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  1. Invader Zim was already my favorite Nicktoon back in the day visually, in terms of its art style and production values, but I think Enter the Florpus overall is probably among my favorite things that Nickelodeon has ever produced now. might be the hype talking though as I just watched it but yeah. was a bold move to make it so...colorful, but it worked really well.

    1. Ferno


      also I was half expecting the ridiculously-extra cel shaded CGI flourishes to be missing from this (usually used in the original show for ships, effects, CG backgrounds here and there, walnuts that one time for no reason, etc.) but they were all there still, funny-enough its probably a lot cheaper to do these days in 2019 vs back in 2001 when effects like those were cutting edge and super expensive for a TV cartoon

    2. Strickerx5


      Hell, in a lot of cases it’s even cost effective now over traditional.

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