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  1. *motivation is waning while working on a commission* *thinks about how crappy my current retail job continues to get and how I wanna break free from it sooner rather than later and how I'll need backup savings if I do that*


    1. Polkadi~☆


      oh fuck, ferno has the death note

    2. Speederino


      That's what I did. I still haven't managed to land a full-time job but my savings are still going strong and I'm at least doing Uber Eats to help supplement this down time.

      Even if it's not as good as the pizza gig was but I am NOT going back to that dammit

    3. Ferno


      also i'm reeeally gonna need to study up on the whole tax thing soon when it comes to miscellaneous secondary sources of income like this because if I really wanted to I could make a decent amount of bill paying/ savings money in a very short time period but I always hold back on how much I do at once due to feeling like the IRS will point a targeting lazer on me, and also just due the physical/ mental limits of how many commission clients I can work with at one time before burnout sets in

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