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  1. got a call from my own number yesterday. probably one of those automated scam calls that have similar numbers to yours. but from the same number tho? didn't think that was possible. I didn't even answer it. ...but....what if.....


  2. Ash talked to his pokedex and asked it questions in pokemon episode 1 the same way we talk to our phones today tbh. Only we call our phones Google, Alexa or Siri, instead of Dexter.

    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      It can even give sassy remarks

    2. E-122-Psi


      And now we have the Rotom Dex who won't leave us alone. :P

  3. Forces' DLC is just gonna be a patch for fist bump where they swap this in


  4. I keep thinking that it'd be impossible to do the Mario movie without dialog, but then I remember that Wall-e did it for atleast half of it's runtime. I'm sure they could pull it off if they include some movie-exclusive characters that speak.

    1. Ferno


      -or just pick and choose who speaks in general

    2. SupahBerry


      Well there is a difference between service robots that speak in warble and humanoids. 

      It be awkard to have the human protaganist talk less than the creatures.

  5. pubnite

    1. Polkadi~♪


      it's one of the nights where you're headed down to the pub with your mates

    2. Ferno


      but in all srsness i wonder how many americans even knew the word fortnite before that game came out

    3. Polkadi~♪


      the word is fortnight, tho

      i knew of the word already, but then again, i'm not american

    4. Ferno


      i've heard it maybe once or twice in my life tbh, it's not really common over here though

  6. If we had Tony Stark shouting the movie title it'd basically be the same as like:


  7. Still having annoying hiccups with Clip Studio Paint on my new tablet, even though I have the latest version of it, and windows itself. Kinda bummed because everywhere I go I see answers like "Just install the latest CSP & Windows versions" then everyone's like "Oh cool that worked thanks" *thread closed* etc. Tbh I'm just gonna uninstall CSP and reinstall it to see if it fixes anything. If not I may dust off and turn to FireAlpaca which I keep around as a backup in times like this, but sooner or later I'd really need CSP to work again, as all my comic and commission wip files are on there, in CSP's proprietary file format, of course.

  8. Seeing as Hey Arnold's TV movie revival has already come and gone, I wonder when Nick's gonna start the hype trains for the Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim TV movies? I keep forgetting that those are coming.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I keep forgetting too. I'm dying to just see something from the Invader ZIM movie 😫

    2. Dejimon11


      I think they announced them too early since I forgot about the Rocko movie(?)

  9. Heard this on one of those hopping radios in Mario Odyssey last night and when I realized what I was hearing my inner weeb was like


  10. i would be on an unstoppble drawing frenzy right now if clip studio paint and windows 10 would just get along. currently having pen-related issues while using my new drawing tablet in the program, that I wasn't having while using my old wacom bamboo, and it's slowing me down at the moment. other than that one problem I'm drawing just as fast now as I used to back in my traditional art days, so I'm itching to solve this issue so I can have a productivity explosion.


    me when i finally solve this tech problem


    1. Nix


      I remember there being an Win10 update a few months ago that completely ruined pretty much every art program I had for a bit.

      Whenever I worked fast it just dragged the canvas around instead of drawing strokes and it was horrifying.  Thankfully Adobe and Clip Studio worked pretty fast for an update that resolved the issue, 

      but yeah

      fuck Windows sometimes


    2. Ferno


      I installed the latest CSP version just last night and I'm still having problems. But hopefully I figure out the rest of the problem soon. I even disabled all touch gesture options in CSP and the canvas still randomly zooms in at times when I try to draw a line, as if I were using a phone or tablet that didn't have palm rejection or something, etc

  11. *when the solution to a tech problem technically exists but you have to go into the command line and do code stuff*


    I left Linux and came back to windows for a reason

  12. Really love the whole "World of Gumball" aesthetic that Mario Odyssey has. You can run around as a SM64 styled mario in a realistic setting and realistic creatures like the dinosaur is a thing, but nothing feels out of place.

  13. forgot to mention this but I saw Ant-Man and The Wasp yesterday. I have to congratulate Marvel on finally having a stand-alone MCU super hero that has the same composer and main theme beyond the first movie. That kind of consistency really adds to the experience imo.

    Also spoilers:


    when the end credits scene happened I was like

    "my heart's still recovering marvel come on."

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      In all fairness Thor Ragnarok used some bits of the Dark World theme in its intro

    2. Ferno


      fak i still gotta see Radrock

    3. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I still have to see The Wasp ( featuring Ant man) and Black Panther.

      Ragnarok is my favorite out of the Thor trilogy .

    4. Ferno


      Oh wait I actually still have to see Dark World too. The only Thor I watched was Thor 1 actually

    5. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      The Dark World was the first Thor movie that I saw. While it is last of my list of the Thor trilogy, it still holds a place in my heart as it's the entry point for me to the Marvel films.

    6. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      It's been an hour but I just remembered that Guardians have the same composer and a variation of their main theme in vol.2

  14. Its weird to think how Netbooks were made obsolete shortly after they came to market when tablets, more powerful smartphones and convertibles came around. I think even Ultrabooks took a bit of a hit, as you don't hear much about them anymore, at least as far as tech buzzwords go.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile
    2. Ferno
    3. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Well its a bit confusing when people including myself call them laptops anyway, (call the first one a small one and the second a thin one). The thin ones are going because it is getting harder to squeeze decent performance in that space. Then there are Chromebooks that companies are pushing even though they are pretty much trash for anything that takes more than one task and think they overtook the Netbooks. Doesn't help that the UK is full of them making them hard to get a decent laptop.

      I don't think hybrids (what I call convertables) are as successful as they wanted to be. Got one of the Acer ones a few years back then they were heavily advertised but they got dropped off quickly and has really declined since. Lucky to even get this website working to be honest. I think only the Microsoft Surface is taking off in that department but they... are... pricey...

    4. Ferno


      Got me a 10 inch Samsung Galaxy Book that runs windows last year and it's pretty much a cheaper Samsung version of the surface that uses their wacom S-pen tech rather than Microsoft's N-trig. It's ok, but I hear the 12 inch version runs faster.

  15. Glad I've been doodling on phones here and there over the past few months, otherwise drawing on my new drawing tablet's glass screen would feel very alien to me. Instead I'm taking to it pretty quickly.


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