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  3. For those rubbing against the Polygon review score and those celebrating with it, I think it's just clear that a majority of people are not happy with the direction Forces has taken the series, and having a review clearly reflect on those frustrating issues is satisfying to hear. That said, I think there's plenty of evidence of bad level/game design, rigid controls, and other core elements that a day-one patch is not going to alleviate and buff a review score, I'm sorry. I think the real split is on the story direction and tone, and possibly just boost gameplay in general, and that's fine if it's your thing (or not whatever). However, I still think a majority of people are not into an edgier sonic plot (at least in this sense) and tire of the Unleashed/Gens gameplay, especially when the latter here seems to be the least polished we've seen of this gameplay style. Seeing a 5/10 is pretty justifiable I believe, though that doesn't mean it's impossible to enjoy for certain fans. Personally, I think the disappointment here is a lack of innovation in gameplay. I can swallow the weird story time traveling whatevers, miscellaneous cast like a giant jar of jellybeans, and other Sonic quirks, but when the core game manages to feel like a more stale version of something introduced 10 years ago and carried ever since, it's disheartening. It's drawing parallels to Sonic 4 and the original trilogy to me, whereas the game feels like a shallow husk of something we've had before, despite the shiny coat of paint. The avatar is hardly an innovation gameplay wise, at least as its executed in Forces anyway. What I'm mainly looking at is our actual hero Sonic, and if this game gains anything for the next Sonic game. The only thing I'm finding is proof that modern boost Sonic is an awfully stale roller coaster ride we've gone on too many times. Classic Sonic has well overstayed his welcome as a side gimmick, and I'm afraid the avatar will be a one trick pony that won't get the same wow-factor the next time around. Again that's my personal view on the game as it nears release, and probably the first core Sonic game I won't be picking up, at least not right away and possibly to experience a game I can moreover analyze more rather than simply enjoy it. While it'd be great for Sonic Team and Sega and everyone else involved to take 2017 as a crucial point to review where Sonic should go next, I'm skeptical. But to most fans (of games in general) it'll probably remain a marker in the franchise of an underdog story between a poorly received AAA title and a critically acclaimed official fangame. That all said, I really do sincerely hope everyone getting this game can find things they enjoy about it.
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  5. I second Duel Links About 8 months ago or so I got the same feels where I wanted to get into Yugioh. The only tie I had to it back in the day was that PS1 game Forbidden Memories (which plays by it's own rules anyway), watching the show once a blue moon, and about handful of random Yugioh cards. Anyway I never really learned legit Yugioh rules and also didn't really care about playing legitimate Yugioh, so I set out to find a video game that wouldn't be too crazy to get into. I first got the Steam game Legacy of the Duelist which lets you play through the anime stories of each arc. Which is neat because you can cherry pick which ones you're actually interested in and it'll stick to the rules of that time period. However it was kinda overwhelming and obtaining cards wasn't really special at all; basically seemed to be a game on getting cards as fast as possible to PVP or something. Then I heard about Duel Links. Its surprisingly a very quality mobile game, and this is coming from a dude that usually has 0 interest in the matter. It sticks to the original series but the twist is a variant of speed duel format, which I have found to be the best way to play the game anyway. Each player starts with 4000 LP and draws 4 cards in a deck of 20 to 30 cards only and there isn't a second a standby phase. Just draw, standby, and battle. It's heavily based around a leveling up system where you duel random NPCs to obtain keys to fight against duelists from the show to obtain good cards. Mix in special events literally happening every week and new packs of cards becoming available and it gets addicting pretty fast haha. The big addition that other games don't have however is each character can use a "skill" that give you kind of an edge in the battle. Lots are just common skills all characters can use, but the more interesting ones are character specific and allow you to build decks around them. For example, Bandit Keith has "Baggy Sleeves" which when you take 1500 LP of damage, on your next draw phase you can also draw up a 7 Completed that's separate from your deck. Others are like Kiaba can start the duel with Mountain on the field, or another of his called "Beatdown" when a 5 star or higher monster is on the field, you can increase each monster of yours by 300 ATK for that turn for each 5 star or higher you control. Just fun stuff that keeps things interesting. I will warn you that while free to play is absolutely viable, you have to go in with the mindset of "there's this one deck I want to build, and I'll use my free gems toward this one pack only" kinda thing. That or use more common cards that are as hard to come by, which there's surprisingly a good amount of decks that can do this. That said these decks aren't as "fan favorite" to say, such as Naturias are really big and cheap right now, but equally as strong (if not stronger) at the moment are Red-Eyes decks which are probably one of the most expensive decks to piece together in this game currently. All that and some RNG on character drops from events and etc and you'll be good <3. Sounds like a lot but if a person like me who had next to no experience with the game can get into it and learn the game from near scratch, I'm sure it'll be fine for you haha. Would fully recommend Duel Links as it kinda "remembers" all the rules for you and you can concentrate more on just playing the game. Maybe from there it'll spark your interest to play TCG or something!
