the post  game content like the pit of 100 trials kind of exposes the mechanics for how dry they really are

      Really wish they didn't go in this direction for the series but I'd still take it over the games after. Like, I would GLADLY pay for Super Paper Mario 2 if it meant no more SS gameplay.

    6. Sean


      Frankly I'm baffled by people who consider Color Splash to be the better game than Sticker Star (or just flat-out good) because I thought they were generally equally bad and CS was even worse than SS in some respects. SS may have had boring, bland writing but CS' was outright grating and annoying. So yeah I'd take two more games like SPM over either of those.

    7. Cayenne


      @Sean While very simplistic, I'm a big fan of Super Paper Mario's abstract art style. It's stylish and, instead of being "Paper Mario/Sticker Star again but better ", looks different from the other games IMO.

      I agree with the gameplay part, though. Some quests and puzzles were really unnecessary or badly implemented.

      @SupahBerryExactly. SPM is very flawed and a much less balanced game than TTYD and PM1, but at last gave you a reason to play it: The story, characters, etc. After SS and CS, I really appreciate what it tried to do.

      @Conquering Storm’s Servant I hope this sends a good message to Nintendo!

      @Diogenes Personally, I still blame SS. As flawed it is, I think SPM still had the spirit of the old games and a "battle system" that isn't annoying or 98% useless.

    8. Sean


      I don't think the art style is as bad as some people think it is but what made it less tolerable for me as I played was the booooooooring pixl partners that only had one line of dialogue each but were clear replacements for the partners of the first two games. After a while it feels like there's not that much visually interesting stuff going on during the moment to moment gameplay and their really boring designs didn't help much.

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