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  1. Link. An interesting novelty. All us Unleashed fans can feel some sense of vindication now, I guess.
  2. Either way, it being re-released at all in any form while 06 remains ignored in the dust is indicative of them recognising Unleashed has seen a bit of a 180 in terms of its reception recently.
  3. I believe it was in fact delisted, but the community's gradual warming up to the game and the consequent increase in demand for it resulted in it being put back up for purchase. Which is good, because the game is nowhere near the catastrophic dumpster fire critics and other members of the gaming world like to make it out to be. In my view it's the best 3D Sonic. Still waiting on that PC port though.
  4. Forces' writing is going down in history in this fandom. For all the wrong reasons.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, this is the canonical explanation of how Omega was fixed for his dramatic entrance.
  6. Finally some Super Sonic gameplay, courtesy of someone who diddled with the files on PC a bit. Thus far it's the only version you can unlock him on because you need to mount the DLC or something. You can transform when you collect 50 rings, as per usual.
  7. Not tremendously well. Compared to Mania:
  8. IGN have released their first proper gameplay video. And, continuing the trend established with Unleashed, the person playing it is complete garbage at the game. Doesn't boost, runs into obvious enemies, etc. They have to be doing it deliberately at this point. I refuse to believe everybody working at IGN sucks at Sonic.
  9. I'd just like to point out that since Forces retroactively confirms Mania was a product of the Phantom Ruby... Sonic being good again was all an illusion. Of course it was.
  10. I know there are more than a few people here that will relish this. Mania's day 1 sales: And Forces' day 1 sales: Obviously on one level it's upsetting to me as a Sonic fan to see this kind of underperformance, but... Christ. And this is despite the whole Denuvo fallout surrounding Mania. Guess those people wanting Forces to bomb got their wish. Now to see where SEGA goes from here.
  11. I'd also like to point out that Shadow uses Chaos Control in his one cutscene without having a Chaos Emerald in his possession. Apparently that's not needed anymore. Because fuck consistency, right?
  12. That's all very well, but what exactly are 'unnecessary background pops' and what, if anything, distinguishes them from necessary background pops? Semi-joking at this point, but still.
  13. Just read the TSSZ review, and while I agree with the score, with all due respect it's VERY poorly written. This paragraph in particular: "Visually, while Forces is a solid first outing for the new Hedgehog Engine 2 and holds up well in the Switch’s portable mode, one of the original engine’s major flaws is front and center in the follow-up unresolved. The allowance of real-time in-game detail does not hold well against this dark, moody, war-torn landscape, to the point where I had trouble discerning essential foreground platforms separating me from a retry and a lower score and the, at times, unnecessary background pops." ... I'm sorry? I'm struggling to even decipher the point being made here. It's all fluffed up and runs on too much. Oh, and to call Forces' story 'the most cohesive, well-planned, satisfying story Sonic's had in years' is more than a bit laughable.
  14. Now that more people are getting their hands on the game and the patch has been rolled out, any sign of Super Sonic yet? I mean, I know he's in the game, just wondered if any gameplay or maybe a secret boss with him (I live in hope) has surfaced yet.
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