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  1. *sets the dreamcast SADX mod to 30 fps for that extra authentic feel*


    1. Nix


      yes officer, I'd like to report a crime

    2. Strickerx5


      science has gone too far

  2. they had to put Knuckles in the second movie because they knew the universe would screw over the chances of Movie 3 & Knuckles seeing the light of day

  3. Finally downloading the Dreamcast mods for SADX on Steam. Never really installed mods before so this night should be pretty interesting. If all goes well, this is as close to finally playing the DC version of Adventure as I'm ever gonna get.

    1. pppp


      Well, there's also Redream, the best DC emulator, it handles SA1 pretty great:


    2. Ferno


      So I got the mods installed and the improvements are vast af. Gamecube and PC kids really got shafted back in the day without even knowing it

    3. Tracker_TD


      Nowadays I wouldn't even bother with the DC version; the PC version with all the DC mods is a far better experience at this point 

    4. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      There are so many interesting mods for the Adventure games at this point. Restoring beta content, making Amy less sluggish, adding new abilities (including the spindash for Tails and Knuckles), the Dreamcast DLC, the wave of modding made the crappy PC version the best possible way to play the game.

  4. spoilers for One Piece chapter 1000 are already out. siiiigh im gonna have to go into a bunker or something gawd

    1. Scar


      Wait what?


    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Spoilers: Luffy wears a hat!

      HA! GOTTIE!

    3. Kuzu


      For the record, its only the chapter title so relax. 

  5. *reads that China may be able to control the rain in some regions of their country through cloud seeding*

    Back to the Future keeps being right, that Weather Service is comin

  6. ssmb when we get that first look at the next mainline sonic game logo and nothing else for the first half of 2021


    1. Strickerx5


      the way the s is rendered means that this game will definitely be rated E10+ which means it will suck

    2. Zaysho


      Hasn't Luigi suffered enough

    3. Ferno
    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Nah, we'll get a black screen and a message saying, "NEW GAME START!"

  7. that feel when we'll never get a modern sonic 2D anime that's actually good because the series is unpopular in japan

    1. Rabbitearsblog


      Wasn't there Sonic X and the original Sonic movie in 1996?

    2. StaticMania


      The qualifier "good" was just lost, I guess.

    3. Ferno


      -modern (from this decade)


      I put those in because I knew someone would mention Sonic X and the OVA

    4. Dejimon11


      If we did get an anime I don’t think it would be good. It’ll most likely just be praised by its visuals and not much else.

    5. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      A 2D-animated Sonic show doesn't need to be Japanese to be good, or to look like the Japanese art style.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      A 2D animated Sonic show doesn't need to be Japanese or use anime stylings to be good, but that's also not what Ferno was saying. He just said that we'll never get a good Sonic anime in this day and age, assuming that X is isn't good (although personally I'm rather fond of it) and the OVA is from a very different time for Sonic.

      Sonic games went pretty anime and Japanese-orientated between 1998 and 2006, which is also when anime was particularly popular in the West with kids. Whilst SEGA took the franchise way off the rails in those times, I think it was generally a strong and fitting direction for the series to be taken in. X was very much a product of it's time. A decent Sonic anime (or 2D animated Western cartoon with some anime stylings in story and animation ala Teen Titans) would be a dream come true. That's not what "in" now though, and Sonic follows trends. 

      3D animation, live action adaptations, epic multiverse/crossover sagas, meta humour and retro nostalgia are all "in" right now. Sonic has gunned for all of these at least once (if not more...) with varying degrees of success. The upcoming show is 3D, and I think a lot of us won't be getting what we might want personally. That doesn't mean we'll all hate it or even dislike it though; plenty of people here like Boom enough by its own merits for example, but simply would have preferred something very different. My wild guess is that the upcoming show will be more like Boom than anything else. Unless unless unless it takes some cues from the movie...

