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  1. im kinda mad i didn't see this in theaters when it came out


    1. Strickerx5


      This is actually really fucking impressive. The rig they used for composition must've been on fire by the end of all this.

      Sadly, I actually remember almost falling asleep in theaters with this movie regardless. Outside of the overall bland art style on display (especially considering how HTTYD2 came out 5 months before this and blew it well out of the water), the story itself was just all over the place from what I can remember. It wasn't a bad film... just extremely mediocre imo.

    2. Milo


      i remember watching that scene and i couldn't help but keep wondering the whole time about the air decompression when they landed in that commercial airplane, through both the holes they created and opening the emergency exit. they probably could had done a black comedy brick joke with that with a newspaper mentioning the plane crashed. :v

      and yeah i was really hoping for this film to be very good when i watched it on dvd, but i gotta agree with @Strickerx5 that the end result was kinda forgettable. for characters that's whole gag was that they considered themselves to be spies and acted as such (in both the madagascar films/shorts as well as the animated show on nick), i felt the film was actually way too downplayed for that. it should had been a lot more madcap and over-the-top than what we actually got, something much like this airplane scene or the action/chase sequences of the third madagascar movie.

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