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  1. Switched back to the New 3DS XL after using the regular sized one for about a year. I liked the smaller dot pitch on the smaller one, but the XL is much more comfortable to use for long sessions, especially with games like Kid Icarus Uprising, and the longer battery life also adds to that. I'll probably keep the small one as a backup, but for now the XL will probably be the one I use until the 3DS line as a whole sails into the sunset a year or two from now.

    1. Tornado


      I've never been able to find a New 3DS small model anywhere.

    2. TCB


      I'm still combing the internet for the pokeball n2dsxl.

    3. Ferno


      There was a limited edition small one that I got at walmart last year as an impulse buy. Tbh I only got the XL at first because it was all that was available to replace my original 3DS at the time which was falling apart. Though it was because I tried both that I realized I liked the XL more in the end. Nintendo should've released both in equal quantities to give people the choice tbh.


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