  8. Still on the low end of Crush 40 songs for me overall, but Green Light Ride is growing on me. Its just nice to hear Jun and Johnny back together again and I hope they get to do the main theme for a big title again rather than just spinoffs.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Jun Senoue and Crush 40 really gave Sonic an image for the years between SA1 and ShTH/06. Now this is partially nostalgia speaking because of course many people disliked the direction that Sonic in those years including the first two adventure games, but I feel like Sonic had struggled for an image and identity since then. The music was a part of that identity.

  9. ...i gotta learn blender tbh 

    1. Ferno


      tbh the only thing really holding the average person back from home-made big CG productions like this now is the massive amounts of time and computing power needed to render stuff like this without a render farm, but I imagine even that will become more manageable in the coming decades.

  10. my younger traditional art self would've eaten this up tbh. heck my head's turning a lil bit even now as I catch myself missing the challenging, yet charming limitations of black n white pen and paper drawing sometimes


    1. Ferno


      only let down is the price tbh. its like $400 which is steep af for what would basically be a sketching device

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'll just wait a few decades for till more tablets can simulate that sketch paper feel. The solid, smooth surfaces of normal doodle tablets are what make me most hesitant on trying them

    3. Ferno


      Its something I've increasingly gotten used to over the years, as I've been 100% digital for almost a decade now, but sometimes I do miss the grit of paper

  11. I find this interesting af. Tbh the 00s and 10s would probably have just felt like "The 90s: Part 2 & 3" and I would've been able to experience a world like the 90s, only during my teens and 20s where I would actually remember it crystal clear vs the hazy memories of the 90s that I actually do have (by the time I was 10 it was already 2001 for example.) On the other hand getting any of my art out there would rely solely on newpapers, publishers or TV networks etc. so I'm glad I live in the current timeline.

  12. Bugsnax feels like the "Snake Pass" of the PS5 to me tbh; a small game that people are only giving a shot because the PS5 is in its launch-drought period and not much else is out for it yet

    1. Dejimon11


      More like it’s free on PSN for PS5 user and it’s also made by the guys who made Octo Dad

    2. FReaK


      Well, i have tried it for 2 hours and ended up uninstalling it. Not a fun game, at least for me.

    3. Strickerx5


      It's free for PS5 users? Wow, didn't know that... and I still probably won't even touch it.

      It looks neat though, I'll give it that. A lot better than that initial trailer made it out to be.

  13. there's people starting to call the upcoming covid vaccine the Trump Vaccine, and at first I really hated that but like, no lets call it that; it would get all the crazy covid deniers to actually get the vaccine since Trump's name is on it and this pandemic can be over sooner

  14. sonic-forces-switch-hero.jpg

    Tbh if you removed Classic Sonic and the Avatar from this poster and it was the only teaser we got at first, I would've been hyped af for the months that would've followed before we started getting more info.

    Heck like even a poster like the mobile game one but with Eggman and Infinite thrown on there somewhere:


    1. Adamabba


      me enjoying the debut trailer till Classic Sonic appears


    2. Sonictrainer
    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      I still remember the anniversary party being streamed on Motobug. A long agonising six hours of technical bugs and issues, a final trailer plays, it starts with Death Egg robots destroying the world, Sonic charging off through a burning wrecked cityscape, the hype and anticipation building as an interesting idea played out, Eggman won, it was checking all the boxes...

      ...and then Classic Sonic popped up and immediately slaughters everyone’s hype within seconds.

  15. 10272350.jpg


    1. Adamabba


      Rustage is that dude

  16. Both Pokemon and Sonic are having anniversaries next year. If they both deliver something good, it'd be the cherry on top of what could be a good year by the end if the covid vaccines work like they should.

    1. Adamabba


      now that'd be a miracle

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Coming soon in 2021: Pikachu and Sonic's adventures in Green Kanto Zone

  17. Teen Titans Go to the Movies aired on CN earlier. DVR'd it and gave it a watch when I came home from work. Probably my favorite TTG-related thing now. I wish Slade had his original voice but other than that it was a solid outing. I miiight've been underwhelmed if I actually saw it in theaters but on TV it felt just "big" enough for what it was. Also the colors, while just as neon-y and bright as the TV show, somehow felt more coordinated and easier on the eyes overall.