  6. Just for it to be substantially different from Sun and Moon I guess. It's a hard sell for me going back to 3DS after having the switch, an announcement that a switch Pokemon is on its way, and this potentially being a too close to Sun and Moon to waste 40 bucks. I can't do these anymore if it's just some extra pokemon, a handful of new forms for overpowered Pokemon I don't want to use, and a few minor edits to the story line. I really loved Pokemon Sun to the point where it's my second favorite in the series, but it's hard to stomach these anymore; I'd rather just wait for the Switch Pokemon. Though...maybe I'll throw all that away if Lycanroc can get a meg-*shot* I think a big seller would be a "gen 2" move of adding another world map from a past gen. The islands are cool and all but even with a slight remix in design for them, again, I don't think I can replay it.
  7. match in the gas tank

  8. TBH I don't think much NEEDS to change or be added, it's the one series I'd like to just "get more of."
  9. If this was directed at me, it's more over the song that shows up in Odyssey fits naturally for what it was made for and pulls it off nonchalantly; its almost in a happy-surprise kinda matter. The theme song to Forces is horribly forced and tacked on as if outdated PR people pieced it together in attempt to capture "cool" but it couldn't be anything more cringy. I guess what I'm getting at is yes, Sonic doesn't need a "classy" song but it does need a "tasteful" song. The Sonic Mania trailer musics for example aren't "Genesis" music but capture the feeling and attitude of its product for a current market. IDK, I'd just wish a little more research went into Modern Sonic musically as he's presented as a "cool" character no matter how the ages go by. However he's still plagued with early 2000s rock that's not even scratching mediocrity? Anyway I give up. The Avatar GHZ is catchy and fun, but if you sat me down and told me to guess what this song goes to and/or what a custom hero bgm for ghz would sound like, I wouldn't guess these go together lawl. Also how it goes from that to the end-results is yikes and mismatched; where as the stage theme was VERY high energy with that drum and then suddenly I get some lowly toots of an underwhelming orchestra that I have to squint an eye and bring my ear closer to the screen to hear at the same volume. If your gonna have a fanfare it should be more explosive than whatever became before it. Sorry for being grumpy
  10. I'm just impressed tbh. I dont know how they continue to 1-up my worst Sonic vocal song but every now and then they some how floor my expectations. Tbh it sounds like vocals were definitely added after the original song as its flow is all over the place and hardly mixes in with the actual song. All the verses sound like filler as to "uh blah bla-CHORUS," as the first part of the chorus seems to be the only thing that sounds somewhat proper. Its just amazing how out touch this with its title along side the dude from Hoobastank? Its like asking 3 Doors Down to start a fucking minecraft lets play channel lmao. Its just trying REALLY hard for a title theme song meanwhile Mario has this classy fun fitting jam tossed in all willy nilly in a level. Idk I feel more and more like all my comments for Forces could just be copy/pasted "well at least theres Mania"
  11. I'm super excited for the game but haven't been keeping up on the forums honestly, so it'll probably hit my door step and be like "!" I'll most likely peak around at reviews and people just generally gushing about the game when its a few days out. I'm not too concerned about spoilers unless they're big, like the end of the game and any more zone bosses. As for new stage themes themselves or how many of them I'd actually like to know about as soon as possible. I think the only concern I could even have for this game is if the remix stages somehow outweigh the new stages, or if there's a general lack of newer stage ideas. I mean there was that interview about there being the most stages to date, but if that happened to be PR talk for "there's only x amount of Zones but with a lot of Acts and most of those Zones are remixes due to time constraints" or something, then that'd be largely disappointing (for me anyway). But yeah, I'm pretty low-key excited for Sonic Mania and kinda have been setting it on simmer in the back of my mind so I don't start watching the minutes pass by and torturing myself haha.
  12. Have to agree with Nepa bit, the timeline thing is actually ridiculous, and here I thought Generations once upon a time was gonna be the end of an old era and start a new timeless slate. And thats what I wish Sonic canon was to tell you the truth: timeless adventures. You can have some direct sequels sure, but I'd much rather do away with overarching dimension hopping timeline for some self contained timeless adventures. You can still feature nostalgic enemies and settings but it gives you room to breathe and experiment with artstyles and so forth. Heck you can do that regardless even lmao. I just feel like long timelines are used for either character building or driving the plot of a huge story, and Sonic does neither really. Peeps stay the same and each game seems to be a new world stopping problem; so why insist on caring about two Sonics and if Shadow is the real one and blah blah blah. Why cant it just be more Mickey Mouse style and things dont age or time doesnt really seem to be a thing. Tellin' ya, coulda just lamely checked out with "Time Eater ate the time so...we're doing this now" Sonic Team :v
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