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  1. To me, the biggest problem is the lack of direction she (& many other members of the cast) suffers from rn. Until Forces. she spent much of the decade on the sidelines doing nothing, mostly because of the cheerleader role everyone was stuck in. I think Amy can still be good as she still has her solid moments in IDW, I just wish she actually had something to do in the games. But overall, that video is very sweet & it's always lovely seeing how this series can inspire people Irl.
  2. Yeah, one thing I absolutely agree on is that there was some missed opportunities in Amy being a leader of the Restoration. Maybe it is just me having certain ideas for the character that may not jive with how SEGA actually sees her & I'm fine with that, but I always felt like Amy was more fitting as a "leading by motivation" type (for lack of a better word), constantly trying to keep the spirits of individuals in the Restoration high when things were going to shit, trying to find a positive in all the negative situations they'd fine themselves in, rather than spending time sending out orders etc. Like another poster mentioned, I would've loved a side story where we see Amy in a village searching for any displaced citizens, fixing up areas that were wrecked & we got a little bit of that in the issue where Vanilla got infected, but I feel like we didn't see enough. Either way, I do at least appreciate the consistency of the Metal Virus bringing everyone to their lowest so I get why Amy wasn't as upbeat as she would be in other arcs since she was feeling the pressure more than most of the other characters, but at the same time, I think seeing Amy act more upbeat as Restoration leader *before* everything went to hell would've had more of an impact to me as a reader
  3. No, people are not complaining that Amy isn't some "stalker-like love obsessed freak." People in this thread & many other threads in regards to this character that's been had over the last while have made it perfectly clear that all they want was to see an Amy Rose that is more bubbly, upbeat, passionate, involved in the action as well as open with her affection towards Sonic similar to her portrayals in SA1 or even Heroes, than what we've gotten over the last while with the games, which has taken the stance that Amy's current character stagnation somehow = "maturing her." And quite frankly, I never got how being "overly-cliched 90's interpretation" of anything in this series is somehow a negative, especially when it hasn't prevented Amy from having her fair share of character development & great moments in not just the games, but in the comics too. As for the actual topic of discussion, I am very glad Amy is moving away from the Restoration stuff for (what seems to be) the time being . Yeah it made sense for her to be helping people out anyway she could, her crush on Sonic being downplayed due to the events of the Metal Virus taking precedence makes sense & she is one of the few characters that actually worked as head of the Restoration, but at the same time, her best moments in the entire comic so far had come from her actually being away from the Restoration HQ & actually getting physically involved (like her & Tails vs. Zomom, her debut issue in #2 etc.) , so I am very excited to see her, Rouge & Cream together, especially since Amy & Rouge is a team-up we don't see very often. Hopefully we get a good amount of time to see Amy back to her usual self away from the Resistance/Restoration stuff, because I feel admittedly a bit tired of that whole setup.
  4. Yup. Knuckles fell victim to the same problem, having his naivety flanderized to the point that he becomes downright stupid, same with Big having his simple-minded nature overdone, or Shadow's attitude morphing him into Vegeta The Hedgehog in recent years, etc. etc. It doesn't make the concept of these characters bad, nor does it mean that the flanderization of these characters should fall on anyone other than the people not doing these characters justice. Between several games like Sonic Adventure 1-2, Heroes, Unleashed, the (mainly late-preboot & reboot) Archie comics, as well as most of Sonic X, there has been several forms of media in the series that depicted Amy as a solid character, that was still lovesick & having a bratty temper. More than often than not, the problem is usually bad writers, rather than bad characters.
  5. To be fair, I don't think this is exclusive to Amy Rose, but many Sonic fans have had a tendency to "blame the wrong people," when it comes to some of the problems in the series. I mean for example, how many times have people acted like the issue with Shadow/Knuckles/Silver etc. was the mere concept of some of these characters, rather than the fact that the people writing the stories to certain games completely dropped the ball on the characters? The same thing happened with Amy, where some people felt like the mere idea of her character was wrong & needed to be overhauled, thus leading to SEGA doing what they do best towards criticism & leap to the complete opposite of the extreme, while still having her do next to nothing in the actual games. Amy can still be energetic & lovable (I liked her in IDW's 2nd issue for example), but hopefully we get more of that rather than more of the Amy we've been getting recently in the future.
  6. It's been a while since I've played Heroes, but IIRC, the only time Amy actually left Team Rose behind to chase Sonic was after they had completed their mission of rescuing their friends, which Cream & Big didn't really have an issue with. Hell, lame reasoning aside, Team Rose actually had a good reason to confront Team Sonic in the story mode since the newspaper at the beginning of their story showed Sonic with Chocola & Froggy. In regards to them actually saying it, yeah, that's a line that has popped up recently when talking about the current portrayals of Amy Rose. Most notably in the recent AMA on reddit.
  7. Oh yeah, Cream as Blaze's sidekick kinda works better because of how contrasting the two personalities are, as opposed to Amy & Cream who are the "nice & sweet" girls of the series. Amy & Cream being friends makes sense, but it didn't work as well as other duos in the series. This is one reason why I kinda wish Sticks was in the main series, since she would actually contrast well enough with Amy's personality, that she could work as a sidekick
  8. Oh yeah, I can agree that they've done a poor job on handling the cast. I just feel like SEGA's dropped the ball on Amy as a character since Heroes & outside of her crushing on Sonic less as well as being less energetic in the main games, there hasn't really been much in the way of development for her in recent years, I guess.