    1. Strickerx5


      Imo, it has an overall cleaner and saturated version of the same flash art-style which works really well for it. Remember enjoying it quite a bit in theaters iirc.

      And yeah, imo it's still one of the better things DC's movie division has put out in the last half a decade (honestly only beat by Joker or one of the few animated movies I haven't watched yet). It is honestly the show at its best from what I've seen. Even as a huge fan of the original, I quite enjoyed it.

      Though, that tease of the original show that they did at the end still pisses me off. Only led to a direct-to-TV movie. Like... they knew what they were doing there.

    2. Ferno


      Oh yeah, the TTG vs TT TV movie is a prime example that when people ask for an old art style to come back that they need to remember to ask for the old animation too. Goes hand in hand. The old Teen Titans designs moving in the more tweened TTG style was pretty jarring, especially since the tease of the original show at the end of TTGttM showed that the animators can still replicate the old animation style perfectly if they chose to do so.

  18. I'm annoyed that Occulus is the only standalone VR headset of its kind right now with virtually no alternatives but its shackled at the hip to Facebook.

  19. once that vaccine drops its really gonna feel like we made it through a very challenging story arc. gonna need a more mundane chill arc to recoup. maybe some filler eps in there. beach episode. i'll take whatever

    1. Supah Berry
    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Bring on the beach episode, baby!

  20. I dont think I've heard Jason Griffith in anything since Pokemon B&W where he voiced Cilan tbh. I kinda wish he hopped over to Viz or Funimation after 4kids blipped out of existence

    1. Zaysho


      I know he was in FLCL season 2, but I didn't realize he was in it at all until somebody pointed it out. Had no clue the character he voiced was him at all especially when he's so recognizable if he pops up in Pokémon or something. I'm sure he's still around freelancing.

    2. Strickerx5


      I think he just does a lot of background work. Though yeah, I still wish him the best with whatever he's doing.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I'd like to see the work he does under Viz or Funimation. Honestly, I've always found him to be a pretty mediocre actor, but I attribute it more to the terrible voice direction in the Sonic series and 4Kids dubs than I do to a lack of talent on his part. I'd imagine with good voice direction, he could really shine as a VA.

      Or maybe not, I dunno. The only voice of his I've really liked is Cilan from Pokemon, and that's only because the character lends itself well to his typical overacting and wonky inflections.

  21. when you try to leave luffy's crew

  22. the biggest crime of 2020 is that the sonic movie didn't have Blue by Eiffel 65 in it

    1. Jingilator


      Great, now you made me feel blue.

    2. Jack-ted


      They are obviously saving it for one of the sequels.

  23. Rode a bike for the first time in years earlier. Forgot how energy intensive it is, makes sense tho, its just one step above walking/running.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Keep trying, and you'll get better on a bike. Just today, I managed to climb a steep hill with my bike that I would fail to climb many times before (and I only cried for ten minutes). Eventually, biking will feel as natural as walking, and you won't feel exhausted at the end of it.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I can't ride a bike at all so you're doing far better than me.

  24. I imagine a wild west storybook game would've had music like this for its stages

    i yearn


    1. Ferno


      i want a twangy crush 40 song with like, fiddles n shit

  25. *wishes on a star that sonic gets a game that starts production from the ground up for PS5* *seconds later that star explodes*

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Either you would never know if it did explode, or the star you wished on in fact has not exist for a billion years

    2. Strickerx5


      Honestly, I'd be over the moon for a game that actually uses the PS4 and One to their fullest at this point...

      God, it's going to be embarrassing when the next game comes along and is barely a step above Forces. After Crash 4 and Ratchet, there simply isn't an excuse.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Hell, I'd be okay with just an HD remaster of Sonic Unleashed. Use high quality textures, and use Hedgehog Engine 2. That's all the game really needs to look next-gen.

