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  1. had a "2 hour" nap that turned into a 6 hour nap. and i have work again in the morning at 7am so I only have a few hours before having to sleep again. there's never enough hours in the day for anything anymore

    1. Wolfy


      You are describing my life haha. So many times I go home and crash and then there goes any time I had for anything, and throw in still needing to shower/eat/etc. I absolutely hate being adult-tier

    2. Ferno


      Same. Mentally I'm still like a kid and have that mindset of "I'm gonna take on the world and do everything especially now that I finally have the freedom to do so" before being shot down by work and bills and school and responsibilities etc etc etc. In a way I guess I'm also guilty of feeling like I'm trying to play catch up with those who're around my age or younger and're already making waves and reaching their goals etc, but I know I personally need a few more years of practice at the very least before doing similar things.

    3. Wolfy


      Yeah the worst thing you could ever do is compare yourself like that. Just look at people like inspiration instead, I mean if you keep on doing what you're doing you'll get there man. You've already made crazy strides since from what I remember long ago, just imagine a few years from now.

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