  9. In the interest of fairness, I think it's worth pointing out that she was clearly joking with the whole "prison island" scene. She even played it off when Sonic dismissed her efforts. But again, the issue isn't so much her crush on Sonic (which is still there), but moreso how she's not really doing much in the mainline games, despite her character "developing" in recent years. Even IDW!Amy, which I don't have much issue with, one could make the argument that Amy was just as active in the post-SGW Archie comics than she is now.
  10. Yeah. I mean don't get me wrong, Amy had some bad writing in the mid-2000s games (Battle, Rush for example), but Heroes!Amy being only defined by that one scene when the entire game was filled with characters acting like idiots so they have a reason to fight each other is a bit silly to me. She led her own team, kept their motivations high even when they felt like things weren't going well & actually showed something resembling leadership capabilities. And I can't exactly agree with dismissing her Adventure 1 story, just because SEGA dropped the ball on developing it a few games afterwards. Tails & Shadow got similar treatment after a while too, but it doesn't discount their stories & how well done they were. Yeah, she did. Again, I'd consider Sonic Battle to be a better example of how poorly Amy's character was handled, because she had far more terrible moments in that game. Thinking about it, I suppose the biggest issue I have with Amy's character these days is how much they're talking about how "empowered, mature & improved" she is, without really showing it. Lost World she was on the sidelines for the entire game & she spent most of Forces in the background, talking to Buddy. Most of her better moments ever since they started this new direction for the character came from external media, like IDW or LEGO Dimensions, while she continues to do very little in the actual mainline games. It may be a bit too early so I'm not gonna write off this interpretation of her or anything, but if they're actually developing the character, I would like to see her take an active role in the plot again, while still maintaining her positive/energetic personality. Shouldn't be too much to ask for, I don't think.
  11. To be fair to Ian, I think it's moreso making Amy's character in IDW line up with SEGA's vision for the character. Unless I'm mistaken, which I'd gladly admit.
  12. The thing with Amy is that there doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground with her portrayals in a lot of Sonic media. It's either "overly obsessed with Sonic, a temper that gets played up way too often & despite getting involved in the action she doesn't get many moments to shine," or "spends most of the story in the background doing next to nothing, has 1 or maybe 2 lines about liking Sonic & rarely ever getting involved in the action," which SEGA apparently considers a more "matured/empowered" version of Amy. I can only speak for myself obviously, but I've always felt like the best version of Amy Rose would be her post-reboot Archie characterization. She retained most of the quirks of her character as a bubbly Sonic-loving fangirl, but was more than capable of handling herself while also having interests in stuff outside of Sonic. I don't hate the current version of Amy Rose, but she feels incredibly bland right now & the insistence that they've improved her just feels a bit disingenuous to me. To be fair, I can kinda see where they're coming from. She's absolutely a core member of the cast, but Amy has never really been given much focus in the games main story like Shadow, Blaze, or Knuckles have gotten before.
  13. I could be wrong about this but wasn't Cream's inclusion in Adv2 more of a "promoting Sonic Heroes" thing? But yeah, I can agree to Amy being a very weird case in that regard. Unlike pretty much every other character in the series except the likes of Big The Cat, Marine etc. Amy has never really been giving a "top billing" role so to speak in the games, usually being put on the sidelines for another character that gets more spotlight & I guess part of that comes down to that never really being Amy's role in the franchise. It is something I would like to see change, but that's for another thread.
  14. I'm pretty sure the GO SEGA thing is meant to be "60 SEGA" since it's supposed to be an Anniversary, I think. Also this is great news. I like Ian Flynn & have enjoyed IDW for the most part, but Evan's a very underrated writer & I'm hyped to see her in the head writer position for a bit. The Sonic Bad Guys thing sounds cool too & I really wanna see what Ian does with Starline here.
  15. Well, yeah. Almost every personality we've seen during the Adventure (from Sonic's to Shadow's to Knuckles' to Blaze's to Amy's) wasn't anything different from what we'd see in, say, an average shonen anime during that time. It's just that some had an easier time translating over in the West compared to Japan. Hell even though I'd make the argument that Amy has more fans than detractors in the Western fanbase nowadays, I've never really seen or heard of any divisiveness about her from the fans in Japan. In all fairness, so people still DO hold Silver's debut appearance against him. But then again, some Sonic fans still hold Knuckles portrayal in games that happened after his debut against him, same with Shadow or Amy or comic/toon characters like Sally or hell, even Tails nowadays. It's a very weird & tricky thing because a character's debut will deliver first impressions for many people, but at the same time, there's people inside & outside the Sonic fandom that'll prop up anything that portrays a character in a negative light whether it's before or after their debut as a reason to dislike them & disregard any positives they bring to the table. Amy isn't alone in this, but she has been one of the worst victims of this due to the fact that there had been a decent amount of Sonic content that didn't exactly handle her the best, especially during the 2000s.
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