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  1. BotW was that perfect launch title imo. It perfectly filled the long launch void where the Switch had no games due to how massive it was all by itself- lasted me months.

  2. brick and mortar....rick.. and morty...


    1. Solly


      I always figured their names were just based on "Doc" and "Marty" but I don't actually watch the show so who knows. 

    2. Ferno


      Thats what i thought for awhile too and I've only recently started watching it...but...


    3. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      rigor mortis

  3. they better not drop mega evolution as a series staple before giving the gen 2 starters mega forms *salty fan who started in gen 2*

    1. Zaysho


      you uh

      skipped gen 7 huh

    2. Ferno


      I mean, I know Mega Evolution wasn't as big in Gen 7 but I assumed it was still sort of a thing? (I never got far in Pokemon Moon but its still on my to do list before Gen 8 comes out)

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Mega Evolution was pretty expanded in Gen 6 yes but it was underutilized in Gen 7. However its a lot better than what they did with Alola forms which was an interesting concept...that they kept for one game and dropped it like a brick despite adding 3 more U.Bs.

    4. Zaysho


      It's there as far as you can use it for anything that already had one in gen 6, but it feels like Z-moves were meant as a replacement.

      Probably doesn't help that the Pokédex entries go out of their way to say you're putting your Pokémon through excruciating pain or going berserk. Feels like it's a one and done, which is really unfortunate. And going by what Crow said, I'm not even hopeful for regional variants.

    5. Ferno







    6. Red


      I'd hardly call 2 sets of games a "series staple"

    7. Harkofthewaa


      Well lets wait and see what Gen 8 brings. If they just introduce another new mechanic while only shoving in Mega Evos and Z Moves for compatibility's sake then we can rage.


      Although it's not unlike what the Sonic series has done for the last decade and a half...


    8. TCB


      It's Game Freak what you expect 

      Although mega evolution I feel is top far ingrained in the metagame (eck) now that they'll actually drop it

    9. Ferno


      just give me mega typlosion then they can banish the mechanic to the netherbuttverse all they want

    10. Perkilator


      I wonder what Game Freak wants to do next with Mega Evolution. They haven’t expanded upon it, but they haven’t dropped it either.

    11. Sean


      They dropped alolan forms like a hot potato, what makes anyone believe there's a snow leopard's chance in hades that megas will come back

    12. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I mean they could change the Gen 2 starters in different ways than just giving them a Mega like retconing their stats like they've done secretly with some Pokemon like Noctowl or Farfetch'd (of all things) or give them better abilities like what they did with Pelipper with Drizzle which made it reach OU despite the weather wars being long gone by Gen 7.

      There's a lot they could do but only so much they actually do. It feels like GF has a big problem with constantly adding and dropping things right away.

  4. *notices that everything we've gotten out of Sega/ Sonic's social media lately has been Mania or TSR related with nothing at all about Forces* I guess they've already swept Forces under the rug.

    1. TCB


      More like buried it alive.

    2. Zaysho


      it has been forced out of the spotlight

    3. TCB


      State of sonic forces now 


    4. Adamabba


      It was an illusion

    5. Ferno


      sonic team must be really determined for a win right now. hope their next game is better

    6. Kiah


      As they should. Like Infinite Sonic Forces was too weak. 

    7. Ferno


      what was really bizarre about 2017 was that they had both games coming out the same year and connected in terms of plot to please everyone, but it just turned into a divided competition of "who's side will win this year" instead

    8. AlphaRuby


      well they do have more upcoming stuff to try and promote

    9. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      And nothing of value was lost

  5. Ferno

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    When do we get to see plastic Ash. I can't imagine the human characters looking good for this.
  6. i cant wait for phone manufacturers to cram 17 cameras into a phone to make everything come full circle


  7. so is Billy West gonna voice Bugs again for Space Jam 2 for the sake of consistency or

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It'll be most likely be Jeff Bergman but wouldn't be surprised if Billy West does come back providing that he can still do the voice. Then again he hasn't voiced Bugs in over 20 years and didn't come back for Back in Action...

      The issue here is that WB doesn't really have much else for replacements or any plans for the main characters (some of the minor ones like Yosemite Sam and Granny did get replacements though). Not just for Bugs but for much of the Looney Tunes cast since most of the ones who did do the voices aren't around anymore. So its most likely going to be Jeff, Dee Bradley Baker and Bob Bergen for the main voices as well as Jim Cummings for Taz.

    2. Ferno


      Really sucks that Joe Alaskey's no longer with us. I sorta grew up with Billy West's take due to Space Jam which is the only reason I brought him up, but Joe sounded closer to Mel Blanc's take overall.

  8. Sometimes I just quietly accept that someone who draws the stuff I do the way I draw it etc will probably never make it anywhere "high up" in any creative industry etc, but then I always remember that there's a whole indie studio out there (wayforward) that gets by and is well regarded at that for doing similar stuff visually to what I doodle in my spare time and then that reminds me that anything's possible if I felt like actually pursuing stuff.

  9. *sees that the Note 8 is finally $400 or below in some places if bought used/ refurbished vs being close to $1000 when it came out*


    then again I've been burned by Note series refurbs in the past (I don't know what it is but buying the Note series in particular online is always risky, particularly getting one with a genuine S-pen and not a ripoff fake one) so I'm still waiting until I can hopefully find one brand new. In the meantime I've actually grown pretty attached to my LG Stylo 4 as its currently the closest thing on the market (being sold in the US) to the current Note line even though its still light years behind.

  10. *remembers that i've used Linux for quite a few years between 2012 and 2016* neat, with my new ipad that now means i've used windows, linux, android and now iOS... I wonder if I'll ever feel like being in a position to use macOS at any point in my life...


  11. I've only been playing around with my iPad for a couple days, but I really wish Steve Jobs was still alive to see how well his company pulled off a stylus with the Apple Pencil and that there was always still a place for them after all. Then again I feel like if he were still with us, the Pencil probably wouldn't have ever happened so its one of those "we'll never know" sort of things.

  12. Every time I reach to either side of my iPad’s home button to press the nonexistent multitask or back buttons and they aren’t there I feel like


    also why is enter called return i am in a very different environment right now

  13. After all the Vic related stuff lately, Funimation releasing this so soon without thinking about recasting Sabo is kinda awkward, then again the discs were probably printed months ago at this stage.


  14. I have no interest in owning a Galaxy Fold, (only way I would want one is 5 years down the line when they're way cheaper and also hopefully have S-pen support,) but I do wanna see and hold one in person. I hope Best Buy has a demo unit when they come out.


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