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  1. *finds out that the person who pretty much holds my department together with 15+ years of experience and know-how and is the only one in the store who knows 100% of how to run the dept, even more than our supervisor, is trying to transfer to another store* *immediately tries to get things going on the down-low with either finally moving to another department or even just looking for another job entirely because anytime that co-worker isn't around my shifts are so much harder and if they leave that'll be how things are ~all the time~*

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Feel ya

    2. Ferno


      also anytime things look unstable or iffy in my irl work life, in the back of my mind my brain's always like "i mean you could try and take this art thing to a professional level anytime now like, nothing stopping you, the big red button is there if you wanna finally say what-the-heck and push it."

      But heck sometimes I struggle getting a couple commissions done because once money's involved the feeling I get from drawing just "hits different" in a less fun way than when I'm just messing around, and that's small-level stuff, so I've always been hesitant to jump fully into the professional art world just yet to where it'd be like, drawing stuff for other people all the time with no time for the hobby aspect, etc.

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