      But no, we have to leave it in the hands of risk-free Sonic Team devs...

    4. Ferno


      Heck, with the PS5's SSD, an Unleashed remaster could have an ultimate day stage challenge mode where you could seamlessly speedrun through all 9 levels as one massive stage with very little loading between them if any.

      i want it

    5. Thigolf


      Playing Unleashed on Series X, I still don't understand why they did away with the Hedgehog Engine completely. The lighting in the game is absolutely gorgeous, and honestly even rivals some late AAA PS4/Xbone Games, quite easily sometimes. They honestly should've just kept it and use it when consoles can actually run it smoothly (aka now), instead of just dumping it somewhere and working on an engine that... doesn't seem to look all that much better? Sonic Forces or Sakura Wars don't look bad by any stretch of the imagination, but do in fact look really good (minus some very weird lighting stuff in areas that should be dark in the former, which is kinda a bummer for a lighting engine, lol?), but nothing in those games comes even close to the absolute stunning beauty of the full force Hedgehog engine in Unleashed. Auto HDR also helps to elevate it even further beyond what was possible on the 360/PS3, it's still jawdropping, especially considering the age.

      The only thing that dates the Unleashed visually in any way are the pretty low quality textures compared to what we have today (which isn't surprising since, y'know, 12 years old), but even that is barely a problem since you go so blisteringly fast 90% of the time. It's absolutely absurd how good this game looks so many years later, 

      ...and I don't think we're gonna get anything that comes close to it anytime soon, which bums me out.

      If only we lived in a world were the reputation of Sonic wasn't so squandered that the games don't get an adequate budget anymore to enable stuff like this...

    6. Strickerx5


      The thing is, they did keep using the HE after Unleashed. They just downgraded the ever living hell out of it starting in Gens.

      In all honesty, based on what we do know about it, the HE2 does have all the tools to outshine the original. Its just that Forces never actually utilized the thing to its full potential. Most levels and their accompanying geometry never gave the engine a chance to really show off what it could do.

      Though with that said, even if they were able to actually use the damn thing (which is doubtful because Sega doesn't seem to like investing in these games much nowadays), it is still a last gen engine at this point. Meanwhile, the rest of the industry is looking towards current gen feature sets like raytracing.

      If Sega and ST actually got serious over this last few years, the absolutely best-case scenario I could see happening with a new game is a cross-gen title that doesn't hit anywhere near close to the competition but still gives the series the best footing its had sense... well, Unleashed. And that's without even considering the Switch as a factor.

      It's aggravating that we've gotten to the point where the best place I can realistically see this franchise getting to is where everyone else was 5 years back. Again, the Wii U deal did this series no fucking favors.

    7. Wraith


      Sonic games are going to be designed with the switch in mind for the forseeable future. The days of the franchise being cutting edge technical showcases are long gone

    8. Thigolf


      A Sonic with the visuals of the 2021 Ratchet game... *drools*

      Sega should just get Dimps again to make some lame Nintendo version like with Unleashed :V

    9. Strickerx5


      The Switch is such an interesting and terrifying beast. Interesting as I do love seeing the technical hurdles devs overcome in order to get their game running on the thing (makes for great Digital Foundry content lol). Terrifying in that, going forward, the thing will be a detriment to all things technical for series like Sonic. More so than the Wii U was arguably.

      There's a reason why a lot of publishers aren't even mentioning the Switch anymore for their upcoming major releases and why Nintendo is starting to look into streaming. Yet, there really isn't any going against how gd connect Sonic is with Nintendo platforms. It just isn't a wise business decision to not have a Sonic game on there these days; no matter how much it'll gimp the other versions. This would be where another studio could come in and just make a dedicated experience for the platform to allow ST to go wild on the others but, again, is Sega really in the mindset to invest in a whole other game at that point? Hell, it's rare to see that practice at all in the industry nowadays.

      Though with all that said... Dimps has been pretty quiet for the past year *crosses-fingers*.

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