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  1. i despise working retail. :v you overwork yourself for your bosses and they still treat you like dirt at the smallest slip ups. ahahaha.

    1. Sean


      I feel you dude. Been working at this piss-ass job for nearly two years. Thankfully I have a good gig in Korea coming up in a few months so I know I'm not gonna be here for much longer. I really hope something good comes your way too; you're so talented at art and humor and it'd be great to see you get your foot in the industry in some fashion.

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Currently I've been doing odd jobs for my dad, and there's an chance I might wind up being a Liftie again this winter, but pay's decent, hours are good and free skiing

    3. TCB


      I've been doing overnight for four months now, despite the constant  schedule changes yet I'm still sticking around yet I'm still worimg minimum wage.

    4. #AR


      The epitome of "I don't get paid enough for this shit"

      Not to mention how just because you have a name badge people expect you to give them the friggin universe and treat you like you killed their children when you can't.

    5. Kiah


      I emphasize as I've been doing retail for 16 years now. If it wasn't for the benefits and the fact I love being around people, there is absolutely no way I would still be doing this due to all the crap and disrespect I have to deal with. I get yelled and cussed out on nearly a daily basis.

      I wish you and everyone else something much better as far as careers go as you definitely deserve it. 

    6. Cobalt_Bolt


      I've been doing working at my current company's part-time retail job for two years as well with a lack of advancement to the electronics department to show for it. Still looking for a full-time retail job with a different company that actually offers a chance for advancement instead of just lip-service just to keep me there for just a little longer.

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