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  1. Really wish I got to see Tarzan and Treasure Planet in theaters growing up tbh, especially since we'll probably never get 2D animated movies on that sort of technical scale from an american studio again.

    1. QuantumEdge


      Or Atlantis and Dinosaur (I know the visuals for it aren't so hot now, but back then they were magical).  Point is the death of 2D in film is a tragedy the media never bothers to recognise.

    2. Ferno


      Atlantis is another movie that I wish took off because like Titan AE, it was trying to be an all-ages animated film similar to any anime movie/ anime in general, but both flopped because we're so set in our ways of seeing animation as a kids medium and movie goers were confused.

    3. Sean


      I saw Atlantis in theaters, honestly I thought it was pretty terrible as a kid and looking back at it now I'm still not too fond of it. It's just kind of a mess and for some reason Atlantis (the city) doesn't have the appropriate mystique that the first third of the movie was building up to. That's subjective however. Treasure Planet is great though.

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