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  1. Hancock seemed a little ahead of it's time looking back, even if it wasn't the best movie, imo. It came out and felt like a half-parody of the super hero movie genre, riiight before said genre exploded due to the MCU taking off. I'm surprised they never capitalized on the super hero craze by making Hancock sequels.

    1. Space☆Yeow


      There was initially talk of a sequel (Sony even hired writers to pen a script), but I think the film not making back its budget domestically ($224M gross vs. $150M budget, though international grosses heavily picked up the slack [$394M] for a worldwide $624M total gross) and mixed reviews caused them to melt away.

      I think the main problem (also mentioned in reviews) was that the film started out as a quasi-parody but then halfway through shifted into a drama after the big twist was revealed and didn't stick the landing; it's like the writers tried to cram two films into one movie. The marketing for the film didn't help, they largely focused on the comedy elements so the film becoming a drama over time effectively came out of nowhere. IMO the film's should have had an equal balance of comedy and drama throughout the film, or the entire film should focused on the parodic elements and Hancock's superhero redemption arc; and left the twist / dramatic half saved for a sequel (which would had also allowed the writers to use the twist for a Marvel stinger scene).

  2. Its amazing how far game graphics have come, back in the day gratuitous CGI in live action movies used to wow people, but these days if you use it too much, the main complaint will be that it looks like a video game.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      And yet despite all that progress, no video game has ever managed to look as good as the Donkey Kong TV series. We've still got a long way to go.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      Yeah, keep in mind that something like this was considered passable. Just take a look at some stuff 5 years from this and that'll give you a good idea of mow rapidly technology really advanced.

    3. SupahBerry


      What happened to the good old days where all video games used live actors and animatronics to pull off the special effects? It hasn't been the same since the jump to All-CGI-- 


      oh, wait

  3. I keep forgetting that Captain America was the main character of Civil War and that it was technically the 3rd film in his trilogy. If anything, Civil War felt like a mini Avengers film. Heck, I think people were more hyped for Civil War than they were for Age of Ultron.

    1. barnaclesy


      I just wanna see superheroes beat each other up tbh

    2. Ferno


      ^tbh that's probably why Civil War got as much hype as it did. had sort of a "smash hype" kind of feel leading up to it, especially when Spider-man showed up in a very "______ joins the brawl" type of way during one of the later trailers

    3. barnaclesy


      Too bad Hulk and Thor arent in it. This thing would've been one sided lel

    4. Josh


      Age of Ultron was underwhelming so they had to sacrifice cap 3 to minimize the damage

  4. Forgot to mention that I saw Black Panther today. It was good. 

    when the part came up where B.P. said "I never freeze," there was a kid behind me in the theater that said it at the same time, even with the accent. I thought that was cute.

  5. this cover was probably the best thing to come out of the Justice League movie

  6. everytime i see devilman crybaby i read it as devil may cry and i get frustrated at the .2 seconds of lag my brain goes through as it autocorrects it back to devilman crybaby

    1. KHCast


      I thought at first it was like a spoof of Devil May Cry

    2. Sean


      Devilbaby Cryman

  7. *suddenly i'm in middle school again*

    1. CottonCandy


      Suddenly remembering my embarrassing pre-teen anime phase.

  8. Since the upcoming Pokemon movie is an alternate take of the 2nd movie, I hope they remix either of these for the dub version:

    That is, if the current dubbers even have the rights to 4kids' old intro themes other than the iconic first one.

    1. Ferno


      (also as a side note, the second version takes me back to the days when Pokemon was popular enough to have relatively big names making songs and/or song remixes for their movies. it was a wild time to be a kid.)

  9. I exercised after work today, just a little cardio like old times.


    Felt the tiniest spark of my old self coming back out once I started getting into it. I should work my way into making this a regular thing again. Ever since I got super serious about art around 9 years ago, my lifestyle's gotten increasingly sedentary, but I wanna work to reverse that.

  10. During the end credits medley of Generations, I always wish Jun's rendition of the Crisis City theme was longer. heck give me that as a whole 3 minute piece by itself

  11. It's such a minor thing, but you can always tell a Sakurai game by the distinct way he does a game's menu interface. From the Smash Bros games, to Kirby Air Ride and Kid Icarus Uprising, they all have similar menus.

    1. Strickerx5


      And they all use 2D sprites for food items.

    2. Sean


      Also Meteos.

  12. tbh, back in the day I think my first real exposure to comic sans as a kid was from SA2 footage featuring subtitles before I got the game years later, so for a long time it was "the SA2 font" to me and I thought it looked cool, actually being sad when the font was changed to a more standard one in Heroes onward. It wasn't until around highschool that I learned the font was hated and seen as lame.

    1. Jango


      well... they've used Papyrus on Avatar's logo, so yeah.

    2. blueblur98


      god i'm so happy they changed it to what appears to be segoe script in the HD version

  13. While I do like the current Hulk from Avengers-onwards, it's a shame they couldn't get the same actor from the Incredible Hulk movie into the later MCU movies. I watched IH for the first time recently and had trouble believing that it was the same universe as the rest of the MCU until the end when Tony Stark had a cameo.

    1. Speederino


      IH has a very different feel to it, yeah. I'm actually glad we got Ruffallo instead of Norton though, as Norton's performance just struck me as kinda meh.

  14. Got me a cheap compact external monitor that fits on my desk next to my laptop.


    I can't go back to the single-screen life now. This'll be me in a few years tbh:


    1. TailsTellsTales


      Future NSA employee right here!

  15. *sees a roach in my room*



    1. Red


      Literally me

    2. A Checker KING heavy engin
    3. Ferno


      i didn't even get it. it's still around somewhere. 

      i'm wrapping myself in my sheets like a cocoon tonight but tomorrow after work i'm stocking up on bug sprays and stuff. usually I don't need to start doing this until the summer

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      So to defeat a bug one must change into a bug? That's good thinking!

    5. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Turns out you were the roach all along.


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